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Facebook vs. Twitter: Which One Rules for Mobile Marketing?

Facebook has a lot of users and that equals a huge pool of potential customers – aka reach, but it’s not always the advertising juggernaut you’d expect it to be given its popularity.

Larry Kim, the wise man of Wordstream turned his magnifying glass on the social media giant and whipped up a few charts comparing Facebook to its biggest (little) competitor, Twitter! What he discovered was. . . . (did you really think I was going to spoil the ending? Read on.)

Comparing advertising on Facebook and Twitter is a little like comparing apples to coconuts but Larry did it anyway. (Check his blog post for where he got his numbers.)


Holiday Survey Shows Good Customer Service Equals Repeat Business

Tis the seasonIt’s November 1st! So let’s kick off this holiday shopping season with a jolly infographic from PriceGrabber.

For their Winter Holiday Shopping Survey, PriceGrabber asked 2,887 US online shopping consumers about their plans for the next few weeks. The most significant piece of data to come out of the survey is this:

69% of consumers plan to shop at the same retailers as they did last year.

When asked why, 70% said they would remain loyal to certain retailers because of good customer service.

This is significant because customer service is the one area where a smaller retailer has a chance of beating the big boys. Small retailers can’t slash prices to match Walmart. They certainly can’t price competitively and still offer free shipping. And they can’t beat the selection at Amazon. But they can go above and beyond to make sure their customers find great gifts without a lot of effort.

Moms With Young Children are Twice as Active on Social Media

play-time-2-1081262-mNew moms go through a roller coaster of emotions. First there’s the joy, then the fear, then the exhaustion sets in and loneliness takes hold. It’s particularity difficult for young women who are the first of their peer group to have kids. You say being a mom won’t change anything but when your single girl friends are headed out to a nightclub, you quickly realize that having a child changes everything.

So it’s not surprising that moms are using social networks to reach out and connect with other moms. Facebook friends – even those you’ve never met in real life – can be a huge comfort when you’re feeling bored, lonely or your worried about your parenting skills.

30 Percent of the Population Gets News From Facebook. . . They Just Don’t Mean To

1-Facebook-and-NewsAccording to a new study by the Pew Research Center, 30% of US adults consume news on Facebook. But the vast majority (78%) didn’t log on for that purpose, they just happened to see news posts in their feed.

Only 4% of those surveyed said Facebook was an important source for news and that makes me feel better about the world.

I can’t be too snarky though, because I get a lot of my news from Twitter. The reality is that we live in a content heavy world. A story breaks in China and people on the ground start posting the details on Twitter and Facebook within minutes.

Facebook Tumbles in the Eyes of Teens, Leaving Twitter in the Lead

Two years ago, if you wanted to speak directly to teens, Facebook was your best option – no, your only option. Instagram hadn’t worked its magic yet. Tumblr was barely a thing and Twitter was shunned. Twitter was for moms and business people and old folks who like to know what’s happening in the world. Not their world – the whole world.

But a year ago, The Pew Internet and American Life Project noted the start of a teen trend away from Facebook and on to Twitter. Why? Mostly for the sake of privacy. On Facebook, you have to be you and you have to prove you’re over 13. On Twitter, you can be whomever you want to be and you can have as many accounts as you have email addresses. You can also chat with your favorite celebs and speak your mind (good or bad) anonymously.

This Holiday Season, the Internet is the Number One Place to Shop

For the first time in the history of the Deloitte Annual Holiday Survey, the internet came out on top as the place to shop for the holidays.

In prior years, discount / value department stores reigned supreme, but this year they fell 7% to the number two spot.

delloitte holiday 2013


Note that shoppers will hit an average of 4.5 different venues before settling in for a long winter’s nap with a total buying power of $421. Last year, the average shopper only spent $386 on holiday gifts.  One word of caution here. This survey was conducted in mid-September so it’s possible – maybe even likely – that the recent government shut down could eat into this rise in spending.

Luxury Buyers Judge a Package by its Cover [Infographic]

Think about the last thing you bought online. What did it look like when it arrived at your door? Was it in a box built to fit the item exactly? Was it a piece of clothing stuffed into a flexi-envelope? And what did it look like when you opened it? Was there a note? Was it damaged? Most importantly, did the presentation make you want to buy from this company again?

Wrap & Send surveyed shoppers who make more than $75,000 a year and found that package presentation was extremely important.

luxury packaging

Even allowing for the fact that the survey was conducted by a company who sells expertise wrapping and shipping – I believe this is a factor online sellers should be thinking about.