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Weekly Roundups for Tweets & Links in Under an Hour a Week

Content marketing occurs in one of two ways: Creation & Curation. Creation is where you’re creating new content, curation is where you’re aggregating and/or organizing information that already exists. One of the most effective ways curate content in a way that builds relationships and links is to create a weekly roundup of all of the great content that’s been produced in your industry. The problem? It can take a lot of time. The solution? Read on.

We’ve designed a process that, once setup, takes less than an hour a week to quickly discover, prioritize, tweet and curate your industry’s best news into a single, weekly roundup post. The key here is putting the right tools and processes in place and letting those do the work for you, while you’re making your own marketing judgement calls at all of the right times and places.

Google’s Encrypted Search Meets the Myopic SEO

If there was a ever a group of people that can have blinders on when it comes to how the rest of the world views the online space it’s the SEO crowd. Now the SEO world has been given a new thing to fret over and it should be fodder for hand wringing blog posts from now until whenever.

Google has announced that over the near future they will be rolling out encrypted search results which will limit the tracking of search traffic in a way that makes the numbers crowd nervous. Here is some information about why this is happening from the Google blog.

Panda Schmanda – It’s Still SEO

From time to time we will be running posts by some “friends of Marketing Pilgrim”. How do you become a friend? Just like in the real world, it’s pretty simple in that you just need to get to know us. We’re harmless :-).

“I know, it’s only SEO, but I like it.” – with apologies to The Rolling Stones

Much of the buzz in the SEO world of late has been about the recent updates to the Google Algorithm called “Panda.” A great many have reported their sites took a hit on the SERPs, while an equal, or perhaps greater number of others applauded the changes because it benefited them in some way. Although I haven’t yet studied it fully, my own observations tell me that most of the sites scraping content off the websites I’m responsible for have all but disappeared. Panda must have dried up their revenue stream because they’ve been very quiet for several months now.

Fear the Panda! Google Adds Extra Kung Fu to Non-English Search Results

If your regular Google routine includes searches that are not in English, you’ll now find your results have extra Kung Fu.

OK, so maybe not, but they will now have extra Panda, after Google announced the rollout of its controversial update to all languages:

Earlier this year, we rolled out our “Panda” change for searches in English around theworld. Today we’re continuing that effort by rolling out our algorithmic search improvements in different languages…

…For most languages, this change impacts typically 6-9% of queries to a degree that a user might notice. This is distinctly lower than the initial launch of Panda, which affected almost 12% of English queries to a noticeable amount.

SEO’s Continue to Respond To Perceived Google Slight

For those of you looking for your usual Saturday Cup of Joe I hate to disappoint you but Joe is taking the week off. He promises to be back next Saturday and every Saturday after that for infinity (he is very dedicated).

Instead of trying to put something together to “entertain” you, we have decided to point you to a post from yesterday that took on a very interesting life of its own.

In short, the post had to do with a network of web sites involving legal representation because they perceived that they were slighted by Google. We could have simply given our “analysis” of the situation (I was actually contacted for a quote for the article but did not give one) but decided to do something a bit different. We opened up the question to our community of SEO experts to examine the sites and give their own verdict as to whether the sites were given short shrift by none other than Google. Needless to say it was a lively discussion that is still going on and it needs your input.

Calling All SEO’s! You Be The Judge and the Jury

We know that the SEO community is an opinionated bunch. In fact, it’s one of the reasons it can be fun. Well, here is your chance to sound off on whether someone is truly making SEO sense or not. It’s Friday so let’s have a little fun.

An article that was run at (which is part of the Mercury News) has opened up the latest can of worms of a website (and in this case a large network of websites) feeling mistreated by Google. Their cause has been picked up by antitrust attorney Gary Reback (hmm, I see a dotted line connection here, what about you?).

The initial site in question is along with a few others and there are claims that it has been unfairly judged by Google in the SERP’s.

The Right SEO Tools Can Make All the Difference

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SEO is a difficult process and it continues to get more complicated as innovation and the evolution of how people find information on the Internet continues at breakneck speed. In this post, I’d like to highlight the most attractive professional features of Web CEO Online, a new advanced web-based SEO toolkit from the Web CEO Team.

After all of the initial SEO and link building work is done, the main effort of an SEO professional – be it a large web marketing agency or a standalone SEO specialist – is concentrated on the web visibility monitoring and keyword ranking improvements. At this point, tools that help SEO specialists highly automate their work are especially important. Web CEO Online offers a lot of functions for professionals to use to accomplish their tasks.