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The Spy Who Loved…to Wear Speedos!

Not so much as a security alert–but certainly a reminder of how easy it is for any of us to post something to Facebook that could come back to haunt us–news broke over the weekend that the wife of Britain’s top spy posted far too much info on the social networking site.

The spouse of new MI6 top dog Sir John Sawers apparently posted all kinds of sensitive information to Facebook, causing a the British tabloids to lick their chops and politicians to posture.

Lady Sawers had put virtually no restrictions on her account, making it visible to the estimated 4 million on the open-access ‘London’ network, and potentially 200 million more worldwide…Lady Sawers disclosed many personal details, including the location of the London flat used by the couple and other details of their three children and of Sir John’s parents.

Twitter Can Be Good for Business

Tweety BirdThere are rumors out there. There are rumors of rumors of how people are using Twitter to drive awareness and new business. What has started to happen though is that the rumors tend to stick with the same names like Dell, who attributes some $3 mil plus in revenue to its Twitter presence and Comcast which has turned its customer service upside down and inside out with great success. What we need is more evidence for those that are still unconvinced that Twitter has any real application beyond sharing the inane like when someone has looked out the window and “Tawt Tay Taw a Puddy – Tat” (hat tip to Tweety Bird from Bugs Bunny, the original Tweet).

Twitter Truly Mirroring the Internet

Twitter Bird GoofyWell, looks like Twitter has arrived for real. Companies are considering the service for their marketing and customer efforts. There still appears to be significant hype around every time someone at Twitter has gas. Twitter is looking to protect its trademark and is looking to trademark other sounds from nature like chirps and peeps. So what’s next? Well, since it is the Internet what would talking about Twitter be without now mentioning porn and spam?

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has said recently that the service will be a success when people stop talking about it and just accept it as a utility. With MediaPost talking about the proliferation of porn and spam that chatter isn’t likely to end anytime soon. That is, of course, unless Twitter does something about it.

Facebook Rolling Out New Privacy Settings

Last week, we saw that Facebook was taking status updates public for selected test users (a la Twitter). Those selected users were ones that had already set their profiles to a high level of sharing—everyone could see their profiles already.

Now Facebook will make it so that all users will have a very granular control over exactly what gets shared with whom.
facebook privacy 3
These settings can be applied on a message-by-message basis, but there will also be changes to the full privacy settings for every member. As paidContent points out this will eliminate the need to view at least six pages of privacy settings.

And now Facebook announces that they’ll be rolling out this change to the full site very shortly:
facebook privacy 1

Twitter Gets ‘Tweet-itorial’

twitter-birdLooks like Twitter is not looking the other way as much these days. TechCrunch reports that there is some concern at the social networking company that developers are using the term ‘Tweet’ too much. Twitter, in fact, is claiming that the use of that trademark in the naming of any third party app is something they are ‘uncomfortable’ with. Here is an e-mail that was passed along to the TechCrunch folks relating to the subject.


Twitter, Inc is uncomfortable with the use of the word Tweet (our trademark) and the similarity in your UI and our own. How can we go about having you change your UI to better differentiate your offering from our own?


Flickr Connects to Twitter – Better Late Than Never

VentureBeat reports that Flickr is finally enabling its users to tweet their photos on the service.

What took them so long? Flickr now has a built-in feature that lets members tweet their photos. “You can upload directly to Flickr and Twitter simultaneously, or tweet a photo already on Flickr, using a special short URL,” says the company’s FAQ. It also explains how to post photos from your phone, and how to tweet from Flickr.

Flickr spelled out the “how to’s” in the following from their PR firm

To use Flickr 2 Twitter, members need to first authorize Flickr to post to their Twitter accounts. Once authorized, members will be able to tweet photos from the “Blog This” button on their photo page or from their mobile devices.

Facebook Nabs New CFO

facebookFacebook now has someone to watch the cash register as they roll toward setting revenue records for the company. After a several months long search, Facebook has found their man according to cnet

Facebook has named former Genentech executive David Ebersman to the office of chief financial officer. He replaces Gideon Yu, whose departure was announced at the end of March.

“We received a lot of interest in the CFO position and had the opportunity to meet with many impressive candidates,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. “We quickly recognized that David was the right person for Facebook. He was Genentech’s CFO while revenue tripled, and his success in scaling the finance organization of a fast growing company will be important to Facebook.”