Rumor Mill – Google Forming Alliance with Salesforce?

We have a trifecta of rumors for you this Monday morning, starting with this one from the Wall Street Journal.

Apparently Google and may be working on an alliance that would help them better compete with the likes of Microsoft.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the two companies are still working out details of a potential partnership, which is expected to be announced in the next few weeks. The report cited unnamed sources.

The paper said one outcome could be a Web-based offering that integrates some of Google’s online services such as e-mail and instant-messaging with those of, whose customer-relationship management tools help salespeople track their accounts.

Shares of Salesforce are already up 5% in pre-market this morning.

Rumor Mill – Google Buying Feedburner?

It’s Friday, which must mean it’s time to crank up the rumor mill to “11” and get speculative. :-)

Vecosys is reporting from a “very trusted source” that Google is getting ready to buy Feedburner, in order to gain access to their RSS ad network.

The delay in announcing the deal, I am told is solely due to the delay in closing out the DoubleClick deal.

It’s really no more than a rumor at this stage, but it would certainly be a smart move by Google. With more of the web being viewed by RSS readers, Feedburner provides a great platform for advertisers to reach a new audience. In addition, think of all the great data Feedburner is collecting about not only RSS feeds, but web sites in general.

Rumor Mill – MySpace Buying Flektor?

After giving photo slide show newcomer, Flektor, the thumbs-up on May 11th, TechCrunch is now reporting rumors that MySpace has snapped up the company. Despite only just acquiring Photobucket, Michael Arrington suggests Flektor will add much value to MySpace.

The acquisition also makes sense from a strategic standpoint. MySpace has massive distribution as the largest site on the Internet. Photobucket brings storage to the table, and the Flektor team looks to be able to create awesome tools for users to create content. The three services actually fit together nicely.

I have to admit, I tried MySpace once, but didn’t inhale. I was put off by the fact that it was just too darn ugly – which is probably the visual equivalent of “you call that music, in my day…”

Digg Founder Working on Instant Messenging Start-up?

Don’t you wish you had “sources familiar with the company”, so you could speculate on new products and acquisitions?

TechCrunch has them, so does Mashable, and Om Malik’s are telling him that Digg founder, Kevin Rose, is working on a new start-up.

We have learned from sources familiar with the company, that the trio are currently working on a new kind of a communications tool, that can be dubbed as an IM competitor. The company which is currently operating in stealth mode is going launch sometime later this month. When we contacted Rose, he declined to comment. Seems like he is going to work on this in parallel with the other two start-ups.