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B2C Lead Report. Good News For SEO’s and Email Marketers.

Two weeks ago, Andy brought you the B2B Lead Generation handbook. Without further ado, we now bring you B2C.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Email marketing are the two best bets for your marketing dollar, according to a new report from UK Based eConsultancy in conjunction with Clash-Media. Viral marketing” landed on the other end of the spectrum based on the feedback of 600 companies.

Some of the highlights from company respondents:

  • A greater proportion of lead generation budget is being spent on online (on average, 53%) than offline (44%).
  • Compared to 2007, PPC is getting a bigger proportion of online lead generation budgets even though natural search is perceived to be better value for the money.

Just Like Global Warming, Google’s New Ad Planner is Not a Real Threat Either…Not!

I wonder how many people in the interactive advertising industry are feeling suckered by Google this morning.

For the past few years, Google has continually downplayed its threat to ad agencies and marketing technology companies. “We’re not a threat, we just want to help,” tends to be the main theme.

Meanwhile, Google continues to gradually creep forward with its encroachment. Like the rising seas, its advancement is often unnoticed until, all of a sudden, we’re ten feet under water.

OK, the headline. I’ve not forgotten the point of this post. Google today announced Google Ad Planner, a free research tool that will help “connect advertisers with publishers.”

When AdWords Users Get Phished

We’re all familiar with phishing schemes: an email urging you to login to your PayPal account at this URL (which doesn’t turn out to be PayPal or eBay at all), etc. Most of us have seen enough of these—and enough horror stories circulating on the web or the nightly news—to avoid these scams.

But not everyone has. A post on Google Blogoscoped details the aftermath of one such phishing expedition. After receiving an official-looking email apparently from Google AdWords, one AdWords account owner clicked through on the link and entered his login information. The email had urged him to renew his account before it was deactivated, but he couldn’t find anywhere to do that once he was logged in.

Technorati Media – a New Blog Advertising Network from Technorati

It makes sense when you think about it. While Technorati is a great social media search engine, it doesn’t exactly have a sound revenue model. Until today.

TechCrunch is reporting a 9am PST launch of Technorati Media, a new CPM ad network for blogs of all sizes.

The company has been testing the new sales product with a number of partners, including BlogTalkRadio, BlogCritics, BlogCatalog, BlogTV, Technabob, GPSMagazine, GeekAlerts and NerdApproved. CEO Richard Jalichandra says these blogs reach a combined audience of approximately 17 million unique monthly visitors.

Early advertisers on the network include Honda, Acura, Toyota, t-mobile, Adobe, HP, Sandisk, MSFT, Verizon, Sun, Sony, Visa, Nike, Scion, Chevrolet, Paramount, Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Best Buy.

MarketingSherpa Discusses Small Business and Online Marketing – It’s About Time

By Frank Reed.

In today’s Wall Street Journal , Stephan Tornquist of MarketingSherpa, Inc. discusses the importance of small business and marketing during the current downturn. I don’t like to use the word recession because it seems like every time the word is printed people believe more and more we are in doom and gloom times. Self fulfilling prophecies of this kind should be avoided.

Sure, times are tougher with gas and everything on the rise but does that mean that small business marketing just has to be put in neutral and wait it out? During a survey conducted in February and March of this year (which in internet terms seems like a decade ago) the folks at MarketingSherpa found the following that companies of 100 employees or less (which is the majority of firms in the US) fell into three main categories:

Yahoo and Google: Wise Move or Beginning of the End?

It’s time for another edition of Good Idea/Bad Idea!

Good idea: Making more money.
Bad idea: Making more by admitting that you suck and your competition is so good at this that you’ll let them make the money for you.

Actually, other than the “admitting you suck and your competition is so good,” that doesn’t sound like an entirely bad idea, does it? I mean, using the competition to increase your profits could potentially be a good thing.

Potentially. For the most part, however, Yahoo’s decision on a non-exclusive search advertising deal has met with pretty much universal scorn. A sampling of headlines:

The Mother of All MarketingSherpa Guides: B2B Lead Generation Handbook

It seems like MarketingSherpa churns out a new handbook every month. While I look forward to reading each of them, the one I’ve look forward to the most is the new 2008 B-to-B Lead Generation Handbook.

It’s a monster of a handbook–531 pages–but every page is packed with vital information for any marketer in the business-to-business space. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Beginning with pre-campaign research and preparation, the handbook takes you through all of the elements that go into campaign strategy.
  • Using real-life examples that verify their effectiveness, choose from the variety of tactics that are now available to all B-to-B marketers.
  • Find out how to create content B-B prospects adore.
  • Go through all of the prove steps for lead qualification, cultivation and measurement.