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Friday Round-Up: gifts from all your favorite social media sites

Cowboy SantaIt’s Friday and time for another round-up. Do you realize that one week from today it will all be over. Instead of buying gifts for each other, we’ll be standing in even longer lines to return what we got so we can buy what we want. That’s the American way.

The day after Christmas is one of my favorites because I love a post-holiday sale. Half price Hickory Farms cheese boxes, rolls of wrapping paper for 25 cents, 75% off red and green wrapped chocolates; it’s the second most wonderful time of the year.

For now, here are some gifts from your favorite social media sites and more!

Report shows super-spenders are more reliant on organic search

internet searchHow do you typically find online information or websites you’ve recently visited?

Forrester asked 4,600 US adults this question and I would say “the answers might surprise you” but that would be cliche. Let’s just take a look at what happened and see what we can do with the results.

Organic search landed in the number one spot (no surprise) but the second, third and fourth options weren’t that far behind.

Search only got 36% of the vote. I expected it to be closer to the 50% mark. Want to guess what came in second?

Time’s up: Facebook.

25% of respondents said they got their info from Facebook! I am surprised by that.

Third place went to TV ads with 23%, fourth to TV shows with 21%.

Twitter adds mobile targeting option while struggling to catch up on the video side

relax-1237029-m80% of Twitter users are doing it on a mobile phone. It’s a natural, really. Twitter was designed for short bursts of information – perfect when you’re on the go.

But over the years, the social network has evolved into more than just a way of sharing your real time excitement at an event or a photo of your lunch, it’s now how many people get their news and keep up with the world around them.

When a disaster strikes anywhere in the world, Twitter is where I go for updates. And while associating Twitter with bad news isn’t good, it does mean I think of it as a network I can trust – and that is a good thing.

Friday Round-Up: Facebook calls Action, Twitter tailors and more

rainy dayIt’s a rainy Friday here in Southern California, but we’re still better off than some of you in the North! It’s a good day to settle in with a hot tea and long list of links to check out. So here we go;

Twitter Tailors

Twitter just launched tailored audiences from mobile apps. Now you can target your ads based on mobile app actions such as installs, purchases or sign-ups.

LinkedIn gets personal

LinkedIn redesigned their profile pages with an emphasis on personal connections. The top of the page now shows your stats including how many people stopped by your page in the last 24 hours and how many clicked on your latest post.

2014 Year in Review: Facebook

Mark Wahlberg Ice Bucket ChallengeRemember the Ice Bucket Challenge? We asked people to dump a bucket of freezing water over their own heads in order to raise awareness of ALS and increase donations for research?

Sounds silly, but that summer stunt led to over $220 million in donations to the ALS Association and earned a spot as the number two most talked about topic in the US on Facebook.

The most viewed Ice Bucket Challenge post came from George W. Bush. Will Smith was number two, Mark Wahlberg and family came in 4th.

What topic took the number one spot? The Ebola virus outbreak. When you open it up to the world, Ebola came in second to The World Cup (6th in the US.)

Facebook launches new content targeting tool and it’s FREE

Thumbs Up Like ButtonAs we all know, just because you post something on Facebook doesn’t mean it’s being seen by your followers. That would be silly, right? To actually, automatically serve up your content to everyone who explicitly asked for it?

Since it is so hard to get your message past enemy lines, it’s important to make the most of each message you put out there. Facebook is ready to help with that.

Facebook just rolled out 3 new tools that could help increase your engagement.

2014 Year in Review: Twitter and Pinterest

Ellen tweet2014 won’t be over until it’s over but Twitter, Pinterest and the rest of the social media gang have already published their year in review posts.

What are they going to do if something major happens in the next three weeks? Do they think it’s too late for anything to eclipse the marvel that was Ellen’s Oscar selfie or Taylor Swift shaking it off?

We’ll just have to wait and see and hope but in the mean time let’s gather around the screen of your choice and relive those precious memories together.

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