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Google Plus and Authorship Impact on Search Listings

googleauthorshipA study released this week by found that postings from Google Plus personal accounts have seen a 10% increase in page 1 organic search placement in Google for the time period of January 2012 to May 2013. The analysis was performed by conducting personal brand searches (i.e. name searches) for 500 of the world’s top tech writers. Conductor found that 9 out of 10 tech writers in the analysis have a Google Plus account and 74% of those with Google Plus accounts had taken the step of setting up Google Authorship.

So They Have Google Plus Accounts. What’s the Big Deal?

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The Ultimate in Local: NYC To Be One of First Cities With Own Top Level Domain

Leave it to New York City to do something bigger and better than the rest (at least in their minds so we’ll all just play along like usual).

This time it’s the announcement by Mayor Michael Bloomberg via his Twitter account (while sipping a 32 oz. Coke) that NYC will be offering its residents and businesses a chance to get a .NYC domain

The website that gives more information about the program points out

Google Tests Larger Thumbnails in News Results

According to Google Operating System, Google is testing larger thumbnails for news results. This may not seem like a big deal, but it kinda is. Because it’s not just the photo that’s changing, it’s where the title lands that is important. Have a look.

This is what you see if you search for a news story using the “Web” tab.

current news

There’s one small photo in line with the top story, followed by additional links. Above the is a general topic link that sends you to the “News” tab.

news specific

Remember AltaVista? Yahoo Pulls the Plug on the Once Popular Search Engine

If you’re an early Internet denizen, then you probably remember typing your search query into AltaVista. The site went live in 1995. That’s 18 calendar years but 254 in web years.

The site was fast and its fingers could reach into the darkest corners of the Internet – corners we’d never be able to reach before. After a few years, AltaVista was fielding more than 80 million queries a day. You could search using a full sentence and you could use it to translate webpages in other languages.

AltaVista was the Cadillac of search engines until Google came along. Yes, Virginia, there was life before Google.

The site changed hands numerous times over the years, eventually landing at Yahoo! in 2003. Now, after a short, but illustrious career, AltaVista is shutting down. Here’s what the site looked like in May of 1999.

Twinkies To Pull a Lazarus As They Are Brought Back to Life

gty_twinkies_nt_130319_wblogIs this an Internet marketing story? Not yet but it will be.

Why you ask? Well, there was considerable consternation last year when Hostess filed for bankruptcy and the iconic snack ‘food’ was being discontinued. Admittedly I was bothered at the time even though I probably had not eaten a Twinkie in over 20 years (although if I found some in my pantry from 20 years ago they would still be ready to eat which is pretty cool ;-) ). Well, in what will be an interesting study in the power of a brand, and the Internetm it looks like Twinkies are coming back in July.

The brand will need to do something other than just show up as Adweek points out

FTC Commissioner To Push “Reclaim Your Name” Privacy Initiative

computer-security3The never ending battle for possession of consumer data looks to be taking a significant swing in the direction of the consumers themselves if Julie Brill, an FTC commissioner gets her way.

Network World reports

U.S. consumers should be able to reclaim control of their personal data from data brokers, websites and other companies, a member of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission said Wednesday.

Commissioner Julie Brill, a long-time privacy advocate, will push for an initiative called Reclaim Your Name that would give consumers knowledge and technology tools to reassert control over personal data held by companies, she said. Consumers should be “the ones to decide how much to share, with whom and for what purpose,” Brill said during the Computers, Freedom & Privacy Conference in Washington, D.C.