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Yahoo! Redesigns Their Search Results to Look Like Everyone Else

I know I’ve been hard on Yahoo! these past few weeks but seriously, this is getting silly. Yahoo! has become that embarrassing mom who dresses and acts like she’s her teenager’s best friend. Let’s get real. Putting your stuff on Tumblr doesn’t automatically make you part of the Tumblr crowd.

yahoo tumblr


When I hit this page, I thought it was a fake account. This is your “official” announcement page? I was expecting to find a joke at the end of the post. What I did find was another one of those flashing gifs. These things make me nauseous. Stop it. Flashing back and forth between “before” and “after” doesn’t allow people to compare them side by side. This is no way to announce a new feature. Especially one that is important to business owners and marketers.

Google’s AdWords Express Gets a Makeover

Google-Adwords-Express-Logo1Google’s AdWords Express which is designed to help small businesses take advantage of paid search by literally doing the heavy lifting for them through placement of ads on behalf of the advertiser, got a facelift of sorts.

Google is on a push to make things more beautiful and efficient. I get it in theory but the whole beautiful part sounds so forced although it is a company mantra these days.

The Inside AdWords blog tells us

Today, when you log into AdWords Express, you’ll notice a brand new look. We’ve listened to your feedback and worked with a lot of small businesses to streamline the AdWords Express experience. It’s part of our ongoing efforts to make Google products more beautiful and efficient.

DoubleClick’s Display Remarketing from Search Ads Out of Beta

The headline tells the story really but if you want more this comes from the DoubleClick Search blog

Back in October, we announced the beta release of display remarketing from search ads, which allows advertisers to use insights from paid search clicks to remarket to audiences across ad exchanges via DoubleClick Bid Manager, or the Google Display Network (GDN) — all with a seamless, tagless workflow.

We’re excited to announce that display remarketing from search ads is now out of beta, and is available to all DoubleClick Search customers globally.

And now for something completely different, a video from Google.

Happy remarketing!

Upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns Using Google’s New Adwords Upgrade Center

Google Adwords Upgrade Center 2Google really wants you to upgrade to their enhanced campaigns quickly. It has nothing to do with them making more money or anything. It’s all about the advertiser ;-).

From their Inside Adwords blog

Enhanced campaigns help you reach people with the right ads based on their context – including location, time of day and device – without having to set up and manage several separate campaigns. For most advertisers, upgrading is a simple 3-step process. Already, advertisers have upgraded more than 1.5 million campaigns and seen strong results.

While many Adwords users might disagree it is the way of the future. Here is the Inside Adwords explanation of the new upgrade center followed by a screenshot which is a bit hard to see but you get the idea.

Five Questions You Must Answer Before Testing Your Landing Page

WebTrends Landing Page White PaperThis post is presented by Marketing Pilgrim’s Analytics Channel Sponsor WebTrends. It was written by Karen Wood, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Webtrends.

It’s a cold, hard reality that your landing page has just four seconds to capture a visitor’s attention. Not only that, landing pages are the stage in the campaign funnel most vulnerable to customer abandonment—converting, on average, just three percent of visitors.

This so-called success rate begs the questions: Is three percent acceptable to your bottom line? And what is it about your marketing efforts the other 97 percent rejected?

The Hard Truth on “Gut-Feel” Marketing

All too often, poor campaign performance is rooted in human condition. Many marketing decisions aren’t based on data, but rather on opinion—and often, that opinion is just the highest paid person’s gut feeling. As a result, the marketing team is sent down a path without any certainty that what they are doing will produce results.

70 Percent of Mobile Searches Lead to Online Action Within an Hour

If you received traffic from a search engine today, send a thank you card to Alan Emtage. He built the very first computer search engine back in 1989. But sadly, he was so far ahead of his time, he didn’t see the future value in what he created so he didn’t file a patent or lay any claim to the technology.

Enter Google, who turned search into a multi-billion dollar industry then started to do it again with mobile. In the last year, Google’s mobile ad revenue went from 2.5 billion to 8 billion and that’s in a sector that’s barely begun to take hold.

There’s money in search because search is working. iAcquire and SurveyMonkey conducted a study and found that 70% of mobile searches lead to an online action within an hour.

Why Aren’t Small Business Owners Taking Advantage of Online Marketing?

469994_antique_storeAs I travel around the web each day, I see a variety of ads. Many of them are banner ads reminding me of the effectiveness of cookie based technology. (Hey, look at that ad for Old Navy, I was just on their site this morning. What a coincidence.) Then there are the Facebook ads which I hardly notice and when I do, I find them irrelevant. Also the search results I see in Google (now that’s effective advertising) and the emails and social media updates I get from companies I follow.

That’s a lot of advertising and some of it is working because I’ve been known to click and buy things. But when I think about it, I realize that almost all of the ads I see in a day are for big companies and brand names. The last time I saw an ad for a local store it came out of a Val-Pak envelope.