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Facebook update makes sidebar ads look more ‘native’

Yesterday, Twitter announced a change that will make their profile pages look more like Facebook. Today, Facebook comes right back with a design change of their own that has been a long time coming. No, they’re not going to start showing all your Page posts to your followers – wouldn’t that be nice? They are going to update that outdated sidebar with ads that mimic the look of a Facebook post.

Way to go native-ish, Facebook.

Facebook updated ads

The new ad will be the same size and proportion as a desktop newsfeed ad. If you’re running both types of ads, that means you can use the same creative and that means you save time.

But the ease of use isn’t going to help most marketers. What is going to help marketers is the bold statement these new ad formats make.

Hmm. . .the new Twitter profile pages look awfully familiar. . . .

Twitter says new profile pages are coming very soon and I have this weird sense of deja vu. Didn’t we already have this discussion a few months ago? Or maybe it’s the new design itself that is familiar. Have a look:

New Twitter Profiles

Behold the new Twitter page for actor Channing Tatum. Pretty, but it doesn’t have the impact of the real thing. Click here to see Zac Efron’s new page.

One note: I know I tend to use examples from the world of entertainment but Twitter’s to blame this time. Of the 10 examples, 7 belong to entertainers of some sort. They also included The First Lady, Australian Football League and Floyd Mayweather. (Just in case you don’t want to be caught with Zac Efron’s Twitter page in your browser history.)

The Inc. 500 say Twitter is tops for sales potential, but they still don’t have a plan

Every year, Inc. Magazine posts a list of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.. You gotta figure that these guys are doing something right so The Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth set out to find out what.

Specifically, they wanted to know about social media marketing. They examined every company’s website, social channels and web presence and they received survey responses from 118 of the 500.

With all of that data in hand, they measured and filtered and came up with some very interesting conclusions about how America’s hottest companies are handling themselves in public.

Inc500 Social Media Usage

It begins with this chart comparing social media usage numbers from 2012 and 2013.

FTC cracks down on Pinterest contest rules with warning to Cole Haan

Cole Haan ContestThe world is a dangerous place for sure, but never once have I ever felt the need to be protected from Pinterest. But the FTC says brands on Pinterest are doing us wrong and they want to put a stop to it.

The current lamb to the slaughter is luxury shoes and accessories brand Cole Haan. They ran a Pinterest contest where they asked fans to create a Wandering Sole board featuring several images of products from their line. They were told to put #wanderingsole on the photos so they could be easily searched. (Also, it’s pretty much the only way to pick a winner.)

Google Plus adds view counter to profile pages. What’s your number?

Cynthia Googleplus viewsGoogle+ added a view counter to everyone’s profile page this week and I’m just catching up. Here’s mine.

I was actually quite surprised to see that I had more than 16,000 views. I rarely ever post to my account but YouTube has been doing some posting for me. Still. . . a lot of views for so few followers.

Google says the number equals the number of times your content has been seen by other people, including your photos, posts, and profile page. (Give or take)

Wil Wheaton has 73,452,925. Our own Andy Beal has 178,045 views. How many views do you have?

Clearly Google+ is trying to make a point about how active the site is but it’s depressing if your numbers don’t add up. And views are public by default so you might want to switch them off if yours are lacking.

Eat24 versus Facebook: You get what you (don’t) pay for

broken heartBy now you’ve probably heard about Eat24′s humorous but dead-on break-up letter to Facebook. “We’d love to say “It’s not you, it’s us” but it’s totally you. Not to be rude, but you aren’t the smart, funny social network we fell in love with several years back. You’ve changed. A lot.”

So true.

But to be fair, we’ve all changed. Back in the day, we had to pay to mail letters to potential customers, pay for ads in the telephone book and pay a kid to stick flyers on windshields. A lot of time, money and effort and still you’d only ever reach a small segment of the local population.

When it comes to work-related reading, LinkedIn users are rarely off the clock

time-enough-at-last-350x263Last week, LinkedIn announced their new Content Marketing Score tool which is supposed to help you make the most out of your online consumables. Today, they continued down this road with a quick look at when users like to read work-related content.

When is important for one simple reason – there’s too much stuff and too little time. Like Henry Bemis, we’re all stuck in a world where there’s not enough time to consume all of the intriguing books, blog posts and papers. Because of that, we’re forced to pick, choose and prioritize based on what lands in front of us at any given moment.