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Google Seeing Increase in Search Activity Following Changes

Google has certainly been stirring the search soup as of late with the Penguin update and introduction of the knowledge graph. All in all, it’s a good thing that the search giant is not sitting on its hands and waiting for something to happen but rather driving change, especially in the place where it is truly the king. Dabble in social if you will, Google, but if the search stronghold begins to fray at the edges then all bets are off for sure.

So how have some of these changes impacted the folks who use Google? Well, to hear Google tell it to the Wall Street Journal, it seems like it’s going pretty well.

SEO’s Need A Laugh Too

This video which was put together by UK SEO Sam Applegate is making the rounds (hat tip to Gareth Hoyle and Barry Schwartz for spreading the word as well).

We’re running it because A) it’s pretty funny B) we trust that Matt Cutts has a good sense of humor and C) it’s pretty funny.

Enjoy and don’t take a single “Um” seriously.

SEOmoz Links to $18M in VC Funding

In a move that will make many SEO tool makers hearts flutter, SEOmoz, one of the most widely recognized and revered creator of tools and software for the Internet marketer, received $18 million in VC funding from Brad Feld of Foundry Group and Ignition Partners.

Forbes reported

Not only is this round of funding significant for SEOmoz, which has previously failed at attempts to secure funding, but Foundry’s investment in SEOmoz is the largest single amount the the firm has ever made, as they typically only invest early stage. Ignition contributed $3mm to the round, and Foundry Group contributed $15mm towards this round of funding.

Explaining Google Search in Under 8 Minutes

This video comes from Google’s Matt Cutts and attempts to answer a pretty big question in a very short period of time.

Part history lesson, part education in the indexing process and pretty well done, it’s worth a look. Of course, if you are a “rock star ninja maven master guru ” of the search world you may find this beneath you. Oh well! For those who want to take a look, enjoy.

7 Shortcuts to Take While Doing Keyword Research

This post was written by the team at Link Assistant.

While doing keyword research, the digital marketer normally tries to accomplish two things: spend as little time on it as possible and cover as many potentially profitable keywords as the niche provides.

However, hitting both these targets at once is one heck of a task. Hence, it is very good to know what shortcuts one can take, without sacrificing the productivity of their campaign.

Say, you are a CPA (certified public accountant) and have a website called (just for the record – the site does not exist in reality as this post is being written). How can you quickly identify high-paying keywords in your niche? Let’s conduct a small case study, shall we?

Internet Marketers Be Counted! 2012 Industry Survey Starts Today

There is literally not one single day that doesn’t go by without someone finding some new information or releasing the latest findings in something or other. It’s a lot to take in and process.

How about a nice change of pace by being counted instead of talked at in the 2012 SEOmoz Industry Survey?

Our friends at SEOmoz last did this industry survey back in 2010 and as we all can attest to, much has happened since the last one. That’s why the 2012 survey is being rolled out and who better to contribute than our great readers?

You will need to set aside about 20 minutes to complete the survey but the folks at SEOmoz are making it worth your effort by giving participants a shot at winning stuff!

Google Points Out 5 Common SEO Mistakes [VIDEO]

It appears that Google may now be getting deeper into the business of helping SEO’s if a video posted yesterday to the Webmaster Central Blog is any indication. It’s not Matt Cutts this time either, it’s the new Google video SEO star, Maile Ohye developer programs tech lead. The following video points out 5 common mistakes and 6 ideas for effective SEO moving forward. The level of the video is set at beginner to intermediate.

What is interesting is this type of advice coming from data while one well known SEO, Wil Reynolds, had written over at the SEOmoz bemoaning the fact that despite SEO’s following Google’s pleas to do certain things to rank better the rewards often go to those who are avoiding the real work to get rankings.