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Online Advertising and Display Ads Rise

Internet advertising as a whole is steadily rising. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) announced in early October that Internet advertising has reached a new record of $4.9 billion for the first quarter of 2007. Last year first quarter revenues were at $3.8 billion – a 26 percent increase.

I recently read a MarketingSherpa article on one type of online advertising that is making a small comeback. Some call them banner ads some call them online display ads, but according to MarketingSherpa, they are back in vogue. Why? They are lower cost other online advertising methods. MarketingSherpa published a helpful introduction to this advertising medium.

Yahoo Partners with Adobe to Bring Ads to PDFs

If you’re thinking of creating an e-book and can’t decide whether to give it away for free or charge for your hard work, you now have a third option. Yahoo and Adobe have teamed up to provide contextually relevant ads for PDF documents.

According to CNET, publishers upload their PDFs to Yahoo (we assume via Yahoo! Publisher) and then text ads appear in a panel to the right of the main PDF content. The ads are dynamic, giving them flexibility to change based on the content.

Here’s a screenshot from CNET:

Google Checkout Holiday Promotions

Back when Paypal was (about seven years ago) I had a deal email list called Scrapdogs. I sent emails to my friends about all the amazing free things that retailers were throwing away giving out. Almost every Christmas present I bought was purchased online that Christmas, and it’s still my favorite way to shop.

Check out the list of deals for Google Checkout users. Here’s an example of the savings: – get $10 off orders over $10 (for new buyers only). There is also free shipping and frequent flyer miles to be earned (make sure to view the tabs because they’re easy to miss). You have to register and then you can earn 2 frequent flyer miles for each $1 you spend with Google Checkout through December 31, 2007. They cap the miles at 10,000 and it’s for US residents only.

What Customers Want: More Detailed Product Descriptions

Want people to come to your site a little longer this holiday season? Then give customers adequate information about your products. This isn’t new but WebCollage’s 2007 Survey of Online Consumer Product Research Habits confirms how important product information is to shoppers.

79 percent of those surveyed “rarely or never” purchase a product without complete product information.
- the e-tailing group

Shoppers want to know if a product is compatible with the products they already own and easily see what accessories come with a product. I was researching a CD/clock radio for my son’s room and couldn’t tell if the models worked with headphones (so if he wakes up early to listen to some music, I don’t have to). It was impossible to tell by the pictures and product descriptions, so I had to go to an actual store.

Facebook Marketing Stunt Backfires

Molson brewing company has pulled a promotion on Facebook after complaints that they promote binge drinking. They ran a photo contest targeting 19-24 year old college students.

Called the The Molson Canadian Nation Campus Challenge the ad said, “Be the #1 party school in Canada” and says that the school with the most pictures uploaded would win a trip for five people to spend spring break in Cancun, Mexico.

The next line said: “Show everyone how you and your crew get the party started!” Then it listed the top 10 party schools.Universities and parents both contacted the company to complain. Xavier University administrator Joe MacDonald, who is the dean of students said: “This is not something that is welcome within our campus community.”

Retailers Primed for Cyber Monday

Reading through my RSS feeds this morning, I was shocked at the distinct lack of anything news-worthy–surely companies are over their turkey-induced slump. Then Reuters reminded me that today is "Cyber Monday" which means that anyone with a keyboard is currently shopping the biggest online sales day of the year.

How big is Cyber Monday for online retailers? comScore predicts sales will exceed $700 million online today. That’s a lot of shoes, iPods, and tiny flying helicopters.

With the economy in a mini-slump, etailers are going all out this year…

…the number of retailers offering free shipping with no conditions, such as a minimum purchase, has jumped to 41.4 percent from 36 percent last year.

Newspapers: Online Ads Up, Print Ads Down

Print advertising continues to slide while online advertising in newspapers is growing consistently. According to the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) advertising expenditures for newspaper websites increased 21.1%, to $773 million, in the third quarter. That was compared to the third quarter in 2006. It’s a trend that looks promising – this is the 14th consecutive quarter of double-digit growth for online newspaper advertising since the NAA started reporting online ad spending in 2004.

While print advertising is still the majority of advertising with newspapers (newspaper website advertising now accounts for 7.1% of total newspaper ad spending), the online spend continues to get bigger. Spending for online ads is still in the millions while print advertising brings in $10.1 billion. And print advertising is down 9% compared with the third quarter of 2006.