Trackur Gets More Klout, Adds Twitter Influence Metrics

One of the cool features about Trackur’s social media monitoring is our InfluenceRank scoring system. For every web site, blog, or Twitter user, we’ve always shown you just how influential they are–with a simple score out of 100.

With news sites and blogs, we provided further analysis with screenshots, traffic details, backlink numbers and more. Today, we’ve added a similar dashboard for Twitter users influence.

As you can see, we have all the info you need to make a quickly decide if this person is someone that is exerting an influence on your brand.

The Trackur dashboard includes:

Happy Thanksgiving Pilgrims!

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To all Marketing Pilgrims, we hope you have a restful, thankful, and blessed Thanksgiving.

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Trackur Launches Social Media Monitoring API

My company, Trackur, is fast approaching its 3rd birthday–that makes us practically ancient among social media monitoring tools! :-)

To celebrate, we are finally launching a feature that has been requested pretty much since day one: an API!

Yes, the Trackur API will free companies from the Trackur dashboard and instead allow them to take our data in either XML or JSON formats and do with it as they please!

What are some of the ways the Trackur API can be put to good use?

  • Provide your clients with social media monitoring within your own interface
  • Build internal competitive intelligence tools
  • Use our data for SEO link building–find relevant and authoritative bloggers to send link requests to! ;-)



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My sincere thanks to all of our readers, supporters, sponsors, and friends!

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Thank You Veterans!

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Manage Multiple Link Building Campaigns with a Free Trial at Ontolo

It turns out the guys at Ontolo had a pretty great launch of the next version of their Link Building Toolset. And, as is the case with bringing any new product to the market–that does things very differently than anyone else–it sounds like they’ve been hard at work folding in user feedback. The biggest feature that has just been added is the ability to manage multiple projects within your account.

How it works is that you’re now able to define various keywords and competitors on the fly. If you want to manage campaigns or projects in your account, simply add a few Research Keywords for each project and, voila, they’re finding you new prospects for each project that night.

$99 Gets You the Best SEO Tools & Community on the Web!

There are only two SEO related tools that I’d take the time to promote.

Ontolo’s link building tools is one, and now I’m adding SEOmoz to that list.

Marketing Pilgrim is now an official affiliate of SEOmoz because, well quite honestly, Rand Fishkin is a righteous dude! Heck, you can’t help but like everyone at SEOmoz.

Oh, and their SEO tools are among the industry’s best of breed!

Features include:

Weekly Crawls & Rank Tracking

On-Page Recommendations

Competitive Analysis

Tools include:

Open Site Explorer

Keyword Difficulty

SEOmoz Toolbar

OK, I’m going to stop here because there’s just way too much you get for just $99 a month. Yeah, that’s not a typo—$99, as in ninety-nine SEOs at a conference, ninety-nine SEOs…. ;-)