Twitter Turns Up Ad Game with Twitter Amplify

twitter-bird-blue-on-whiteTwitter is deepening its love affair with TV through new Amplify partnerships.

On the Twitter blog the company toots its own horn but its not like they are saying anything out of line, it’s just the truth.

Less than six months in, 2013 has already been a remarkable year for the nexus between television and Twitter. The vast majority of the online public conversation around TV currently happens on Twitter – 95 percent, according to Crimson Hexagon. Half of all national Super Bowl commercials had hashtags on them, helping guide viewers to the collective conversation. And you can’t turn on the news without hearing a Tweet referenced.

It is getting more and more difficult actually to not see Twitter referenced just about everywhere. Well, don’t expect that pace to slow any in the wake of an increasing number of agreements with properties and advertisers to create a more multi-screen environment for users. The blog post continues

ABC Reveals Plan for Unified Advertising Across All Platforms

abc watchABC just completed their 2013-2014 TV Upfront presentation. They did it with their usual dose of self-deprecating humor and lots of jabs at the other networks. Their new season is full of crazy comedies and high-concept fantasy shows such as Once Upon a Time in Wonderland  (Is Alice mentally ill),  Resurrection (a boy returns from the dead 32 years later.) and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

With shows like these, you know ABC is in for another season of high ratings in the young demographics and lots of social media buzz. Because of that, the network is pushing forward with two concepts that will help advertisers reach that coveted audience.

Microsoft’s Animated Skype Opera Uses Story to Showcases Ad Opportunities

skype proposalBuying and selling advertising space isn’t very entertaining. It’s all facts and figures, boxes and percentages – it’s boring. Sorry, ad sellers, it is. . . but it doensn’t have to be.

Microsoft UK set aside the facts and figures in favor of a sweet, animated video series called a SkypeOpera. These digital shorts use storytelling to show how effective advertising on Skype can be. The current series is called Skype: The Proposal. It’s a five-part series featuring Charlie and Lizzie. Charlie wants to create an amazing proposal experience but things never go as planned.

In each episode, the couple uses Skype to get in touch with each other and with friends. Along the way, they encounter all the different types of Skype advertising. Each ad is perfectly tailored to their current situation (of course) and contrived though it may be, it’s still a solid example of how Skype ads can work for your business.

Is Real-Time Marketing Realistic?

Ever since the great Super Bowl blackout of 2013 and the ensuing praise of the Oreos brand for ‘capitalizing’ on the moment, the push for real-time marketing has been increasing. What many might not know is that Oreo’s incredible ‘moment’ in the real time spotlight was 18 months in the making.

And that is the part that the social media hype machine seems to have conveniently overlooked. Why? Because the idea of real-time marketing is intriguing. It makes sense in the theoretical world and that is often where social media practitioners hawk their services; in the world of theory. The theory plays well because of research like this from AYTM Market Research as reported by eMarketer

US Social Network Users Who Think Real Time Marketing Is Good

Sure consumers want it. They also want a million dollars and free stuff every day. Couple this ideal with research like this from a year ago and the pull for real-time marketing becomes almost irresistible.

Twitter Self-Serve Ad Platform Now Available to All in US

screenshot_baristabar-500px_1Despite the confusing title to the blog post, Twitter ads are available to all in the US (does the title “Twitter Ads now generally available for U.S. users” sound odd as if it was available to ‘just about’ everyone or is it just me?).

Anyway, Twitter self-serve ads can be had by all. From the post we get

When we built our self-service ad platform last March, our goal was to create an experience that would be powerful and also extremely easy for anybody to use. Whether you’re an individual looking to grow your personal brand, or an online retailer looking to increase sales, Twitter’s ad platform has the right products to help achieve your unique goals.

Will Two-Step Authentication Be Enough to Prevent Stupidity in Handling Twitter Accounts?

SecurityIn the wake of the Associated Press’s Twitter account being hacked yesterday there is plenty of vulture reporting about the possibility of Twitter incorporating a two step authentication process into the service sometime in the future. Gotta love what passes for news these days.

We are piecing together things from various pieces of other things and we are going to say that we think that maybe something like this may happen in the near, or maybe even not so near, future.

But here I am ‘reporting’ on it as well so enough of that talk. This is where the rumors about Twitter getting more serious about account security seem to have begun (maybe kinda sorta). Wired reported yesterday

LinkedIn Mobile Update Includes Ads

LinkedIn-Logo-02LinkedIn quietly continues to be a force in its section of the Internet space. It’s not a social network but it is. It’s just expanded online resumes but it’s more. Trying to describe LinkedIn and its potential is not easy.

One thing is certain though; it is working. ABCNews puts it this way which is pretty convincing.

LinkedIn’s approach has been highly successful so far. Although the Mountain View, Calif., company is about one-fifth the size of Facebook in terms of annual revenue and total users, its stock has been the hotter commodity on Wall Street. LinkedIn’s shares have nearly quadrupled since the company went public in May 2011, while Facebook’s stock has sunk by 30 percent from its initial public offering price 11 months ago.