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Washington Post’s Social Media Guidelines Get Posted

WashingtonPostVAcoverWhat is probably most ironic about the story that you are about to read is the fact that a journalistic icon, the Washington Post, is trying to maintain control of its staff while it can’t even keep an internal memo from going public. Having made that observation from the start you can see that this is not going to get any better for them.

The information that has hit the media stream is the social media guidelines that have been imposed on the staffers of the Washington Post as the newspaper tries to hold on to some shred of integrity in the new world order. has ‘received’ a copy of the entire directive. Some highlights:

New Data Suggests We’ve Grown Bored of Twitter

If we can believe Hitwise, we’ve all hit a Twitter slump:

Of course, this could just mean that we’re all switching from the web interface to desktop and mobile applications, but surely if Twitter were adding new users, they’d start with the web site, right?

Hmm. Maybe there’s a slump in those seeking out Twitter too!

What are your thoughts?

Social Media Ad Spend on the Rise

Dollars FloatingThe headline alone should not be a surprise to anyone who is in the marketing, and particularly the Internet marketing, space because despite the economy social media is on the rise. The number of users and the amount of time spent on various social media sites has seen the ‘hockey stick’ kind of growth that most only dream of. So in our wonderful modern world, where there are people there will be ad spend. Nielsen tells us that this trend is taking hold as reported by ClickZ

You’re Doing What Where?

twitter-logo1Twitter asks “What are you doing?” and people respond in 140 character max chunks of ‘wisdom’ ranging from helpful to inane. As the rest of the world gets used to what many technophiles have known for years they will have the opportunity shortly to not only know what someone is doing but where they are doing it as well.

While I am not sure if this marks a new beginning or the end of the world as we know it (you can start humming the REM song now) it certainly may be interesting at the very least. We hear from Gina Trapani at Smarterware from the Twitter Conference in LA that Twitter’s platform lead Ryan Sarver gave the group a rundown of some service details. By the way, it was supposed to rolled out at the conference but there have been delays so hang in there.

Twitter About to Get Mo’ Money

Twitter iconThe Wall Street Journal is reporting that Twitter is on the edge of raising another $100 million in VC from around seven investors. Just last week the scuttlebutt was that this round was going to be in the range of $50 million but hey, what’s an extra $50 million amongst friends, right?

The Journal reports

Twitter, the messaging web site that has become an Internet sensation, is nearing a deal to close as much as $100 million of new funding from as many as seven investors, according to people familiar with the deal.

The investor group includes mutual fund giant T. Rowe Price and private-equity firm Insight Venture Partners, which are new investors to Twitter. The $100 million investment is about twice as much as Twitter was reportedly expected to haul in this latest round of fund-raising.

Aspiring Doctors May Have Knowledge but Aren’t Always Smart

DoctorSocial media has become the newest and possibly best way to expose just how stupid people can be. Last week we talked about the rocket scientist burglar who left Facebook’s equivalent of breadcrumbs to his front door. Hey, he is 19 years old and probably not the sharpest knife in the drawer anyway so maybe it’s not that unusual (actually it is but for this post we’ll say it). Well, let’s jump to the other end of the spectrum and find out just how stupid aspiring doctors can be when it comes to social media.

Yup, that’s right, doctors. Those people who need to go to school forever so they can carry huge loans into the workplace and then hopefully help us regular human beings stay healthy. According to an article by the BBC there appears social media shows no discrimination when it comes to exposing stupidity

About 1 in 4 Users of Twitters Use Access Apps

Twitter Bird GoofyThis is one of those chances for our readers to help with an informal survey of sorts. According to a report issued by Crowd Science and reported over at the GigaOm blog, 27 % of Twitter users access the service via a third party application like TweetDeck, Twhirl etc. etc. If you would be so kind we would like to hear how you access Twitter. If you use a third party app let us know which one and why. If you don’t use an app let us know and why. Why are we asking these questions? We’re just curious, I suppose.