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Matt Cutts Says “Pretty Much Every SEO Should Watch This Video”, So Watch It!

Matts Cutts says that just about every SEO needs to watch this video. Don’t believe us? Here you go.

We know a few readers might fall into that category, so here you go.

Female Entrepreneurs Say SEO and Social Media Are the Future of SMB Marketing

web-women-owned-businessBeing an entrepreneur is tough. Being a female entrepreneur is tougher but we’ve come a long way since Avon opened the door for women back at the turn of the century. From computers to cupcakes, women are making their own way with both brick and mortar businesses and online ventures.

A recent survey conducted by Group, Inc. and the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) shows an uptick in optimism among women entrepreneurs. 81% of those surveyed felt good about where their business was headed and 85% thought 2013 was going to be the year of the female entrepreneur.

Four Things You Must Be Willing To Do To Win At SEO

SEO-1I’ve worked with a lot of clients during my career as an online marketer. What I’ve found is there are two types of clients, those who are “all in” and those who want to “pass the baton” and believe it or not those clients who are “all in” have a higher percentage of success and ROI than those who just don’t want to deal with it and pass their agency the baton. In today’s post, I want to talk about four things your business must be willing to do to win at SEO.

Every Member of The Organization Is Part of The Marketing Department

This is probably the most important thing that any business can implement to help drive business growth and help with SEO and other marketing initiatives. Gone are the days when the marketing department consists of a few individuals, if you want to win, every member of your company needs to be involved in the following:

Search and Social Trends Examined. Do You Agree?

Since SEOmoz released their findings from the 2012 survey of the SEO industry you have had some time to digest it. Perhaps so much has happened since its release that you have had to time to forget it as well.

Don’t worry, eMarketer (good looking redesign, by the way) has done its usual bang up job with summarizing the findings in a quick chart and I wanted to share this with you for something to ponder on this fine Friday morning.

Now here is my question.

Can We Hit the Reset Button on Google Plus?

We’ve now lived with Google Plus for a little more than a year and I want to ask an important question: can we hit a big “reset” button on Google Plus? I don’t mean on the social network itself, but rather the way we, as marketers, think about and approach the platform.

There is not a day that goes by where we don’t hear some kind of griping and complaining about the social network (I know, I know, Google says it isn’t a “social network.” Point taken. But it is in the social space and it is a network, so work with me here.). To be fair, Google Plus has its fair share of challenges, but I believe that we’ve missed the point of how to use the network. It isn’t Facebook. This isn’t the place where you go to hang out with your long-lost best friend from 8th grade. This isn’t the place to build the unofficial timeline of your life and put it on display for the world (at least, not yet). No, I believe Google Plus is something completely different all together.

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The world of SEO and Internet marketing has experienced more change in the past year than just about any other industry. From Penguins to Pandas to tweets and likes the convergence of all of the digital marketing world is happening rapidly and those in the industry are more aware than ever.

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SEO is something that gets more and more complicated as we continue to watch the intersection of search, social and just about everything else in the online space. This is something that can be troubling for those that are primarily marketing to one country or one region of the world.

That complexity gets ratcheted up several notches when you have the task of doing SEO for international sites. Any number of issues can crop up.

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