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Facebook Connect – Great Feature or Another Privacy Nightmare?

By Carrie Hill

First announced back in May, Facebook Connect rolled out this weekend and now you can take your followers with you.  Specifically – you can now use your Facebook credentials to log into other sites across the web and see your Facebook friends’ activity on those sites.

Amid concerns over privacy – many sites are on tap to add this functionality to their own platforms – soon you will be able to see your Facebook friends on Discovery Channel sites, Digg, Hulu and more.

Instead of keeping information and platforms close to their chests – many Silicon Valley giants are looking to share at least a small amount of information if it makes the web more accessible for its users.  The issue I see with this is privacy – and that’s not a new issue for Facebook.

Social Media: Failure to Launch

By Peter Young

Social Media is a name on many peoples’ list, and a channel on many advertisers’ marketing plans – however – as many advertisers have recently found – it may not necessarily be the most effective channel in terms of direct response.

Certainly the research would suggest the potential traffic is there. Research suggests that around 60% of Americans use social media sites, with around three quarters of this figure visiting a site at least once a week. That by itself would suggest that there is a significant branding opportunity alone via social media sites, so what are the problems?

Why Social Media May Not be Right For You!

By Patricia Skinner

Have doubts about how useful social media can be to you?

Let’s get right to the main reasons why social media may not be right for you personally:

  • You hate publicity
  • You have something terrible to hide
  • You are too busy being a star to bother with networking
  • You’re less than ten year’s old or over 100
  • You already have too many customers
  • You’re dead

Seriously, there are very few situations where a social media profile will not be of some use in your business or private life.

Jury Set to Deliberate MySpace Suicide Case

By Taylor Pratt

A Los Angeles jury is set to deliberate the suicide of a Missouri teen who was emotionally tortured on MySpace and committed suicide. In yet another blow to the human race, a 47-year-old woman posed as a 13-year-old boy to tease and humiliate a 13-year-old girl named Megan Meier.

Lori Drew, the 47-year-old woman, lived just a few houses down from Megan. She was upset that Megan had been teasing her daughter in school, and sought revenge. I’d like to take a moment here for you all to read that sentence again, focus on “sought revenge.” We’re talking about 13-year-old girls here. I know they are mean to each other, but as a parent, don’t you sort of prepare for this type of thing to happen in your daughter’s life? Has there even been a kid who wasn’t made fun of at some point in their life? It is part of growing up. It is what shapes us into who we are. As a parent, you have an ethical responsibility to teach your children to overcome those obstacles, not to retaliate to the degree that Lori did. </rant>

LinkedIn Improves Search Feature

By Carrie Hill

Today professional networking platform, LinkedIn announced some upgrades to their on-site search features.

They’ve provided more ways to find people.
I think this is a good advance as I have been frustrated in the past looking for a particular person’s profile. Previously it seemed necessary to find someone who was connected to find their profile. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – but it did add some frustration to building your network.

An expanded the search space.
That header was confusing for me – but I figured it out. They’ve decided to eliminate the tab switching for a people search from in-network to out-of-network. They now retrieve the most relevant professionals from the entire community. My question how is relevancy determined?

Court Awards Facebook $873M in Spam Case: Is This Really Gonna Help?

By Joe Hall

On Friday, a San Jose court awarded Facebook $873 million in a spam case involving Adam Guerbuez and his company Atlantis Blue Capital. Guerbuez has a real sleazy history as the type of guy that likes to sell videos of people beating homeless people. This time around the court ruled that Guerbuez’s actions on Facebook were a violation of the CAN-SPAM act.

Does Facebook think they are actually going to get $873 million? Apparently not. Max Kelly, Facebook’s head of security wrote on the Facebook blog,

It’s unlikely that Geurbez [sic] and Atlantis Blue Capital could ever honor the judgment rendered against them (though we will certainly collect everything we can). But we are confident that this award represents a powerful deterrent to anyone and everyone who would seek to abuse Facebook and its users.

Getting the Hang of the Twitter Culture

By Patricia Skinner

Twitter’s Population Explosion

In the past six months or so there has been a staggering surge of users on Twitter, as word gets round about what a wonderful networking tool it is. As you’d expect, a fair number of recent newcomers make no secret of the fact that they only joined to further their business interests. So we old-timer Twitterers are happy to see articles like Beth Harte’s Twitter for Business: Ten Things to Consider Before You Get Started, over at Search Engine Guide.

We’ve all seen too much less-than-subtle marketing (spamming is not too strong a term) from people who are in such a rush to turn a profit they don’t even stop to consider what the rules might be!