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Facebook’s New Vanity URLs & Google Reputation Management

Despite the lack of publicly displayed information, I’ve always liked Facebook profiles for Google reputation management. I mean, just take a look at the number of times "Andy Beal" is mentioned on my limited public profile:

Coupled with your name in the Title tag, Facebook is pretty useful for occupying one of Google’s ten blue links–especially if you don’t already have a lot of positive content in the search results.

Well, Facebook is getting ready to allow users the ability to pick a username for their profile URL–as opposed to a randomly assigned series of numbers.

Twittersphere Ain’t What It Used to Be

twitter-birdA study was released today, conducted by inbound marketing company HubSpot, which looked at 4.5 million Twitter users over a nine month period. The data was gathered by their proprietary Twitter Grader tool and provides more confirmation of what we reported last week following a study conducted by a Harvard MBA candidate and assistant professor: As the tool as grown its usage has not in the same proportion.

What in the world does that mean, right? Of course if there are a gazillion people signing up for Twitter accounts and lawsuits being filed over impersonation accounts then it must be that all the world is atwitter with Twitter-itis, correct? HubSpot’s study shows that despite the top line growth in number of accounts the actual usage of Twitter may still rest with the technology crowd that claimed it as their own oh those many years ago (well actually around 3 years ago but in the Internet age that’s like a generation or two).

Time to Say Goodbye to Fragmented Social Networks?

What does this chart tell you?

OK, so it’s open to interpretation, but it tells me that we’re growing tired of our fragmented social media lives and, instead, we’re ever so quietly merging all of our social activities over to Facebook. Facebook has it all–messaging, photo sharing, videos–so it makes sense that the social network is apparently “pwning” those that only offer a piece of the pie.

Is it any surprise then that Facebook managed to achieve a staggering 8.54% growth in the past month alone? Even the astronomic growth of Twitter couldn’t match it–taping off to a sloth-like 1.47% growth.

If you like you social media like you like food–one place for sushi, another for steak–you might be surprised to learn that your peers are all heading to Golden Corral for its all-you-can-eat buffet!

Twitter’s Stone Takes a Swing at LaRussa Case

larussa-twitterIf you want to take Twitter to court don’t expect them to roll over and play dead. It has been widely reported in various outlets like the Chicago Sun-Times and the Atlanta Journal Constitution that Twitter settled with Tony LaRussa, St. Louis Cardinals manager, over a Twitter impersonation account dust up. According to these sources Twitter paid legal fees to LaRussa and was even giving money to a LaRussa favorite charity, the Animal Rescue Foundation. Case closed, right?

Not so fast, says none other than Twitter co-founder Biz Stone on the Twitter blog from a June 6th post entitled “Not Playing Ball”. As you can guess from the title Stone is not going to sit back and let the rumor mill take this one. If the word is out that Twitter will settle on suits for this kind of activity (suing for the ‘damage’ caused by impersonation accounts) it could open a flood of ambulance chasing legal shenanigans that could cripple a company like Twitter. Stone writes

Social Media, Your Brand and Your Employees

mediabistrocircusIt looks like there may be a new hiring criteria in the future if Steve Rubel’s thoughts expressed at the Mediabistro Circus are on target and there is evidence that they are. reports that Rubel’s talk to this group centered on how brands are moving away from the company and more toward people who are the face of the company, i.e. social media front facers who speak on behalf their employer.

Branding is about people, not company names, according to Steve Rubel, Edelman Digital director of insights, Web PR veteran, and author of the Micro Persuasion blog

Some of the highlights include

  • E-mail losing its effectiveness – Press releases sent by e-mail are just part of the e-mail clutter that exists due to sheer volume received and the other outlets that people have like Twitter, texting, RSS etc., etc. He then asked

Social Media and Small Business Getting Acquainted Slowly

lemonadestandThere is evidence that small business is starting to see the value of social media for their operations. As it has been with search marketing it is likely that a majority adoption of the practice will take a considerable amount of time but it looks like the movement is underway, to a degree.

So why not announce that “Small Business is Using Social Media!”? Well, that would imply that there is widespread adoption of the discipline which, at this point in time, just isn’t true. A study conducted by Sage Software and AMI-Partners is covered over at eMarketer and while it’s interesting, it’s no coming out party for small business and social media across the board.

Twitter Up! Baseball Manager Goes to the Lawyer for Relief

larussaIt was only a matter of time before the lawyers jump on the Twitter Express. While might suspect that some big Hollywood celeb would be the one concerned with having their image “abducted” on Twitter it instead goes to a veteran Major League Baseball manager, Tony LaRussa of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Some of the coverage of this event portrays LaRussa as a guy with no sense of humor.

So what’s the fuss all about? Apparently the individual tweeting as Tony La Russa (@tonylarussa was removed after the lawsuit was filed) made statements that the real Tony didn’t appreciate. So he’s suing Twitter and the causes of action include trademark infringement, trademark dilution, cybersquatting, misappropriation of name and likeness, invasion of privacy, and intentional misrepresentation.