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Tips From Karl Havard For Brand Engagement Via Social Media

By Joe Hall

Karl Havard from Propellernet just wrote a really great article called “Top ten tips for brand engagement via social media“. You can really tell that Karl has a very polished understanding of social media. I think it would be smart for everyone to go read Karl’s article. However, I am going to highlight a few of my favorite parts.

Before Karl got to his list of tips he laid out 5 common themes from his research. One stuck with me.

Less innovative and early adoptive brands see getting involved with social media as “high risk” to the business. I would argue that the risk of not getting involved is much higher.

Facebook Hit by Koobface Virus

Rumors swirled around the Twitterverse yesterday that Facebook had been hacked. McAfee Avert Labs Blog says that while Facebook has not been hacked, it does have a virus spreading across its millions of users.

The virus is a variant of the social networking virus Koobface. The virus is spread by sending fake messages around Facebook accounts. The message looks like this (photo credits to McAfee):

If a user ends up following that link, they are taken to a site with a flash video player. The virus then alerts the user that their Flash software is out of date. The virus than prompts the user to download the latest version, and if the user accepts, it downloads the virus onto their computer. Finally, the user receives an error message once the virus is installed saying there was a problem installing their Flash update.

The Secret to Using a “Refer a Friend” Script

Andy’s Note: On a recent post, I was amazed at a lengthy and informative comment that was left by Lance Jepsen, author of Internet Marketing: Profits That Lie Hidden in Your Website.

With his permission, I thought you might be interested to read his advice on getting the most out of your “Refer/Tell/Recommend a Friend” efforts.


By Lance Jepsen

I’m always asked by clients how does viral marketing apply to my business? I think the great marketer Dean Hunt said it best, “Here is the secret that no other viral marketers seem to understand… getting 10,000 visitors of which 20% are targeted is BETTER than getting 100 visitors where 100% are targeted.”

Google’s Friend Connect Open to All

I know that I should be excited about the endless possibilities that Google Friend Connect will bring, but I can’t help wonder how this service is any different from Yahoo’s MyBlogLog.

Anyway, if you’ve been itching to add Google Friend Connect to your own web site, you’re in for a good Friday. Google has just announced that–in no way connected to any threat that Facebook Connect may bring–Google Friend Connect is now open to all.

What’s all the fuss? You can view the video below:

In the meantime, a gold star to anyone that can tell me how this is connected to Google’s core focus? Didn’t the company just say that it was cutting back on anything that wasn’t "search, ads and apps?"

TechCrunch Among First to Adopt Facebook Connect

As we’ve already reported, it looks like Facebook Connect will be taking off after all. Facebook Connect gives you the ability to log into other websites via your Facebook account, track what your friends are doing on those sites, and also broadcast the comments you make on those sites in your stalker friend feed.

Although Facebook Connect is still in its infancy (it launched on November 30, 2008), TechCrunch has decided to become an early adopter and roll it into their comments platform. Now when you want to post a comment on a TechCrunch blog post, all you’ll need to do is login to your Facebook account and it will populate the rest of the data for you (name, email, website, etc). The next time you come back to comment, you’ll just have to press the “Connect” button and you’ll be logged in and ready to comment.

An Interview with SMM Guru: Brian Chappell

By Joe Hall

Brian will tell you that he doesn’t call himself a guru, but in my opinion, others should. Last week, I came by a video on IM Broadcast that caught my attention. In this video social media marketer, Brian Chappell, responded to people that claim they are Social Media Marketing Gurus, but in reality they lack any real experience. Brian’s video reminded me about the constant discussion in the SEO community about fake SEO’s. I wanted to get a better understanding of what exactly successful social media marketing looks like, so I asked Brian if he would be willing to answer a few questions for the Marketing Pilgrim community.

Here is my interview with Brian Chappell (an active member of the SEO community, works at Ignite Social Media and blogs at

Tune In And Build A New Media Movement

By Joe Hall

The Alliance of Youth Movements SummitThe Alliance of Youth Movements Summit is going on as we speak in New York City, and Howcast is streaming the entire event live. This conference is bringing together some really amazing people from the world of television, politics, community organizing, and academia. The various panels include: How To Build Transnational Social Movements Using New Technology, How To Use New Mobile Technologies and How To Preserve Group Safety And Security.

I urge anyone out there that wants to learn how to build an online movement to go watch this stream. As new media marketers we must understand the fundamentals to grassroots organizing because the Internet is nothing but grassroots. Building effective marketing campaigns in new media requires the fundamental understanding of organizing people around ideas. This is the heart of grassroots organizing.