10 Shortcuts for Successful SEO

By Ahmed Bilal

If you were given the task of summarizing the whole wealth of SEO knowledge in 10 concise tips, what would you come up with?

Here’s my list:

1. Buy / rent an old site

The benefits are well-documented, but an important factor often overlooked here is time. Yes, you can spend 6 months, put together all that content, get all those links, then wait for another 3 years while the site ‘matures’…but you don’t have that much time, do you?

Buying the ‘right’ site gives you a fantastic head-start in any niche,

You’ll always find ‘potential sites’ with owners who don’t have the time to tend to their website. There’s a growing awareness online on the value of websites, but in most niches you can still get good bargains.

2. Optimize Title tags

Are You Making These Costly Mistakes with Your Search Marketing?

By Y.M. Ousley

Every day, lots of search marketers make easily correctible mistakes that cost them time, traffic and conversions. This mistake is usually summed up in one of two ways: “I don’t bother with _____” or “______ is too expensive/time consuming/difficult to understand.â€?

Depending on your area of preference, that statement might conclude with PPC, SEO or Social Media. If you’re a whiz at managing paid search campaigns, an expert at obtaining top rankings in natural search results, or a MySpace marketing maverick, I’m not suggesting you change your primary focus – that would just be foolish. Even more of a mistake than abandoning your area of expertise for the hot new marketing trend though, is developing tunnel vision and ignoring the impact other marketing trends can have on your work.

Search Engine Optimization Overview

By Aman kumar

Search engine optimization, SEO, is about creating a website in such a way that it will appear higher in the search rankings. SEO is aimed at achieving the highest position in the organic listings on the search engine results pages. SEO is very useful for driving visitors through targeting the high volume, low intent generic phrases. To do this you need to define a list of keyphrases to work with. A website that’s optimized for search engines can reap huge benefits on to the website and ultimately the core business. A key benefit of SEO is that it is relatively cost-effective since there is no payment to the search engines for being placed there.

SEO is a long-term strategy. To identify the correct investment requires a long-term cost/benefit analysis.

The Ultimate Internet Marketing Article

By Ben Fremer

The following are some of my best trade secrets. Please only use them for Good.

This article has been developed as an internet marketing how-to for entrepreneurs and small businesses who make up 95% of businesses, yet are currently underserved by the professional search-marketing industry, and are often poorly self-served due to lack of expertise and time.

Let’s Begin.

A successful internet marketing program almost always beings with

Keyword Research.

It’s important to find out which of your services people are looking for, and in what quantity they are searching for them. One of the most popular free tools to see how many searches per month there are for your keywords is Yahoo’s Search History tool (http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestion/).

The Power of SEO

By Risa Borsykowsky

We live in an incredible age. Information is obtained at the speed of light. Ask me anything and I will find the answer right now. Long gone are the days when you’d have to blow a ram’s horn at the top of a mountain to send a signal. I can communicate with anyone right now. Anything I want to buy, learn, or compare – I can do it right now.

Our lives have been transformed by the Internet – an incredible knowledge base that contains every fact, product, invention, and concept ever recorded since the beginning of time. It enables, creates, and provides instant access to knowledge. It gives us the Power of Now.

Damn you Andy! How to win Marketing Pilgrim’s Search Marketing Contest

By Eric Hebert

Before I begin my rants on how to win this contest, I want to give a shout out to Andy Beal the Marketing Pilgrim for putting us up to the challenge in the first place. I have never in the three plus years of watching this industry been offered a better opportunity to make a name for myself amongst a rouges gallery of judges, and I think so far that I’ve done a pretty good job. I mean, c’mon, I’m doing great in the article department. My articles have been engaging from the get-go by having descriptive titles that not only featured keywords but also featured clever words to entice the reader to read further. These were probably obvious things to be aware of right from the get go. Aside from writing decent articles with proper grammar and paragraph structure, I was set to begin celebrating my victory.

SEO is Nothing but Karma

By Steven Bradley

Yep karma. Not the spiritual “Law of Karmaâ€? central to Eastern Philosophy, but the Americanized version of karma practiced by Earl Hickey every Thursday night. Do good things and good things happen. That’s really all it takes to succeed as an SEO. Karma. And maybe a little hard work.

“Ok you new age hippie freak. I’ll bite. How is karma supposed to help my site get more search traffic?”

By building a website that’s useful and usable. Give people something they want and give it to them for free. Maybe it’s information or some web tool that makes someone’s life easier. Give away something entertaining. You’ve been dying to star in a video anyway. Just make it something of value. Add to the web instead of creating more noise. That’s all good wouldn’t you say? Create something of value. Do good things.