Still More Yahoo Rumors: Google

goohoo logoIf you haven’t had enough Yahoo news yet today, you’re in luck. Personally, I might puke if I hear another story on Yahoo, so I just won’t listen. You guys read on.

The New York Post (as Craig Ferguson would say, “Ptew! But it’s good.”) reports on rumors that Yahoo is working on another big deal with Google. Now that’s a pretty big deal. Even bigger deal: they seem to be envisioning the deal as something larger than just a two-company search advertising deal:

The two companies plan to structure a deal as an “open platform” system, which would allow not only Yahoo! and Google, but also Microsoft, AOL, and anyone else to bid for the right to serve up ads tied to keyword searches.

Microsoft’s Yahoo Rebound; Now Looking to Marry Facebook?

According to sources close to the company, for example, Microsoft’s bankers had been putting out subtle signals to Facebook to see if it would be open to a full buyout.

Wow! What do you say about a rumor of that magnitude?

"On the rebound" comes to mind.

Remember when you were 13 years old–some of us need to think hard–and you had a crush on someone? It felt like a love that would never, ever go away. Then two days later, you had a new obsession.

Yeah, Microsoft’s that 13 year old looking for love.

I know, I know. I just flew back from Redmond, so you’d think I’d cut Microsoft some slack–and I will before I end this post–but, if true, how can you not compare the company to a teenager with puppy-love angst?

Rumor: Google to Offer “Recommended” Sponsored Links

UPDATE: It looks like it’s the work of a third party app. See Anne’s comment.

Now here’s something strange spotted by the eagle-eyed Anne Hennegar.

Is Google really getting ready to start a new level of sponsored search ads in its results?

Yahoo Developing AMP Advertising Platform for Publishers

The NYT has early details of Yahoo’s new online advertising platform designed to allow publishers to sell demographically targeted ads on their own sites and Yahoo’s content network. The new system is being dubbed AMP.

With AMP, a newspaper ad sales representative working with an advertiser, like a car dealer, would be able to easily see the ad space available on not only the newspaper’s site but also Yahoo and other Web publishers’ sites. The sales person could slice that inventory by demographic profile to, for instance, aim ads for a new hybrid S.U.V. to females of a specific income and age group. The system will help streamline a manual and time-consuming effort, Ms. Schneider said.

Google Buying Expedia?

I guess it’s not enough to have a rumor that Google might want to take Skype off of eBay’s hands. Now comes a rumor that Google might have an interest in buying travel company Expedia.

Why in the world would Google want to buy Expedia?

I’m serious. An online travel site is probably the furthest thing from Google’s core business, and doesn’t even get close to some of the more experimental Google products. At least the Skype rumor has some merit–Google could combine with Google Talk and Grand Central.

Of all the rumors circulating the web, Google buying Expedia is probably the most unlikely. Still, it has resulted in a nice bump to Expedia’s–up 9%–which makes you think that someone at Expedia started the rumor.

Facebook Working on an IM Service

I take one weekend off the Internet, and everything goes crazy. Can’t you people get on without me?

TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington reported on Friday that Facebook would be developing an IM service, to premiere as early as this week. Naturally, as Arrington pointed out, this would not bode well for the existing third-party chat apps already in use on Facebook. Arrington’s sources say that Facebook’s IM would eventually be Jabber-compliant (ie open source and compatible with existing chat clients like Trillium).

A day later, the ever-reliable Valleywag reported that Facebook was in talks to acquire Social.IM, one of those third-party chat apps (which happens to be privately funded, as well). However, they updated their story when the CEO of Mogad (Social.IM’s owner company) said that “If we’re being bought, I haven’t gotten the call yet.”

Digg Getting Out While the Getting is Still Good?

UPDATE: As we said, TechCrunch is hit and miss with these types of rumors. Digg is denying them.

I know that most of the grumbling about Digg comes from marketers–who, for the most part, are annoyed because we can no longer expect traffic from the social voting site. But, surely there are enough other Digg users who feel that Digg is not quite the voting democracy they thought they were signing up for, and are abandoning the service.

And, maybe Digg knows that the clock is ticking, if it wants to sell out while it still has users and traffic to sell. That’s my take on why Digg is reportedly anxious to accept a bid lower than the $300 million valuation given by its investment bank Allen & Co.