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The Few, The Proud, The Marines Are Banned from Social Media Sites

US Marine Corps LogoIf there was ever a group of people that have to sacrifice in ways that I simply cannot imagine it’s the men and women of the US Armed Forces and in this case the United States Marine Corps (Semper Fi). These folks have volunteered to do a job that most of us would not do but ranks as one of the most important jobs any person could do. They make incredible sacrifices so we can complain about how rich people manipulate the Internet for more riches. Makes this all seem kind of insignificant doesn’t it? Now, the Marines have to abide by the order which bans all social networking sites from Marine networks which cuts off one of the few ways they can even feel like they still have a home.

Yahoo: Pay No Attention to the 10 Year Search Deal: Look at What’s New on Delicious!

yahoo-logoNot to be all Wizard-of-Oz on us, but Yahoo really doesn’t want us to pay attention to the man behind the curtain (Steve Ballmer). No, they want to focus us on their new SERP and their new Delicious search tools and fresh bookmarks.

Don’t you worry—don’t think for one moment that I, the paragon of journalistic integrity, could be distracted so easily from decrying Yahoo’s abdication of control over its search—ooh, shiny emailing and tweeting tools!

So Delicious does have some cool new stuff to show off—and maybe it’s not just a distraction ploy. Maybe it’s a ploy to remind us that Yahoo can still do cool new stuff. ;)

Will the Wall Street Journal Take a Real Shot at Social Media?

WSJ Online logoAs I like to do when a post involves some ‘creative thinking’ I am warning you on this one. TechCrunch is ‘reporting’ the Wall Street Journal’s possible attempt at creating a social community (WSJ Connnect) that could compete with the LinkedIn set. I realize that outside of the Microsoft-Yahoo nuptials there has been little to discuss in the online marketing space as of late. With that in mind, since the TechCrunch piece includes the following it seems that it has to be taken with a grain of salt.

WSJ Connect is still in the planning/conceptual stages, says one source, but there is “strong interest” to move the project forward. Importantly, it would leverage the WSJ brand but would be a separate property and unencumbered by the need for a paid subscription to the newspaper.

Twitter? What’s a Twitter?

JoePaEveryone and their grandfather is at least trying to talk about Twitter these days. Or are they? While it’s not fair to use an iconic 82 year old college football coach as the pulse of nation regarding social media, Penn State coach Joe Paterno did make this statement at a press conference that should make you chuckle

“You guys have to talk about something. The fans have to put something on those — what do you guys call those things, Twittle-do, Twittle-dee?”

I bet that his incoming freshmen at Penn State know what Twitter is. What about the rest of the folks though? Last week, Biz Stone admitted that while there is a ton of buzz around the service it has not done a good job of getting people from awareness to engagement.

Martha Stewart Living for Twitter Not Facebook

Martha StewartIt’s official. Stop the presses. No longer can there be any banter back and forth about the merits of Facebook and Twitter. Your opinions are no longer valid regardless of who you are because Martha Stewart has made up your mind for you. Twitter is the way to go because Facebook is “dippy”. That’s right, dippy. Looks like the folks at Facebook should just fold up their tents and leave the social media camping area because they are not favored by the Queen of All Things Comfortable.

Ok, that was really sarcastic but there may be a little bit of a sting in this proclamation as reported at Mashable. It actually comes on the heels of Bill Gates, the King of All Things in General, stating that he couldn’t tell his real friends from his other ‘friends’ on Facebook. That’s two monsters of the media giving Facebook the thumbs down.

Twitter Tries to Bridge the Gap Between Sign Up and Engagement

twitter-birdLet’s try something a little different as the focus goes to Twitter (yet again) and its impact on the free world’s ability to function properly. I have said on many occasions that regular users of Twitter are not the best people to be actually examining Twitter’s success or lack thereof. Why? Mainly because there seems to be this assumption that the rest of the world understands what Twitter is as well as social media ‘regulars’ do. The simple reality is that that kind of thinking is, how can I say this diplomatically….. stupid. The real fact of the matter is that most of the world is confused by Twitter. Fortunately, Biz and the boys (and girls) at Twitter are recognizing this fact and are taking steps to remedy the situation.

Facebook Allows Username Do-Overs – Just Once!

Facebook IconFacebook has milked the vanity URL deal for all its worth until this point so why not try to get a little more mileage out it, right? Over the past few months Facebook has been allowing individuals to choose their username but has put the rather strict caveat on the practice that it is a “one and done” proposition. In other words, when you make that fateful decision to make your vanity URL something that was something funny but not very practical you were stuck with it. Well, the mighty Facebook is showing its merciful side by allowing users to pick another username. Beware though, you only get one shot …… again.

ReadWriteWeb outlines the process for us