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Wiki Search Engine (née “WikiaSari”) to Launch by Year’s End

A quick refresher: WikiSeek is a search engine designed to search Wikipedia and sites that Wikipedia links to. Wikia is a for-profit company started by Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales. WikiaSari is the name of the software behind a Wikia search engine project, named in a naming contest in 2004.

Although the wiki search engine has frequently been called “WikiaSari,” Wikia does not plan on using that name. The support site is called “Search Wikia,” but that won’t be the name of the search engine, either. Still with me?

Not to be confused with WikiSeek, the also-much-publicized NotWikiaSari wiki-inspired search engine should launch by the end of the year, according to Jimbo Wales. Wales made the statement from a Wiki Camp in India. (And no, that’s not where exiled Wikipedians go, it’s an unstructured, wiki-inspired gathering for Wikipedians.)

AdWords: Improvements All Around

Okay, Andy, I’ll concede that Yahoo’s headed in the right direction with Panama. The folks at Google are either running scared or showing off: Google’s been cranking out improvements for advertisers pretty fast lately.

First they started sharing the Quality Score and then planning to update the Quality Score algorithm already this month. Now, they’ve released AdWords Editor 3.0 and announced they’ll be displaying the URLs of sites where your ads are running on the content network.

It looks like AdWords Editor 3.0 is a real improvement, adding useful features (and not just bells and whistles). eWhisper and SERoundtable each have feature breakdowns. The consensus: upgrade.

Jennifer Slegg (jensense), Queen of Search, writes today about Google’s announcement that they’ll make it possible/easier to see the URLs that are displaying your ads on the content network. She sums it up well:

Can Yahoo Catch Google?

I was asked by Business Week to provide an opinion piece on Yahoo’s new search marketing platform.

As an opinion piece, I was asked to pick one side and provide supporting evidence to back up my stance. As I’ve already stated how impressed I am with Panama, I went with the positive.

I hope you’ll enjoy it and feel free to leave your counter-point here or at the article.

UPDATE: comScore just released data that shows Panama is helping Yahoo. I wish I’d known, so I could have included in the article.

ComScore also found that Yahoo’s search ads are gaining ground as a percentage of total clicks. Prior to the Panama launch, ads held 10.1 percent of clicks, which increased to 10.6 percent of total click volume in the week ending February 11 and 11.1 percent in the week ending February

New SEM Scholarship Contest Coming in March

I wanted to give you advance notice that we’ll be running a new Search Engine Marketing Scholarship contest at the end of March. I’ve listened to a lot of feedback, and addressed two common suggestions:

  1. The next contest will be judged over a longer timeframe. This will allow entrants to apply many SEM talents, such as link building, and will ensure the winner wasn’t necessarily the one who managed to get a spike of traffic in a few days.
  2. You asked for advance notice, so here it is. Sometime mid-March, I’ll make the official call for entries. I’ll give a two week entry period, so you’ll have plenty of time to digest any rule changes or formulate your strategy. With this post, regular readers are getting even further advance notice. ;-)

Google Apps Premier Edition Launches

After much speculation, Google has indeed launched a paid version of its online office applications, taking a solid stance against Microsoft in the process.

Google Apps Premier Edition can already claim General Electric among its users and with a measly $50 per user, per year, price tag, many others are likely to follow suit.

So what do you get for your $50 a year? According to the WSJ

[Google Apps Premier Edition] includes more email storage and support for companies’ technology staff, as well as guarantees that the email service will be available virtually all of the time. Google says it expects to add other services to the bundles, possibly including its Blogger tool for creating Web logs, by year end.

Portland Search Marketers Head to SEMpdx SearchFest

If our readers ask us nicely, and we think it’s appropriate, we’re happy to give a shout-out for conferences and events.

This one goes out to all Portland (and pacific north-west) search marketers looking for an event in their neighborhood.

SEMpdx is hosting SearchFest 2007, a full-day search engine marketing conference.

The Best SEO Video Ever?

If you’ve been following Gareth Davies ECommerce Rocks video series, you’ll already know that he produces some fantastic stuff.

I recently worked with Gareth on a new video that has just launched. In it, I discuss recent developments with keyword suggestion tools and then discuss some basics of keyword research.

Now, I may be biased, but wouldn’t you agree this is one of the best produced SEO tutorial videos ever? (emphasis on the “produced”).

Enjoy and please share.

BTW, Gareth’s looking for more experts to join him on future videos and is also providing his video producing talents to clients, looking to “jazz-up” their content. Contact him, if you’re interested.