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New Twitter Design for Its Benefit, Not Ours

Like anyone that uses a social networking tool on a frequent basis, I’ve become accustomed to the way Twitter looks and operates. So, when the company–without warning–changed the design, I had the typical knee-jerk reaction: Nooooooooo!

Just when I knew exactly where everything was and how it worked, Twitter made sweeping changes–apparently without consulting with its users first. I’ve not seen too many Tweets showing delight for the new navigation location.

But, I’m not naive. Despite Twitter doing its best to push these features as huge benefits for its users–perhaps we’ll learn to love them–these changes are not about us. Nope, they’re about Twitter’s ability to grow and remain stable in the process. Here’s the statement to that effect:

Job Hunting Reputation Management: Scary Stats & 3 Tactics You Can Use

Have you checked your social networking profile lately? If you’re planning on applying for a job anytime soon, you should know that a study suggests one in five recruiters use social networks in their hiring process–33% of them have rejected candidates based on what they found!

The survey of more than 31,000 employers revealed the following concerns:

  • Information about alcohol or drug use (41% of managers said this was a top concern)
  • Inappropriate photos or information posted on a candidate’s page (40%)
  • Poor communication skills (29%)
  • Bad-mouthing of former employers or fellow employees (28%)
  • Inaccurate qualifications (27%)
  • Unprofessional screen names (22%)
  • Notes showing links to criminal behavior (21%)
  • Confidential information about past employers (19%)

75% of Facebook Users Reject New Design; Facebook Forces it on them Anyway!

UPDATE: Clearly I suck. As many commenters have pointed out, 75% of Facebook users kept the new version. Still 60% didn’t even want to try the new version, so that still says a lot. Thanks to those who pointed out the error!


Let me ask you something. If you rolled out a new design for your web site and 75% of your site users told you they preferred the original design, would you:

a) Scrap the new design?

b) Ask your users to provide input on a better design?

c) Force the new design on them anyway?

If you’re a savvy business owner, you probably went with either a) or b) or perhaps both. If you happen to be the management at Facebook, you would have chosen c)…apparently:

Save $500! Learn Social Media Marketing from Om Malik, Biz Stone, & More!

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Google Bullies Twitter Into Adding Nofollow

I’ve decided to add my disdain to Google’s request to Twitter to add a nofollow to links contained within the bio section of user profiles.

Rae Hoffman is not afraid to stand-up for what’s right, and I’m happy to lend my support. In case you missed the story, here’s what happened.

The “web” link has always been a nofollow link, but the bio links passed popularity until Dave Naylor exposed it, which alerted Matt Cutts (a Google engineer) who sent a tweet to @ev (a twitter founder) about Dave’s forementioned post and *poof* bio links were nofollowed.

Warning: Bebo Will Change Your Profile Without Warning or Input

If you’ve paid attention to my advice about selecting your social networking profile name, you’ve likely carefully made your choice.

Well be warned; Bebo will change your profile name without notice and without any input from you.

Take a look at this email I recently received from Bebo:


Andy Beal,

Your username has been changed by a Bebo administrator for security purposes. Sorry for the inconvenience.

New Username: AndyBeal_*******

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Please do not reply directly to this email.

If you have a question about the Bebo service:

LinkedIn Partners with CNBC – a social site for professionals – is partnering with CNBC to integrate news and other content. LinkedIn has over 27 million members but until now has had very little community-buildling or social networking features.

Currently on LinkedIn you can email other professionals, ask them questions, and give or get recommendations from people in your network. Now you’ll also be able to share information with them – something that is happening informally anyway.

One way to build up your network is to send relevant news stories, blog posts, or videos that you think they’ll benefit from. With this partnership, that could be easier if the content is on CNBC. On CNBC’s site there is a section devoted to LinkedIn – though right now it’s at the very bottom of the page and it’s a poll. To answer the poll, you must be a member of LinkedIn.