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Facebook Can’t Do Anything Right—Or Can It?

The most popular social network in the world just can’t get a break. They try to be new and innovative (okay, or they’re trying to rip off Twitter), and users hate it. HATE it. And Facebook basically says, “Tough.”

But anyone who’s been on Facebook for a couple years has seen this all before: almost every redesign and tweak has been met with virulent “I HATE THE NEW FACEBOOK” groups and discussions. They hated the news feed and mini feed years ago, they hated Beacon, they hated last year’s redesign, and they hate this one, too. Let’s face it: people hate change. But so far, Facebook has stuck to its guns about half the time—and even when they’ve made changes, they’ve modified, but never fully rescinded anything (other than the TOS changes)—and FB continues to flourish through all the fracas. Adds Twitter Analytics to CRM Offering

I think we can all agree that collecting customer feedback is a good thing, right?

What we may not all agree on is whether we should go out and collect that feedback in the places where our customers hang-out, or if we should serve coffee and donuts and entice them to come to us.

There are pros and cons to each approach and if you like the idea of building a customer feedback “mousetrap” then or are just two of the many providers willing to provide the blueprint.

If you’re more inclined to strap on your boots, grab your flashlight, and go looking for your client’s feedback then CRM provider SalesForce is happy to be your sherpa on the journey. Back in January, the company launched its Service Cloud offering and today it’s announced the addition of Twitter support.

Zuckerberg and Customers: Oil Meets Water

Over at there is some insider dirt being dished regarding internal correspondence from facebook2Facebook that shows its founder Mark Zuckerberg in a pretty unflattering light. In between appearances on Oprah and redesigning Facebook he has been letting the employees know how he really feels about customers.

Apparently he didn’t stick around Harvard long enough to learn that you use the term customers when someone pays for a service. Since accounts receivable is the smallest department at Facebook with little work to do, he may want to be a little more endearing to his users.

Take this Twitter Survey So We Can All Understand Corporate Use

Paul Bennett is an honorary Pilgrim and his company is currently conducting a survey to learn more about how companies are using Twitter.

His hope is to collect enough data to put together a report on how brands can leverage Twitter, and share it with Marketing Pilgrim readers.

This is one of those deals where the more people that take the survey, the more value we’ll all get out of the results.

It’s Friday, so while you’re goofing off this afternoon, take 2 minutes to complete this quick survey. The deadline is March 31st, in case you don’t have time today.


Is Social Networking Slowing Down the Generational Lines of Communication?

By Nick Stamoulis

Lately it seems like the social communication behavior and methods people use to interact are more like tangled-up power lines. Years ago there were traditionally only a small handful of ways to communicate; at work, phone, fax and face-to-face. For the last ten years or so many generations have been able to adopt email as a crucial form of communication, but now there are many newer social networking methods of communication between consumers, businesses, friends and families.

How many people do you know across different generations that actually have Facebook accounts? The numbers are staggering, but to a marketer and business owner it is crucial to understand that one size does not fit all. Even though these generations tend to actively use social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn they are still VERY different overall in the way they communicate.

Growth Is Not an Issue for Twitter

Most of us would be happy in this economy for any growth that occurred between Feb of 2008 and Feb of 2009. 10 percent would be fine. 50% would be amazing. 100% growth gets you rock star status. So if you are Twitter and Nielsen gave you the news that your subscriber base grew 1,392% in that period you may need to change your shorts. Ok, so maybe that’s a little too graphic but that is a pretty ridiculous number even if you don’t make one red cent while doing it (had to throw that in there;-)).

From a report on cnet, here are the results of the Top 5 fastest growing, as Nielsen refers to them, ‘member community destinations’ for the February to February time period.


Can Facebook Kill Google?

killer-fbSo far this week, we’ve wondered if Google cares about social, after an analyst said that Google is ignoring social search because they’re jealous of social networks. But now they may have something new to fear from Facebook, the most popular social network worldwide: imminent death.

Or at least that’s what Henry Blodget says after a presentation by Ross Sandler of RBC. Although Facebook’s traffic to Google has more than doubled in the last year (19% of Google sessions come from FB, up from 9% last year), Facebook’s worldwide traffic is growing at an alarming rate—one that could surpass Google in another two to three years (in terms of unique visitors).