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Study Shows Paying to Promote Posts on Facebook Boosts Viral But Reduces Clickthroughs

They say there are two sides to every story and ShopIgniter’s new Facebook report makes that abundantly clear. The benchmark report compares the performance of different types of Facebook posts – photos, status updates, offers – both on the free and paid to promote side.

I was very surprised by the results. Take a look:

organic and viral Shopigniter

Status posts have 5x the organic reach of any other type of unpaid post. That’s wonderful news. Except that clickthroughs and viral are almost non-existent. That means plenty of people are reading your news but no one is interested enough to share it with their friends or click to learn more. I’d guess that this is because most unpaid status updates are just boring facts with no actual call to action.

Latest CMO Survey Looks at Social Media, Analytics and More

We have been reporting for years on the biannual findings of the CMO Survey conducted by Christine Moorman who is the Director of The CMO Survey® and the T. Austin Finch, Sr. Professor of Business Administration, The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University.

The findings over the years have been fascinating. As the surveys go by and data can is collected and compared to the past, the findings become even more valuable. Take a look at this video with Prof. Moorman that summarizes the major points of the survey from the August 2013 version.

Visit the CMO Survey site for the complete CMO Survey results for August. The information is free and will be some of the most insightful research you will find that delves into the world of the CMO.

Yahoo! Sites Tops Google Sites For July Visitors

Don’t count out Yahoo! just yet. It looks like Marissa Mayer is seeing some of her work pay off as Yahoo! sites take the top spot in comScore‘s visitor rankings for the first time since March 2011.


So what’s the big deal? It’s going to be a big deal to advertisers because Yahoo! is looking like it still has legs. What else is there to say? Maybe it really is better to not telecommute?

Pet Lovers Also Love Their iPad But Singles Prefer the I in Phone

If content is king, then context is queen — I’d like to take credit for that line but it came from Flurry and their recent report on The Who, What and When of iPhone and iPad Usage.

What I love about this report is that it breaks down mobile users into personas to see if they favor the on-the-go iPhone or the laid-back-at-home iPad. Check out the results:


The yellow lines are the iPad users, the green the iPhone lovers. There’s some crossover because some people belong in more than one category – mom could also be a Bookworm and a small business owner.

Agorapulse Facebook Report Shows Less Fans Equals Higher Engagement

My mother told me I should never compare myself to other people, but sometimes I can’t help it. When my engagement numbers are off on Facebook, I just like knowing if I’m the only one tanking or if everyone is in the same boat. If I’m only reaching 10% of the fans, that sounds bad until I find out that the average is 10.2% – then I feel a-okay and I can keep plugging away.

Agora Pulse is all about Facebook benchmarking. They’ve been using their Facebook barometer to gauge the average numbers for different kinds of Facebook pages. For example, how does engagement on a huge brand page compare to that of a small, local business?

agorapulse fans vs reach

Back-to-School Survey Shows Most Shoppers Go Mobile from Home

Yes, I’m here with another back-to-school survey. This one is from PriceGrabber and when you boil it down, it’s says the usual – parents are looking online for deals and they really like Facebook. But there’s a box on the accompanying infographic that I’d like to discuss.


Let’s get a few facts straight first. PriceGrabber surveyed 1,937 US online shopping consumers for this report. Important word – online. They didn’t call people without computers to find out how they plan to back-to-school shop, so obviously this report skews high on the e-commerce side.

I’m okay with that because I think the numbers are still good. Here’s why: check out the honest answer in the lower right corner.

Will buyers use their smartphones to shop in 2013?

1 Out of Every 3 Digital Media Minutes is Consumed Via Mobile

brightedge mobile growthMobile usage is on the rise. We got that. But I was still surprised to see this fact from BrightEdge: “Mobile internet usage now accounts for one out of every three digital media consumption minutes.”

In terms of growth, mobile visits are up 125% over last year. Compare that to the only 12% growth in desktop usage and you can see where this is going.

Software/technology, financial services and real estate were the big winners with more than 15 times the growth of desktop visits in those categories. Tech is an obvious hit. Real Estate works well with mobile because of the very mobile nature of the business. If you’re searching for a new home, having access to local information right on your phone is invaluable.