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Yahoo Offers Native HD Image Ads and YouTube Makes Takeovers Work on Mobile

Modern display advertising is a balancing act. You need an ad that is “native” enough so it flows seamlessly through the surrounding content without annoying the viewer but at the same time it has to be different enough to pop and grab the viewers attention.

Yahoo and YouTube are both experimenting with some new options that, at a glance, appear to work quite well.

Yahoo Image Ads

Yahoo just launched this new type of ad that fits neatly into the ever-popular slide show. They say the ad “harnesses the beauty of HD images for vivid, personal and emotional brand storytelling.”

I find it funny that they use the word “vivid” then use a softly muted photo as their example.


Are You A/B Testing Your Display Campaigns Too Much?


Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 10.09.22 PMThis post comes from our Display Channel sponsor AdClarity.

Testing is important. We have all been taught that we need to test every element of our campaigns. From the publishers we use to the size of the Submit button on our landing pages – every little nuance can affect conversions and must be optimized and then re-optimized.

But is there such a thing as too much testing?

Alas, no . . .

Even once you optimize an element and improve conversion, you can always improve more. What worked yesterday may not worked tomorrow. A new headline may perform wonderfully. A new hero shot may increase conversions. But, for some reason, when you combine the two, sales may plummet. You must test, re-test, and test again.

The World is Your Backyard

Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 2.27.24 PM

This post comes from our Display Channel sponsor Adclarity.

If there is anything we have learned in the past 20 years, it is that the world is being made smaller by the current technology, the internet, the cloud…

Information that our parents found by spending hours sifting through volumes of The World Book at the local library is available instantly on our iPhones while we sip our lattes. Nowhere is this more evident than in online advertising. No matter where you are physically located, you can recruit customers from, quite literally, anywhere in the world. It is quick and easy to offer our same campaigns to people in Russia, New York and Paris . . . but is that the best way?

Facebook Mobile Ads are Hot but More Users Say They’ll Click Desktop Ads

facebook adWhen it comes to advertising, everyone’s talking mobile, mobile, mobile but a survey from Analytic Partners shows that on Facebook, it’s the desktop that gets the click.

At the highest level, almost half of the people they surveyed said they occasionally pay attention to and/or click on advertisements in their newsfeeds. They’re most likely (60%) to pay attention to advertisements from brands they already follow on Facebook. 27% said they pay attention to sponsored stories and only 13% noticed those random ads that Facebook thinks they’ll enjoy.

Desktop vs Mobile

Facebook is happy to say that their mobile revenue numbers are up but 85% of Facebook users said they are “more inclined to pay attention to and/or click on a newsfeed advertisement served to them on a computer as opposed to a mobile device.”

KISS SMART: 5 Things You Must Do Better Than Your Competitors

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 8.30.49 PMScreen shot 2013-11-11 at 8.30.34 PMIn previous posts, we have discussed how competitive the display advertising world is and how to knock out competitors; but today, I would like to revert to the old KISS adage and keep it simple by listing the 5 things you MUST do better than your competitors in order to succeed with your display advertising campaigns.

We like to use another acronym to remember these five: SMART

Styling – The first aspect involves quite a bit. The style of your creative designs, your color choices, landing page layouts…all of these must be better than your competitors.

A quick example of two long-time rival competitors, Honda and Toyota:

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 8.30.58 PM
Which one compels you to click?

Facebook vs. Twitter: Which One Rules for Mobile Marketing?

Facebook has a lot of users and that equals a huge pool of potential customers – aka reach, but it’s not always the advertising juggernaut you’d expect it to be given its popularity.

Larry Kim, the wise man of Wordstream turned his magnifying glass on the social media giant and whipped up a few charts comparing Facebook to its biggest (little) competitor, Twitter! What he discovered was. . . . (did you really think I was going to spoil the ending? Read on.)

Comparing advertising on Facebook and Twitter is a little like comparing apples to coconuts but Larry did it anyway. (Check his blog post for where he got his numbers.)


Are eBay and Groupon Sponsored Ads Helping or Hurting Small Business Owners?

Last week, I clicked through a link on an email from eBay and found a strange thing  – a string of sponsored links across the top of my listing. Well, they call them sponsored links but they’re much more than that. They’re actually bold advertisements for people who are selling the same things I’m selling.

sponsored links ebay

I did a few experiments and found that when I’m looking at an item detail page as a buyer, these links show up at the bottom of the page, so I probably never noticed them before. But when I click from a listing link in an email, they show up on top. Maybe the concept is, I’ve already bought an item, so these are related items.