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Sponsored Tweets from Add Analytics is an ad network for Twitter. You set your price and approve the targeted ads before they’re inserted (marked as ads) into your Twitter stream. And now, is adding analytics to its platform. has partnered with PeopleBrowsr to analyze participating publishers’ followers, as well as how they receive ads.


The analytics offer information on user engagement, male and female segmentation, location, and sentiment analysis. founder Sean Rad said the analytics, “provide Twitter users the data they need to become more prolific content creators.”

As with all user-based social media advertising, there have been a number of ethical and practical questions floating around Would a service like this increase the noise in the stream? Would it turn off or even drive away followers? Now users are better equipped to understand how their followers interact with their sponsored tweets.

Twitter Hackers Warn: “Do Not Try To Stimulation Iranian Peoples”

Could this be the scariest tweet ever?

Twitter’s blog post explanation is somewhat vague and benign sounding:

Twitter’s DNS records were temporarily compromised tonight but have now been fixed. As some noticed, was redirected for a while but API and platform applications were working.

Boy, that’s an understatement! Twitter was hacked by a group claiming to be the "Iranian Cyber Army." TechCrunch has the screenshot and additional details:

Iranian Cyber Army



U.S.A. Think They Controlling And Managing Internet By Their Access, But THey Don’t, We Control And Manage Internet By Our Power, So Do Not Try To Stimulation Iranian Peoples To….

Facebook’s Privacy Policy Produces Plea to FTC

facebook1Back in July, Facebook was challenged by the Canadian government about some privacy concerns around third party apps and information shared that was taken about users. Many wondered how the social media giant would handle the situation. Would they thumb their nose at the information police? Would they stand up to the Canucks? Well, that was answered in August when they folded like a cheap card table and rewrote their policies to meet Canadian concerns.

Well, if that was a precedent then the folks who run the Facebook Legal team fan page (Is there really one of these? I just made that up) are about to get real busy. You see there are several privacy groups who are up in arms about the latest privacy policies handed down by Zuck and the boys.

Ex MySpacers Moving On: the New Cutting Edge of Social Media?

gravity logoOnce upon a time, MySpace was the most revolutionary thing on the social web (that most people knew about). These days, it’s passé. But several of its former executives are still actively pondering how they can revolutionize social interaction on the Internet—and they’re doing it through a new startup, Gravity.

Led by former MySpacer (then-COO) Amit Kapur, (then-SVP) Steve Pearman and (then-SVP) Jim Benedetto, the company is rethinking forums and groups, online social meetingplaces that haven’t evolved a whole lot since they began. Gravity is bringing forums and groups into the 21st century—and that’s just one of the things they’re working on.

How Newspapers Use Twitter

Twitter icon2009 cannot be over quick enough for the newspaper business. The year was full of bad news, followed by worse news, which in some cases, ended in business ending news. The prognosis for the future is not real rosy either so what can the reeling industry do? One thing is to erect pay walls but we’ve heard enough on that one. One thing that the industry can do is embrace social media and in particular, Twitter, to get the attention of the digitally inclined.

The Bivings Report decided to do conduct an imperfect study of the use of Twitter by the newspaper industry. To their credit The Bivings Report themselves noted that the study was imperfect which shows some considerable integrity and makes their findings of greater interest to someone like myself. Their blog states:

Twitter’s Retweet Function Vanishes! Retweet’s Are Back!

Has anyone seen the new Twitter retweet link? Quick go check under your bed and see if it is hiding there.

Because I can’t find it in my Twitter stream:

And there’s no news from Twitter about its disappearance. A victory for those that hated the new feature? Or just a glitch?

UPDATE: The retweet function is back, and appears to be connected to the slowdown earlier today.

Possible Facebook Privacy Fiasco Solution – Lie

Facebook IconWhile many people already lie on their Facebook profile despite the pleas by Privacy Czar Mark Zuckerberg to keep the Facebook database clean for YOUR benefit, it is now an informally ‘recommended’ practice by some at Facebook. Before we move forward, let’s put this on the table first. Facebook’s move toward less privacy for its users may have profoundly changed the service once the full scope of what they are looking to do hits the masses. It will be hard to look at the service without seeing them trying to squeeze every last dollar out of it at the expense of the privacy and safety of its users.