Attention! Win Copies of Jim Kukral’s New Book

Jim Kukral is the master at getting attention.

I remember when BlogRush had the entire blogging community in a tizzy. Jim jumped on the overhyped-widget-bandwagon and grabbed thousands of email sign-ups for his alternative “BlogBucks” service. BlogBucks promised untold riches but ended up being nothing more than a spoof. Jim deleted all the subscribers but in just a couple of days proved that he was the master at gaining Attention!

If I listed out every instance of Jim’s ability to get you to “click” then we’d be here all day. Instead, how about we just give away 3 copies of Jim Kukral’s awesome new book Attention! and you can see for yourself?

Filled with case studies and real-world examples, Jim explains strategies and techniques, including:

Marketing Pilgrim is Looking for a New Blogger

UPDATE: We are no longer accepting applications. Thank you everyone!


As you know, the fabulous Jordan McCollum has retired. :-(

So, we’re now looking for a new member of the team to help support Frank Reed, Joe Hall, and me. Here’s what we’re looking for (please read carefully):

  • Write two blog posts per day, Monday to Friday.
  • Posts must be focused around current marketing news stories–we’re not looking for “how-to” articles.
  • You must have an understanding of internet marketing and must be willing to offer your opinions/thoughts/commentary/sarcasm on any news covered.
  • You must be reliable and consistent. Two posts a day, M-F. I can’t stress that enough. Of course, there will be times when you need a vacation or can’t find anything to write about, but those will be the exceptions.

Happy 4th of July!

Fireworks Montage

Trackur Launches White-Labeled Social Media Tracking for just $297!

I’m delighted to share with you the brand new Trackur web site AND announce the launch of the industry’s most affordable white-labeled social media monitoring dashboard.

We’ve revamped the site and also made some usability improvements to the Trackur dashboard–which, by the way, has moved to its new location at

Along with the new look, we’ve renamed all of the Trackur plans, and have added some ground-breaking features to the Trackur Ultimate plan. Here’s what’s new:

  • Use your own domain name: You asked for it, and we’re delivering. You can now point any domain name to your Trackur Ultimate dashboard and that’s what you–and your clients/users–will see. Your domain name will be used for everything, while we take care of everything else.

Congratulations & Goodbye to Jordan McCollum

I have good news and bad news.

First the good news. Marketing Pilgrim editor Jordan McCollum has given birth to Rachel Diana– a beautiful 6lb 9oz baby girl!

Now the bad news. Jordan won’t be returning to Marketing Pilgrim. :-(

I’ll let that sink in. The totally awesome, intelligent, witty, best-editor-a-blog-could-ever-wish-for, is retiring from Marketing Pilgrim to take care of her wonderful family.

Jordan has been a great friend and I’m going to miss her…a lot! I’m sure you will too, so please take a moment to leave her a comment and let her know she’ll be missed.

Who knows, maybe she’ll change her mind! ;-)


Save 15% on BlueGlass LA’s Search & Social Conference

Are you going to PubCon Masters Group Training in Austin?

Not your thing? Too far? Haven’t decided yet?

Or perhaps you’d like to double up on your small group training for that week?

Well, be sure to take a serious look at BlueGlass LA–two days of search and social marketing training from some of the smartest guys in the industry. A follow-up to their highly-rated Search and Social Summit, Chris, Tony, Loren, Dave et al are “putting the band back together” for what will likely be another great conference.

What else do you need to know? Attendance will be limited. It’s being hosted in Los Angeles, CA. Everything is included for just $495.

Join Me at PubCon Masters Group Training in Austin this July!

I love PubCon. You love PubCon. We all love PubCon!

But, let’s face it, sometimes PubCon can feel, well, a little overwhelming. After all, there are so many great sessions, so many parrellel tracks, that it can be hard to figure out just where you need to be.

So, PubCon founder Brett Tabke has come up with the solution. Smaller workshops. One day only. Just two tracks to choose between. And nothing but the very best training.

PubCon Masters Group Training comes to Austin, Texas on July 21st and will provide in-depth training for both search engine optimization and social media marketing.