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Facebook Adds Real-Time Social Search

Before we get in a tizzy, “social search” here only refers to looking at what your friends are doing on a social network. But yes, Facebook is currently testing real-time search results for searches on the social network:

Those of you in the test group will be able to find content from the people, organizations and public figures that matter to you as soon as they share it on Facebook. . . .

Those of you in the test group will see new layouts for search results that will continue to include people’s profiles, Facebook Pages, groups and applications, and some entirely new Search features. With the test, you will be able to search your News Feed for the most recent status updates, photos, links, videos and notes being shared by your friends and the Facebook Pages of which you’re a fan.

Facebook Beats MySpace in the US

23,000 users couldn’t be wrong. Or within the margin of error. Nope. comScore is definitely, totally, 100% correct when they report that their May data indicates Facebook has just barely edged out the formerly most popular social network in the US, MySpace—70.278M to 70.255M.


Okay, even if the difference—0.03%—is well within the margin of error, the point stands: Facebook has at least caught up with, if not surpassed, MySpace in the US.

Facebook has long dominated the world in the social networking sphere—just a few months ago, Nielsen pointed out that they’re the most popular social network in almost every country. But until now, MySpace has held on to its lead in the US.

TechCrunch’s Erick Schonfeld says that the trend isn’t likely to change in the future:

What’s Your Hunch on New Discovery Engine’s Chances of Success?

Last week, we gave you a heads-up that Hunch would be launching today. Well, our…ahem…hunch was correct; is now live.

When you visit the site–it’s not really a search engine, as you’ll see–you’ll be asked to answer one simple question. Then another. Then another. In fact, Hunch cleverly draws you in my asking you a series of very simple questions–many of which you feel strangely compelled to answer. Here’s an example:

And another:

After you’ve answered 20 or so questions, Hunch will prompt you to save your answers by creating a new account, after which, it will be able to help you make those not so important decisions in life. Like this one:

Wikipedia Showing as a Source in Google News Stories

Google has shown an affinity for Wikipedia for years, often listing entries as a top source for many types of web searches. Now they’ve added links to Wikipedia pages with news stories on Google News.  This seems like a small detail, but it gives Wikipedia even more credibility with the most popular search engine.

Google News already gets news from both traditional media like major newspapers, CNN and Reuters (though the AP hates this fact), as well as new media (popular news blogs like Marketing Pilgrim).  There are also links to YouTube videos. This further blends how we get news and what is credible.

One Step Closer to YouTwitFace: YouTube Adds Facebook Connect

All your hours are belong to us: YouTube announced yesterday that it has joined Facebook Connect. The integration between the two sites is more than just the typical FB connect partnership, which allows FB members to link their profiles to comments on participating sites. On the Facebook Developer blog, program manager Josh Elman says:

When logged into Facebook and YouTube, users can now automatically publish and share the videos they upload to YouTube directly to Facebook.

YouTube isn’t the first video site to integrate with Facebook. According to AllFacebook, Joost has been in a partnership with Facebook Connect since December and has seen some serious benefits:

Twitter Starts New Verified Accounts Beta

good-housekeeping1In the wake of the run-in with St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa last week Twitter has officially launched its verified accounts beta. The service was mentioned over the weekend in Biz Stone’s blog post that made it known that Twitter would bow to no one on legal concerns that they viewed as frivolous.

Mashable’s Pete Cashmore tells of the new process

The feature has been a long time coming, and many celebrities will jump on the opportunity to prove their legitimacy. It’ll also solve the entrenched problem of celebrity impersonations, which are confusing for users and unwelcome by those being impersonated. Businesses, however, will have to wait: the feature has not been rolled out to corporate entities yet.

The End of the World! Twitter Traffic Flat!

Quick: stock up on nonperishables, call your loved ones home, gather them close. The world is coming to an end. First we told you the Twittersphere just ain’t what it used to be. Now, brace yourself for this one:

Twitter traffic month-on-month is flat—or maybe even declining.

I know. I’m sorry to break it to you this way; it’s such a shock. But I couldn’t prolong the agony. Hey, hey—sit down. Breathe into a paper bag. Put your head between your knees. We’ll make it through somehow.

But let’s face the sad facts: although Twitter is clearly the wave of the future, not everyone is as forward thinking as we are in embracing the latest, greatest way of doing . . . well, everything.