The Marketing Pilgrim Comment Clinic

I need your help. Actually, other Marketing Pilgrim readers need your help.

I’ve noticed more visitors leaving questions on posts that have long since retired to the archives. Not wanting to let them live out the rest of their lives in obscurity, I thought I’d test shining a spotlight on them.

So, I’m going to keep my eye on any interesting questions posted in our comments and highlight them in new posts.

Kicking-off this experiment comes a question from Demetrius

Voting Begins for 2006 Search Blogs Awards

Voting is open for Search Engine Journal’s Search Blog Awards. The nominations are full of my favorite blogs and voting is going to be tough.

Thanks to the readers that nominated Marketing Pilgrim. We’re nominated in two categories, Search Marketing Blog and Best Agency Resource Blog. I’m not sure how we made it into the Search Marketing Blog and not the Search News Blog  category- after all, 80% of our stuff is news related – oh well.

For the Best Agency Resource Blog, we’re up against just one other nomination – Yippee!. It happens to be SEOmoz – oh crap! The only chance we have of winning that is if Rand uploads a post explaining why voting for us is the duty of every mozzer. ;-)

Marketing Pilgrim Goes Mobile

Thanks to the WordPress PDA plugin, found via WordPress SEO, Marketing Pilgrim is now cell phone and PDA compatible. Simply point your mobile to the normal domain and you’ll see a stripped down version of our site.

Here’s how it looks…

Have you tested your WordPress blog in a mobile browser? Opera Mini has a mobile simulator you can use.

Welcome Jeremy Luebke and Scott Woodard!

I told you to expect some fresh faces at Marketing Pilgrim. We’ve already announced Jordan will be adding her expertise to the blog – even Ben Wills is threatening to come out of retirement – and today we announced the addition of Jeremy Luebke and Scott Woodard as contributing bloggers.

Both Jeremy and Scott entered our SEM scholarship contest and both bring strong experience and writing talent. Jeremy has his own blog, so is not new to blogging and I’ve known Scott for years (we worked together at WebSourced).

Here’s a little about them…

Jeremy Luebke

Pilgrim Partners Shout-out

Before we wind-down for Christmas, I wanted to take the opportunity to once again thank our fantastic Pilgrim Partners for the support of Marketing Pilgrim.

TextLinkBrokers – if you looking to buy links – for traffic or SEO – TextLinkBrokers has a vast network of link partners and great pricing.

Handy Recovery – if you’re like me, you’ve accidentally lost a file or two in your time. With Handy Recovery, you can recover files lost due to accidental deletion or a virus.

My Interview with Lee Odden

Lee Odden has an interview with me posted on his blog. Lee know’s how to ask some interesting questions, and one question in particular got me fired-up…

Competition is increasing in the search marketing industry and despite some questionable analysis (Marketing Sherpa) and characterizations (Dave Pasternack) what are some of the most significant opportunities for companies that still have not yet embraced SEO into their marketing budgets?

iPod Winner Announced

Congratulations to Kevin Henney who wins an iPod Shuffle for spotting our secret RSS-only message last Thursday.

Thanks to all of you who subscribed to the Marketing Pilgrim feed. We hope you’ll keep your subscription due to the great content, but just in case you were about to hit the “unsubscribe” button, you’ll be pleased to know we’ll be running another contest in the New Year.