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Facebook’s (Semi) Annual Redesign

Whether they’re trying to keep us from going design-blind or they just get bored with their layout periodically, Facebook has regular redesigns. But the new features and redesigns aren’t always popular, and Facebook users seem highly resistant to change.

But apparently it’s time for a bunch of new “i h8 the new lay out” groups to crop up, because Facebook has confirmed to The Next Web that they’re testing a new layout for the top news/recent updates pages.

For side-by-side comparison purposes, here’s the old layout:
current fb

And the new:
fb new1

fb new2

The major differences include losing the publisher box, which Facebook was so excited about with this redesign. Instead an “Update Status” button appears in the upper right. This frees up more real estate in the center column for friends’ updates, photos, wall posts, etc.

Social Media and Content Discovery: A Growing Relationship

Social Media CollageWhile the commercial Internet age is in its teens according to linear age it has some difficulty focusing. Just when users are getting used to a world that is search engine centric there comes along the social web or social media or social networking or social (insert your word here) to truly change how people make sense of the sheer volume of data on the Internet. This change or movement toward the social web is happening at an ever increasing rate and creates opportunities as well as difficulties for those who are trying to harness this power for business.

Nielsen reports at its blog in a post from Jon Gibbs, VP Media Analytics

Yahoo! Turns Yellow in India

FinaltimesindiayahooYahoo! Is busy rebranding itself around the world. There is plenty of money being pumped into the effort and apparently some research as to how to grab someone’s attention. In India at least it looks like you need to be on the front page and really bright! Maybe this technique should be considered by the poor newspaper industry here in the United States. I think I would have to at least give some attention to a cover that was this bold. In what appears to be a relatively slow news day we find TechCrunch bringing this ad to our attention.

India’s largest English-language newspaper, the Times of India, has an interesting print edition front page today – a huge yellow advertisement for Yahoo’s It’s You campaign first announced last month.

Twitter Name Auction Raising Money for Cancer Fight

Small JPEG Aviary mashable-com Picture 1Let’s for just one moment concentrate on something that while connected to social media is about something much bigger. Hopefully we are able to do that without being prompted but for today we’ll give you just a little push ;-). Mashable tells us that over the weekend, Drew Olanoff, who is fighting Hodgkins lymphoma, is using a piece of social media ‘capital’ to raise money in the fight against cancer.

As Drew put it himself at his blog

I have a pretty cool Twitter name – one that I got early early on. I love Twitter. Twitter the company, and the platform have been very good to me and to people I care about deeply.


The Ultimate Reason for Getting Your Boss on Twitter

This says it all…

Facebook Making It Easier to Manage Ads

Facebook IconI have to give the folks at Facebook credit. They keep grinding forward with news that is relevant to making money and providing a better service for marketers. Earlier this year everyone wanted to throw the whole Facebook thing in the center of the ring and stone it to death. They couldn’t do anything right ranging from redesign issues to terms of service debacles. Now Justin Smith of Inside Facebook is reporting that a new API for the Facebook ad platform is being rolled out to a few agencies and could be out in the general Facebook population very soon.

Earlier this year, we speculated on when Facebook would launch APIs for Facebook Ads to allow performance marketers to automate ad management. Well, it appears it’s happening now: recently, Facebook started beta testing its new advertising APIs with just a few agencies around the world.

Revenue?! We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Revenue!

twitter-logoWhile it isn’t news that Twitter has no revenue model what is interesting to note is near yawn that the prospect of not having can draw from one of the founding fathers of the Twitterverse.

The New York Times reports that Evan Williams, who doesn’t get the pub that a guy with a cool name like Biz Stone does was speaking to a group of journalists in San Francisco today. You know those folks right? They’re the ones that if they are lucky enough to work for the Washington Post can’t even use Twitter without facing 20 lashes.

The following quote from Williams’ talk Online News Association’s annual conference tells us quite a bit.