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Personal Life Media Launches Free, Brandable Podcast Widget

We’ve all heard how widgets are going to be a growth area for advertisers, but you’ve probably said to yourself “that’s all very fine and dandy, but I don’t have any content to actually put in a widget!’

Fret no more, dear forward-thinking advertiser because Personal Life Media has just launched a new customizable widget-creator. With it, you create the branded widget, and Personal Life Media will fill it with great audio content. Personal Life Media is headed by social media legend Susan Bratton who tells us, “So many of our sponsors and prospective advertisers requested a way to showcase our content on their site that we created this widget for them.”

So, just how easy is it to create your own branded widget? Just three steps:

The New York Times Threatened by Google?

The New York Times asks–almost nonchalantly–Is Google a Media Company?

I’d ask the NYT: Why? Are you scared of the competition?

[Google’s] Knol has been called a potential rival to Wikipedia and other sites whose content spans a broad range of topics, including Mahalo and, a property of The New York Times Company that uses experts it calls “guides” to write articles on a variety of topics.

Reading the article, and those quoted, I can’t help but think that this is the NYT telling Google, "we’re watching what you do with Knol, and we’re ready to cry foul, if it hurts our business."

And, just in case the NYT can’t keep Google in check, it’s brought in the rather vocal Jason Calacanis:

Email Newsletter Daily Candy Gobbled up by Comcast for $125 Million

The email newsletter Daily Candy, now going on its eighth year, got a sweet deal this week. Comcast is buying the company for $125 million. Rumors were that Comcast would pay far less – around $75 million and it’s many times over their revenue.

The pithy newsletters focus on what’s hip and fashionable – marketing products to young women – and drawing national advertisers. Last year they expanded to include a kid’s edition aimed at well keeled moms. In 2006 the newsletters totaled around 2.5 million subscribers.

Daily Candy was launched in 2000 by Dany Levy with money from savings ($50,000) and investment capital ($250,000 from family and friends). In 2003, they got a further investment from Pilot Group for $3.5 million and a majority share.

China, Freedom, and the Internet

Let the games begin! The Olympics in Bejing have begun and Tibet monks aren’t the only protesters – the media is angry too. While Chinese citizens may not have freedom of the press or Internet, but their Olympic guests expect it.

And to be sure, the media was promised they would have full access to web sites. But reports are that not only are sites being blocked but that the government is monitoring Internet activity.

The impending Olympic games have increased questions about Internet censorship in China, especially after Chinese officials tried to block journalists there for the games from accessing certain sites, even after the Chinese government assured reporters they would have full freedom to search the Internet, unlike its citizens.

Google Trends Spin Off Google Insights for Search

Google Insights for Search is like candy for Internet marketers fascinated with Google. It will surely lead to hours of searching and plotting. We are very interested in getting more information about how, why, and when people search the web. Google Trends was already useful but Google Insights gives much more information.

If you run a paid search campaign, or if you’re looking for ideas for a press release, or figuring out where the bulk of your customers come from, Insights could be particularly insightful.

I typed in “fundraising” and found that Vermont is the state with the most searches and the top search relating to fundraising is “fundraising ideas.” Here are some more ways you can use Google Insights for Search.

Google Sells off Search Marketing Division of DoubleClick

Last March Google acquired DoubleClick and it’s affiliate and search marketing arm Performics. That sent some chills up the spine of a lot of companies who saw it as a conflict of interest. Today it was announced that Google is selling a part of Performics, to Publicis Groupe, one of the top four global advertising companies.

Just this June Google rebranded Performics to the “Google Affiliate Network” but seemed to have done little else with the division. That was a relief since Google is the world’s largest search engine and they owned a company who tried to get their clients to the top of search results.

Next Stop for Newspapers……Total Humiliation!

As internet marketers we have a great opportunity to gloat over the new depths that the newspaper industry has fallen to. Advertising revenue is continuing a steady decline, there are massive layoffs at many of the major newspapers and now many are on the selling block. Only thing is there is a bit of a problem….no one is buying.

According to an article in the New York Times it appears that newspapers are about as desirable a buy as Expeditions and Tahoes. While people aren’t buying huge vehicles anymore because of their fossil fuel consumption there also appears to be no one shelling out for the marketing’s equivalent to fossils: newspapers.