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Twitter Is More Than Connecting

By Patricia Skinner

It has been said (too often) that Twitter is for connecting. And with over 6 million users it certainly is. But it’s for so much more than just connecting.

  • Can you learn on Twitter? Personally I think it’s one of the best places on the net to get an education on just about any subject you care to name.
  • Can you get traffic on Twitter? More than you can cope with if you’re prepared to invest a little time and a little of yourself.
  • Can you sell on Twitter? Yes, if you make the right moves.

It’s possible to connect up with your potential target market like no other place on the Web, if you only understand the way Twitter works.

Yahoo Updates to Challenge Google Friend Connect, Facebook Connect

Data portability: it’s one of those buzzwords that everybody just has to be in on these days. From OpenID to Facebook Connect to Google Friend Connect, there are more and more ways to use a single login and take your information anywhere on the web. And today there’s one more: Yahoo Updates through a partnership with JS-Kit.

JS-Kit is described as a “distributed social network connecting more than 600,000 sites.” Sites on that network using the JS-Kit comment widget are already hooked in to Yahoo Updates, enabling users to publish stories and comments from around the web onto their Yahoo Updates feed. Users will also be able to take their Yahoo ID with them around the web. (Starting to sound a bit familiar?) With glittery new APIs, this is all part of Yahoo’s Open Strategy (remember that?).

Facebook Redesigning Pages, But New Research Suggests Engagement is Low

In an attempt to entice more of its users to engage advertisers, Facebook is planning a re-design of its "Pages" which, according to AdAge, will include:

  • Pages will soon have tabs, making them resemble Facebook profiles.
  • Information shared by pages will show up in Facebook users’ news feeds more often, presenting expanded opportunities to attract new fans.
  • Since there will be multiple tabs, Facebook ads can set any tab as a landing page.

However, new research from The Participatory Marketing Network (PMN) suggests that it may not be the ad format that’s the problem, but the platform itself. According to a study of 220 social network users aged between 18-24, they’re just not that interested in ads on social networking sites.

Skittles Buzz Lasts as Long as a Sugar Rush

The question was asked here yesterday by Joe Hall and there were as many opinions asskittles there are colors in a bag of Skittles but as of this morning the jury is in. Skittles has taken down its site redesign reports MediaPost.

Apparently putting the brand and its message in a vehicle driven by consumers brings out the good the bad and the ugly.

The good was the fact that yesterday a lot of people were talking about Skittles. I have to admit that unless I am forced to I am not thinking about Skittles or writing a post about them. So to that degree this experiment certainly worked. Buzz was created and people were talking about the crazy colors of the Skittles rainbow.

Skittles’ Social Media Campaign: FTW or Epic Fail?

skittlesYesterday rainbow-colored candy brand, Skittles launched a new web presence that has caused notice by many in the world of marketing and average web-head-geeks a like. The Mars-owned company gave their site a facelift of sorts that has left some in awe and others in shock.

Now when visitors go to they don’t see the typical corporate branded site. Instead they get a fresh serving of social media. The home page is essentially an overlay of displaying results for the term “skittles.” There are several other navigational features that Skittles has added to point users to other social media outlets such as YouTube and Facebook.

Social Networking Up 93% Since 2006

Market research firm Netpop has released a new study today that suggests that social media is expanding at a fast pace. According to their findings social networking has increased 93% since 2006. This comes to no surprise to most of us that have followed sites like Twitter and Facebook that have seen unprecedented growth over the last couple of years.

However, one interesting statistic is that 54% of micro-bloggers post or “tweet” daily. Also 74% of the daily micro-bloggers are under the age of 18.

Apparently, 105 million Americans contribute to social media, but only 7 million are “heavy” social media users who connect with 248 people on a typical week.

Hilarious Video: Jon Stewart Tries to Explain Twitter

Any words I type would not do justice to the awesomeness of this video. If you’re a Twitter user–or don’t understand what the fuss is about–grab a coffee and enjoy the next 5 minutes!