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Are Internet Threats to Minors Overblown?

A new study from the Internet Safety Technical Task Force (ISTTF) suggests that Internet threats faced by minors are overblown. According to the study, Internet and social networking sites aren’t as dangerous as we all think they are. Clearly Chris Hansen from NBC’s To Catch a Predator needs to give them a call.

I really don’t understand the merit this study has (or the point of it, for that matter). The report says, “Minors are not equally at risk online.┬áThose who are most at risk often engage in risky behaviors and have difficulties in other parts of their lives.” I feel like we need Seth and Amy to break into a “Really?!?” session.

Since they’re not here, I’ll do it for them!

AOL Refocuses, Creates Two New Divisions

The New AOLIt seems like just yesterday I was using AOL for all of my Internet needs. Now as AOL continues to hang on by tooth and nail, they are forming to new divisions: People Networks and MediaGlow.

The People Networks division is pretty straight forward. Its primary focus will be AOL’s media properties Bebo and AOL Instant Messenger (does anyone still use a single IM client?).

AdWeek reports that the MediaGlow division will focus on the niche properties that AOL owns, like AOL Health and TMZ. AOL claims that these sites are what set them apart from their rivals Yahoo and MSN. I suppose they gave up on trying to catch Google.

EVP, and now MediaGlow President, Bill Wilson says:

A Comic Reminder to Avoid a Social Media Reputation Blunder


Facebook Hits 150 Million User Milestone

Just a few weeks ago Facebook reached 140 million users. We reported that Facebook was growing at a jaw-dropping 600,000 users a day, and thanks to that growth they have hit the 150 million user milestone.

My first instinct was to question how active users were. After all, I get 10+ Twitter friend requests a day almost none of which are legit. According to Search Engine Watch, half of Facebook’s users use the site every day. Amazing!

Mark Zuckerberg wrote on the Facebook blog stating that Facebook has users in every continent in the world, including Antarctica. With over 35 languages spoken on Facebook and a users from over 170 countries and territories.

Why a Single Yelp User Could Bring Consumer Review Sites to Their Knees

Update: Both parties settled the case in mediation today.

As consumer review sites continue to gain popularity, they appear destined to play an important role in the public perception of any businesses’ online reputation.

That is, unless the consumers screw it up for themselves.

You see, over the past few months I’ve noticed a growing trend of consumers making vague, petty, or downright defamatory complaints. Apparently, I’m not seeing things as CNET reports that a Yelp user is being sued by a chiropractor who claims his review is defamatory.

The lawsuit, filed February 25, 2008, alleges that Biegel [the chiropractor] has suffered loss of reputation and business as a result of the review and seeks punitive damages. According to the lawsuit, the review allegedly contained false statements and inaccuracies that suggested Biegel was dishonest and accused him of fraudulent billing practices.

Facebook Sets Record Traffic on Christmas Eve

FacebookJust a few weeks ago we reported that Facebook was growing by 600,000 users a day. If that wasn’t enough, CNET reports that Facebook set record traffic numbers on Christmas Eve.

During the month of November, Facebook was averaging 1.42% of all U.S. Internet traffic. On December 24, they hit a Facebook-best 2.18% market share that day. That’s a 54 percent increase over November average and a 53 percent increase year over year. Needless to say, things are going well for them.

According to CNET, that pattern was mirrored in the U.K., where visits to the social networking site had a market share of 4.65 percent, accounting for one in every 22 Internet visits.

Facebook Sues

It wasn’t long ago that we reported on‘s expansion into the North American market. The social networking aggregator that allows users the ability to navigate and participate in multiple social networks at once, now finds itself in hot water with social networking giant Facebook.

Court documents filed December 30th reveal that Facebook is suing for a host of reasons including copyright infringement, violations of terms of service, and the scraping of what they consider “proprietary data,” which I assume is user information. It appears the mere inclusion of Facebook into the site is not at issue, but rather the fact that did not use Facebook’s public API. As of now has removed every mention of Facebook from its site.