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Movie Biz Cashes in on Early Online Marketing

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo opens in theaters just before Christmas, but the teaser trailer popped up on the web back in March. The studio claimed it was “leaked” but it’s quite likely that it was “leaked” on purpose in order to create buzz for the film.

Early advertising is paying off for the movie biz in a big way as more and more people go online to search for news of coming films. According to an article on MediaPost, studios have seen huge spikes prior to a film’s release such as an 8,510% rise on searches for “The Help” in the past 30 days. That’s a lot of buzz.

Holiday Shopping Alert: Online Consumers Spending More Money But Less Time

A study released by IBM Coremetrics entitled “4th Annual Online Retail Holiday Readiness Report” highlights some interesting shifts in consumer behavior in the online space. To sum it up quickly, people are spending more than ever online. Average order value was up an average of 10% across several points during the holiday season including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Reasons for this upward tick is that people have become more trusting of online retailers, they hate shopping in crowds (my personal favorite), they are saving the expense of driving etc that goes with shopping in a brick and mortar etc. There are any number of highly personal reasons for this to happen.

Overall it’s a Win for Back-To-School Sales

Mother Nature is a powerful lady. Not only can she tear down buildings in a blink of an eye, she can also throw a nation’s economy into a whirl that rivals her worst tornado.

This time around, we lucked out.

Hurricane Irene was kinder than expected which is to take nothing away from the millions of people who are still dealing with the aftermath. With more important things than back-to-school shopping on their minds, consumers stopped spending last weekend and it hurt quite a few stores. There’s no telling what the impact was on small businesses up and down the coast, but large chains including Macy’s and JC Penny both missed their monthly sales goals and they blame it on the storm.

80 Percent of Shoppers Change Purchase Decision Based on Negative Reviews [Research]

Negative service and product reviews are tough to handle on many levels. First and foremost it is becoming increasingly difficult for the average consumer to tell the difference between a genuine review and one that has been planted or is simply an over-reaction. In addition, just because someone posts a negative review has little or no bearing on if that person had a truly bad experience.

Bad customer experience is a relative thing. Some people gripe at miniscule “issues” and blow them out of proportion. Others scream and yell at anything as a way to derive some power in a situation. Still others are just people that most others don’t want to interact with anyway because they are just miserable human beings in every sense of the word.

For business owners, however, the truth is that no matter where or how that negative review came about it can have a potentially serious impact with the worst-case scenario being a lost sale or, even worse, lost future sales.

Cone, a marketing agency out of Boston, recently released survey data that will raise a few eyebrows for sure. It says that 80% of people have changed a purchase decision due to a bad review they saw. Ouch. This chart shows the power of reviews.

When it Comes to Media, Gen Xers Want it All

I recently saw a pad of scrapbooking paper called Generation X. The designs were all distinctly digital and included Space Invader style video game patterns and scatterings of computers, mobile phones and portable cassette players. Yes, even this craft company knows that Gen Xers love their media.

A new report from eMarketer shows that 88% of Xers are online and that should rise to 90.9% by 2015. What are they doing online? 74.2% are watching videos and that number is also on the rise.

Not only are Gen Xers the biggest pool of video viewers, they also watch more TV than other brackets and are more likely to shop via their mobile phone. Clothing is the most shopped for item with airline tickets and hotel reservations making it into the top five along with books (e or otherwise).

Groupon to Congress: We’re Tracking You for Your Own Good

Groupon has an exciting new idea. They’re going to track you through your cell phone at all times so they can send you the most relevant deals exactly when you need them. Out to lunch on Main Street — get 50% off a sandwich at the deli on the corner. Buying tickets at the movies? Here’s a discount on popcorn. No matter where you are. No matter what you’re doing, Groupon is going to find you. And did I mention you don’t have to have have their mobile app running at the time?

Two congressmen, and possibly several thousand mobile users, want to know more. According to an article in Reuters, House Bi-Partisan Privacy Caucus: Joe Barton from Texas and Edward Markey from Massachusetts have asked Groupon to clarify its data collection and privacy policies. Some of their curiosity stems from Groupon’s recently filed $750 million initial public offering. After that, it’s mostly sheer amazement that Groupon would be so cavalier about wholesale tracking.

Daily Deals on Dry Wall? HousingZone and Bizy Make it So

HousingZone, an online portal for builders, contractors and remodelers, is getting into the deal business with the help of

Bizy is Groupon for small business with daily discounts on items such as job ads on LinkedIn, social media marketing services and a virtual receptionist. In October, they’ll be launching their first industry specific B2B deal site at

The new deal site will include discounts on building materials such as roofing supplies, plumping, lighting and doors. (Can’t have a building without doors!)

Tony Mancini, Group Director-Principal for HousingZone parent SGC Horizon said in a press release,

“The timing of HousingZone Deals couldn’t be better, as residential construction and remodeling have been hard hit by the recession. Powered by Bizy, HousingZone Deals will help builders and remodelers improve their bottom lines with heavily discounted goods and services while providing manufacturers with a powerful new channel to promote their products to a large and very targeted audience.”