Pinterest Adds Discount Notifications for Pinned Items

Pinterest is truly turning into an ecommerce player.

Today the company has announced a service that alerts Pinterest users when something they have pinned experiences a price drop. A post on the Pinterest blog tells us

You know that giddiness you get when something you’ve wanted forever is suddenly a little (or maybe a lot) cheaper? Well, we’re bringing that saving feeling to Pinterest!

In May, we made it easy for you to see the current price of pins from certain websites, but there wasn’t a simple way to tell if your coveted pin’s price dropped. Starting today, we’ll begin sending you an email when this happens. It’s rolling out slowly, so hold tight if you don’t see one right away.

Pinning Discounts

Want More TV-Style Ads? Facebook Has Got Your Back!

facebook-icon 1Imagine you are checking your Facebook news feed and there before your very eyes is a video ad just like the kind you skip over when DVRing your favorite TV shows. Wouldn’t that be neat?!

Well, according to a report from Bloomberg this reality may not be far off and if the numbers quoted are accurate, advertisers will be paying a pretty penny (actually up to $2.5m worth of pennies) to get in your feed. Now let’s remember kids, Facebook is free to the commoners so don’t gripe too loud.

The Bloomberg report tells us

Facebook Inc. (FB), seeking to break the long-held dominance of television over advertising budgets, plans to sell TV-style commercials on its site for as much as $2.5 million a day, two people familiar with the matter said.

Infographic: Social Media Salaries Around the US

Now that we have grown up past the ‘social media is free’ stage (well, at least those who are paying attention have done this) we can now look at how much social media pros should be getting with regard to salary.

Onward Search has put together this guide looking at 20 markets in the US and the salaries for various jobs in the space including online community manager, social media copywriter, social media marketing manager and more.

Of course, we may not have known about this at all had it not been for Andy Beal posting it over at his Trackur blog. You should be reading that. Really.

So, are you making the money you should be making?


Facebook Allows Page Admins to Control Thumbnail Images for External Links

When posting an external link in Facebook the results on what thumbnail image accompanies that link can be hit or miss at best.

Well, Facebook has decided that page administrators are big boys and girls and could handle the idea of uploading their own thumbnails to better express their point of view on a link posted to their page. It looks like this

Facebook Upload Image for Thumbnail

While this seems minor it is actually a pretty big deal and a nice feature. There are times where the auto-generated thumbnails have almost nothing to do with a link. The trouble is that removing the thumbnail takes away a critical visual element that draws attention to the post. Having the ability to control that image should allow Facebook users to be more creative and give a better indication of their point of view regarding a linked story or item rather than the force fed images of the past.

Study: Search and Email Trump Social for Online Selling

Let the debate begin. Just from the title of this post social media experts and gurus are climbing off the mountaintop to defend the viability of social media as a real sales tool.

Relax folks. It’s only one study but its findings are very interesting. The study was conducted by Custora which describes its service as a predictive analytics platform for e-commerce marketing teams. Wired shared the results and the chart below should be plenty to feed on initially.


What should you take away from this data? Here is what Wired’s Marcus Wohlsen offered

Twitter Hopes to Encourage Embedding of Tweets With Test of New Service

Twitter has been in trials with a new feature that will list which sites have embedded a tweet so Twitter users can follow a story with more options.

The Verge reports:

Twitter has begun trialling new features that give users a way to learn more about the tweets that they read. As noted by security expert Mikko Hypponen, Twitter has enabled a new “Embedded on these websites” notice below popular tweets on the web which lists articles that feature it. Users are invited to click through and discover the story behind the original post.

Here’s how it looks. Note at the bottom of the tweet under “Embedded on these websites”.

When this becomes more widespread it will certainly be an incentive for those creating tweets (to show who embeds their tweets and to hopefully increase their ‘profile’ amongst users) and publishers in general as they look for more ways to be in the Twitter stream of influencers.

Twinkies To Pull a Lazarus As They Are Brought Back to Life

gty_twinkies_nt_130319_wblogIs this an Internet marketing story? Not yet but it will be.

Why you ask? Well, there was considerable consternation last year when Hostess filed for bankruptcy and the iconic snack ‘food’ was being discontinued. Admittedly I was bothered at the time even though I probably had not eaten a Twinkie in over 20 years (although if I found some in my pantry from 20 years ago they would still be ready to eat which is pretty cool ;-) ). Well, in what will be an interesting study in the power of a brand, and the Internetm it looks like Twinkies are coming back in July.

The brand will need to do something other than just show up as Adweek points out