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Retail Ads on Mobile Climb 413 Percent Year-Over-Year

MillennialMedia-Vertical-Q2-2013We expect retail advertising to come on strong in the fourth quarter, but according to the new Millennial Media S.M.A.R.T. report, retailers are already swinging for the fences. In Q2 of 2013, retail mobile advertising on Millennial Media’s platform grew 413% year-over-year.

What kind of crazy number is that? Looks like retailers are truly embracing the mobile shopper.

What’s even more amazing is that seven different verticals spent more than 100% over what they spent the prior year.

Non-Profits went all-in with huge growth in spend, but they still didn’t crack the top 10 chart. On the other hand, Government Services made the top ten spend list for the first time. Much of the messaging was related to local issues such as safety and weather warnings.

Advertising Gains Trust Over the Years

Nielsen’s latest Trust in Advertising research shows that while we sound skeptical about advertising we aren’t acting like it.

Take a look at this chart from the survey.

Nielsen Trust in Advertising

The only form of advertising showing a negative trend is newspapers. This might be the final nail in that coffin. Text, banner and search ads all show significant uptick in the trust placed in them by consumers.

So let’s get this straight here. The world complains about being advertised to too much. This research, however, tells a story that consumers are more trusting of ads than they were some 5 years ago.

Yeah, that makes sense.

What’s your take?

New Nielsen Findings: If You Love a TV Show, You’re More Likely to Remember the Ads

arrow_novsweepsposter_600Nielsen did a spectacular thing: they cataloged 70,000 TV ads on 6,777 TV shows over a three year period then figured out the correlation between the viewers interest in the show and their recall of the ad.

They divided this by that, accounted for X and filled in the Y and came to this conclusion:

For every 2 percentage point improvement in a viewer’s program engagement—how well people remember what happened in a TV show they watched the prior evening—advertisers can (on average) expect a 1 percentage point improvement in sustained ad memorability.

In other words – the more a person likes a show, the more they’ll remember the commercials that ran during the show.

Women Still Rule the Social Media World

Maybe it’s because we’re naturally more chatty or perhaps it’s because we’re more open about our feelings. . . whatever the reason, women rule the social media world.

FT_13.09.12_MenVwomen_2This graphic from the Pew Internet and American Life Project Fact Tank shows the rise in social media usage by gender from 2008 to 2013.

Ignoring the colors for a moment, let’s just take the time to marvel at the incredible climb. Five years ago, only 29% of online adults were using social media. Now, the average is 72%. That’s incredible. Almost three-quarters of every adult on the internet is logging on to some type of social media at some point. It truly has changed the way we communicate.

Computer Savvy Millennials Still Turn to the Newspaper for Their Coupons

VALASSIS PURSE STRING SURVEYYou would think that Millennials, those born between early 1980 and early 2000, would consistently turn to the internet for all of their couponing needs. After all, digital and printable coupons are plentiful – so why pay for a newspaper you’re not going to read?

But according to the Sixth Annual RedPlum Purse String Survey, 51 percent of millennials chose newspapers as their number one source for coupons and deals. Other print sources include:

  •     33 percent from the mail
  •     21 percent from retail circulars
  •     20 percent from coupon books

45% of millennials said they’re likely to give or send physical coupons to friends and family.

Looks like paper is still going strong.

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fold phoneInsert Tab A into Slot B.

It’s another terrific Millennial Media Mobile Mix report cover! This one is old school interactive – dig up some scissors and glue and you can create your own customized smartphone.

Hang on now, before you rush off to play, we have to finish our homework.

First, a quiz.

1. The Apple iPhone is the number one phone for ad impressions. Which phone is number two?

2. The average adult spends 2 hours and 13 minutes on their mobile device. What type of media beats that with 4 hours and 31 minutes a day?

3. Games always deliver the most ad impressions but what is the number two app category?


1. The Samsung Galaxy S is number two in ad impressions.

The Android Phablet Effect: What is It and Why Should You Care?

What do you get when you cross a smartphone with a tablet? You get a phablet – a word that is just too cool not to use on a regular basis.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a phablet. It’s small enough to carry around in your pocket, you can use it to make calls, but the screen is large enough to make browsing the web and writing your novel while on the go, a breeze. I need one of these but that would mean switching to Android because they have the corner on the phablet market.

It’s this fact that led TubeMogul (another cool word) to officially recognize “The Android Phablet Effect”.

mobile phone types by daypart