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Cup of Joe: Google Wave, Please Give Me Face Touching

Google WaveSo I finally got my invite to Google Wave! I must say that it is rather impressive. I like it a lot and I think it will probably redefine the way that we collaborate in the future. One of the more impressive features is its “real time” chat interface. Which basically means that as a user types the other participants can read the text as it is typed, letter by letter. The feature is kinda overkill, but cool to play with. Wave also gives you the ability to share documents and 3rd party content directly in the interface. So all in all Wave is a sophisticated chat interface that allows you the ability to index and save your conversations the same way you might save an email.

Google Chasing Real Time on YouTube

youtube-logoReal time search is hot (theoretically), but Google is struggling to deliver results. They’ve started some real-time stuff in Gmail, though, with interactive widgets within emails. And now they’re branching out to real time on YouTube.

At first glance, real time video sounds even harder than real time search—and yeah, YouTube’s popular, but shouldn’t the Goog focus on what they do best/actually make money on?

Do not despair, however! It’s not real-time video they’re using on YouTube: it’s real-time search—in the comments. I know, just what you waited your whole life for.

youtube comments realtime

As RWW puts it, YouTube comments are “notoriously useless.” Unless your job has to do with reading empty abuse or praise. That’s a pretty crappy job.

Social Networking via Mobile Phones has Doubled in Last 6 Months!

Forrester continues to examine the intersection of mobile phones and social networking. One startling–or maybe not–statistic: 10% of us access social networks from our cell phones, double the number at the beginning of the year!

Two new reports look at how mobile phones are a becoming a big component of our socially networked lives.

SMB’s, Social Media and Reality

i2G LogoI have followed the SMB market for a little while now. I am considered an SMB myself and I certainly was when I had a small Internet marketing agency / practice as recently as a year ago. As a result, I know the small and medium business market pretty well. I find the typical small business owner / marketer equal parts fascinating and frustrating and a puzzle that seems to want to be solved but never likes to give you all of the pieces to solve it. That is why I see surveys that claim 45% of SMB’s are using social media with a slightly skeptical eye.

Twitter at C Level

Kent HuffmanAs Internet marketers and social media users / practitioners we are always digging and trying to find out more. Since most of what is related to social media is happening on the fly the innovation comes more often from good intention rather than good planning. One common theme that occurs, however, is the apparent lack of understanding of social media and its business impact in the upper levels of most companies.

In particular, the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) gets the brunt of the complaints of “They don’t get social media!” or “They are afraid of what they don’t know!” This is true in a lot of cases. That is changing, though, with the help of people like Kent Huffman, CMO of BearCom Wireless. Haven’t heard of BearCom? You’re not alone but that is changing through Kent’s efforts on Twitter and his campaign to bring the CMO to the social media discussion before his / her average 23 month tenure expires.

Social Media Blunder or Brilliance?

Poopsi Wacky PackageIn the latest round of social media’s own “You make the call!” game regarding a social media campaign’s failure or genius enter Pepsi and its Amp Energy brand. There appears to be some buzz in social media circles about an iPhone app that Pepsi developed for the drink that is being called crass by some and ‘just entertainment’ by others. So you know, I could care less either way, I just think it makes for an interesting ‘live’ case study about social media and how it can be viewed, and as a result, manipulated.

The New Technorati Thinks It’s a Blog

technoratiHave you ever seen one of those people who spends so long studying a group, they begin to believe they’re part of the group? If not, you can now: Technorati has launched a new design/mission/layout, and it looks like the once-awesome blog search engine has been assimilated. As they put it:

While we’ll still track and link to the top blogs, posts, and tags, the unique content written by hundreds of bloggers will complement what the rest of the world is saying. In addition to this, each of our channel editors will be writing a daily column called Blog Focus, in which the top story of the day is told through the eyes of the blogosphere’s varied and eclectic authors.