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MySpace Founder Bets on Facebook, But Only for the Next 2 Years

It appears that even the co-founder of MySpace is placing his money on Facebook to win the social networking wars–if only for the next couple of years.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, Brett Brewer co-founder of MySpace who sold the social site to News Corp, said:

“There’s a fundamental shift going on,” Mr Brewer said. “Both sites are … different. We built MySpace for people to find and connect with people they don’t know. Facebook is … built around connecting with people you already know.

“Clearly, the world eagerly embraced MySpace, but as the average person has adopted social networks, where they come to first is making connections with the people they already know. Facebook has done an excellent job of capitalising on that.”

SocialCell Media – Facebook and Nokia Talk Partnership

The trend continues as social media companies, in this case Facebook, seek to go beyond marketing dealsfacebook and look to establish partnerships / alliances with makers of cell phones and other mobile technology. As per usual all of this activity centers on Facebook’s quest to, as the WSJ put it, ‘generate meaningful revenue from its mobile services’. Let’s be realistic, that quest for meaningful revenue regarding anything that Facebook has done is now the equivalent of a business spectator sport. We all watch looking for the home run or touchdown and we wonder if the team has what it takes to make that happen. Despite that, we still show up and hold out hope.

Southwest Tests Free Internet in the Sky

It’s been a year since Southwest Airlines announced they were going to test in air Internet service. Now it’s really happening. The satellite broadband will be tested on one plane first. Then they plan to expand to at least three more planes by March.

The test will run for 60 days. They will gauge demand and see how the service works before determining if and how much they’ll charge.

Southwest has already contracted with Yahoo as a partner. Yahoo will provide a home page for the airline that will include information about the flight and destination.

For long flights this will practically guarantee that I fly Southwest. My only question is, what about plugs or battery supply? As far as I know there’s no place to recharge.

Why Isn’t Coke on Twitter?

Econsultancy recently ranted about the one-dimensional marketing world many top brands like Coke operate in. Coke may have the worlds biggest Facebook Fan Page but they’re not on Twitter!! And they aren’t integrating their online and offline ad campaigns either.

“All too often the internet (and mobile) is a last-minute thought, when it should be built into a campaign at the outset. More than that, it should now be hardwired into marketing strategies by default.”

-Why do Top Global Brands Like Coca Cola Ignor Twitter?

Not only has someone else claimed Coke’s brand names on Twitter Coke doesn’t appear to listen. Even though it’s being talked about.  The word ‘Coke’ appears more than 1,000 times on Twitter in just a day (their other brands are mentioned too).

’25 Things’ Drives Spike in Facebook Traffic, Signups

Facebook’s popular “25 Things About Me” meme  has gone viral and has even hit mainstream media (it’s in Time Magazine!). And since you have to have a Facebook account to participate, this simple request has driven a lot of new signups and traffic to the site.

Here’s how it works: you write 25 facts about yourself, post it on Facebook, and tag your Facebook friends so they could fill out 25 random things about themselves. Have you done it yet? If you don’t know how to tag someone, you learn.

It ended up being big – as in about 5 million of these have been written in just one week big. As a result we know far more about the minutia of each other’s lives than we ever did. I’ve known my cousin since we were born and I learned new trivia about her from this meme.

Twitter Bringing Revenue This Year, Not Charging Businesses Yet

news_headlines001This week, there’s been a flurry of news about Twitter’s business plans. Okay, so Twitter’s business plans have been the subject of news for months, but this time it looked like Twitter was about to come out with a revenue model: charging businesses for certain add-on services.

Some people took this to mean that they would charge big brands for using the service in the first place, a claim that Twitter co-founder Biz Stone takes to task on the Twitter Blog. So, just to be clear, even though we reported this correctly earlier this week, I’m going to say it again:

Twitter is not going to charge anyone to tweet

Its basic service has always been and will always be free, as Stone asserts:

Twitter to Charge Businesses?

The co-founder of Twitter Biz Stone has confirmed that Twitter plans to charge businesses for extra services. There are few details or dates. But that’s the question in all of our minds—especially the investors who put $20 million into Twitter and I assume want to see a return.

No doubt Twitter has proven its value—TechCrunch wrote that Dell made a million over the holidays by using Twitter to tell people about discounts and sales.

There are said to be anywhere from 4 million to 6 million people using Twitter ( is said to have over 20 million users and turn a profit). The problem with monetizing social networks is that people don’t go there to buy, but to communicate. Plus, they’re used to getting everything free. Even Dell’s VP was quoted as saying that Twitter better keep it simple and inexpensive if they do plan to charge.