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Samsung Turns Science Fiction into Fact with Their New Smartwatch

What do Dick Tracy, Michael Knight, George Jetson and Maxwell Smart have in common? They all used wristwatch communicators and they’re all featured in a brand new series of commercials for the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch.

Enjoy this trip down memory lane:

Wearing a communication device on your wrist has been a dream since the days of Dick Tracy. We were almost there in the 80’s, with calculator watches and ones you could use to play music or games. Then the cell phone came along and got smaller and smaller and we all forgot about our dream wristwatch. Until now.

Bing Launches Linked-Offers: Use Your Credit Card, Get a Deal

The downside to most coupons is that you have to have them to use them. Logical, I know, but at least a few times a month I end up at a store or restaurant when the coupon for the establishment is at home on my desk. It makes me crazy but Bing is here to help.

Bing is currently testing a new program called Card-Linked offers in Seattle, Washington. The consumer signs up for the program, lists their credit card and debit card numbers, then a deal is automatically applied when they meet the discount conditions.

bing offers linked cardsHere’s a deal for 10% off a meal at Blue Ginger Korean Grill & Sushi in Bellevue. To get this deal, you only have to show up at the restaurant, eat, then pay with your linked card.

Cisco Offers Free WiFi in Return for a Facebook Check-in

Philz-2Facebook and Cisco are going into business together on a project that will help both consumers and business owners. It’s called CMX for Facebook Wi-Fi.

How CMX for Facebook Wi-Fi Works:

-   Consumers connect to the network of a participating business, open their browser on any mobile device or laptop, and a Facebook check-in page appears.

–   After checking in, consumers are directed to the business’ Facebook Page, where they can receive the latest information about the venue.

It’s ingenious.

WiFi is one of those things that wasn’t even on my radar five years ago but now feels like a necessity. Whether I’m at the grocery store, the mall, at a restaurant, I feel the need for free WiFi. It’s how I check prices, download coupons and entertain myself while I’m waiting for my order. Sure, I have a data plan on my phone but 3G often leaves me high and dry. I’d trade a check-in for a WiFi connection without hesitation.

74 Percent of Millennials Won’t Share Social Deals. How Do You Reach Them? Go Mobile

millennials on mobileThere are 86 million Millennials (age 18-34) in the US and they have money to spend this holiday season. Only trouble is, traditional holiday advertising doesn’t work for this group, so if you want to reach them, you’re going to have to go mobile.

Campaigner, an email marketing company, surveyed a whole bunch of consumers then dug out all of the responses that came from Millennials and put that info into a jazzy infographic.

For those who prefer words to pictures, I’ll summarize the results.

It begins with mobile:

67% of all millennials check email on their mobile phone.

When you look only at mobile device owners, that’s 9 out of 10.

Here’s the good news / bad news:

Which Would You Rather Have? A $250 Discount or a $200 Gift Card?

report-preference-web01You’re about to buy a new car. You can have a $250 discount off the price or a $200 Visa gift card. Which would you choose?

If  you’re like most people, you’d choose the gift card. The new Parago 2013 Shopper Reward Preference Study shows that people are two times as likely to pick the lower, gift card reward rather than the higher discount. Value wise, it’s a bad choice but in this case it’s about perception.

You won’t even notice a $250 savings on the total price of your car, but you’ll feel richer when you go to spend that $200 gift card at Target. Plus, spending found money is a whole lot more fun than saving it.

Almost Half of All Marketers Will Launch Holiday Campaigns Before Halloween

kmart christmasThe press made quite a fuss when Kmart aired the first Christmas commercial of the season on September 9. This is a full seven weeks earlier than their first 2012 ad, which ran Oct. 28.

The concept of starting earlier and earlier is called “Christmas Creep.” Ironically (or perhaps intentionally), the Kmart ad features a spooky, oversize gingerbread man who creeps up on an unsuspecting woman. “Don’t let the holidays sneak up on you” is the message, but it hardly seems possible given the timing of the ads.

Kmart’s ad is all about layaway, so you can forgive them for jumping the gun but they aren’t the only ones with a premature reveal.

According to a survey conducted by Experian, 49 percent of marketers “suggested” they were going to start a holiday campaign before Halloween.

2013 Holiday Shopping Season is Shorter and Starts Sooner. Are You Ready?

festive-418192-mIt would seem like there’s always the same number of shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it simply isn’t so. In 2012, we celebrated the mighty turkey on November 22, giving shoppers and sellers a full 31 days of shopping before Santa began shimming down chimneys in the US.

This year, Thanksgiving falls on November 28 which drops the shopping period to only 25 days. That’s a tough break for small stores that need every hour of holiday sales time in order to make their year.

Also, because of the way the calendar swings, there will only be 4 shopping weekends instead of five this year. That’s another huge blow, since weekends are the golden days for retailers.