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AdWords’ Display Planner Updated

Today the Inside Google AdWords blog posted about an update to their Display Planner. The post tells us:

For some time now we’ve been working to unify all our helpful AdWords display tools in one easy and streamlined location. Today we’re taking another big step in that direction by integrating three of our classic tools — The Contextual Targeting Tool, the Placement Tool and the Google Ad Planner — into the new Google Display Planner. As we mentioned in an earlier blog post, Display Planner is our new unified research and planning tool, bringing you targeting ideas and estimates that can help you build better display campaigns.

Here is a video to help familiarize yourself with the tool.

Some more data that might help you.

For more information on transitioning to Display Planner please check out the Guide to Display Planner for AdPlanner users and make sure to sign up here for our Display Planner Webinar on September 18th, 2013 1pm EST!

AdWords Updates Quality Score Reporting

google-adwordsGoogle announced on Friday that it is working to improve the quality of its AdWords product by updating its quality score process.

In an Inside AdWords post we are told

As part of our ongoing efforts to help improve the quality of our ads, we’re announcing an update that changes how each keyword’s 1-10 numeric Quality Score is reported in AdWords. Under the hood, this reporting update will tie your 1-10 numeric Quality Score more closely to its three key sub factors — expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience. We expect this update to reach all advertisers globally within the next several days.

That next several days means that most, if not all, AdWords users will see this update this week.

Google Enhanced Campaigns Final Switch Over July 22

If you are running AdWords campaigns for your company or your clients then are likely to be aware that Google has offered the opportunity to switch campaigns over to the new enhanced campaign platform since the program was introduced back in February.

As with most things Google has given folks some time to make sure they move their existing campaigns to the enhanced platform so they can make sure everything transfers over accurately.

As I was reminded by the email below, if you have done this yet, you better do it now or else you are risking letting the chips fall as they may as Google throws the switch and turns all campaigns over to the enhanced version as of July 22.

Enhanced Google Campaigns

This is just a friendly reminder to our readers who have resisted the change or simply waited until the last minute. Looking at one sentence of the above announcement should be enough to make anyone want to take matters into their own hands rather than roll the dice. That sentence is

Study: Search and Email Trump Social for Online Selling

Let the debate begin. Just from the title of this post social media experts and gurus are climbing off the mountaintop to defend the viability of social media as a real sales tool.

Relax folks. It’s only one study but its findings are very interesting. The study was conducted by Custora which describes its service as a predictive analytics platform for e-commerce marketing teams. Wired shared the results and the chart below should be plenty to feed on initially.


What should you take away from this data? Here is what Wired’s Marcus Wohlsen offered

Natural Search Return or Paid Result? FTC Says Its Too Hard To Tell the Difference

ad note on googleWhen looking at a page of search results I often feel like I’m playing a round of Where’s Waldo. But instead of the guy in the striped t-shirt, I’m looking for the place where the paid ads end and the natural search results begin.

I don’t have evidence to prove it, but I feel like that line used to be more clearly defined. There would be a couple of very obvious ads at the top of the page and rest would be sites that earned their spot the hard way. Results in the right hand column were always ads. I can’t remember at what point ads started appearing in the main results as well.

Yahoo! Redesigns Their Search Results to Look Like Everyone Else

I know I’ve been hard on Yahoo! these past few weeks but seriously, this is getting silly. Yahoo! has become that embarrassing mom who dresses and acts like she’s her teenager’s best friend. Let’s get real. Putting your stuff on Tumblr doesn’t automatically make you part of the Tumblr crowd.

yahoo tumblr


When I hit this page, I thought it was a fake account. This is your “official” announcement page? I was expecting to find a joke at the end of the post. What I did find was another one of those flashing gifs. These things make me nauseous. Stop it. Flashing back and forth between “before” and “after” doesn’t allow people to compare them side by side. This is no way to announce a new feature. Especially one that is important to business owners and marketers.

Google’s AdWords Express Gets a Makeover

Google-Adwords-Express-Logo1Google’s AdWords Express which is designed to help small businesses take advantage of paid search by literally doing the heavy lifting for them through placement of ads on behalf of the advertiser, got a facelift of sorts.

Google is on a push to make things more beautiful and efficient. I get it in theory but the whole beautiful part sounds so forced although it is a company mantra these days.

The Inside AdWords blog tells us

Today, when you log into AdWords Express, you’ll notice a brand new look. We’ve listened to your feedback and worked with a lot of small businesses to streamline the AdWords Express experience. It’s part of our ongoing efforts to make Google products more beautiful and efficient.