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Twitter Joins Friend Connect

Google announced today that users of Google Friend Connect are now able to connect their Twitter accounts to their Google accounts. This means that when you join a ‘Friend Connected’ site, you’ll be able to connect with your other Twitter friends on that site.

I’m not a big fan of Facebook Connect, but I love the idea of being able to connect to other Twitter users on my favorite blogs. This seems like a great way to grow your network and start up conversations with like-minded individuals without sharing all of your personal photos!

One great feature with Twitter on Google Friend Connect is that you can opt to use your Twitter avatar and profile description. To add your Twitter friends, all you need to do is go to your Google Profile on a site that supports Google Friend Connect and click on “Add/Remove”.

Procter & Gamble Doesn’t Understand Social Media

The New York Times recently ran an article by Randall Stross about Procter & Gamble‘s attempt at marketing on Facebook. While I will give Procter & Gamble credit for at least trying to engage social media, it’s pretty obvious that they are drastically failing.

Stross points out several examples of Procter & Gamble’s botched attempts such as the “Crest Whitestrips” fan page. In this example Procter & Gamble successfully lures around 14,000 Facebook members to become “fans”. However, under closer inspection it appears that the lure was in the way of free movie tickets and Def Jam concerts! They could have easily gotten just as many fans for any of their brands with a promotion like that.

Report: 40 Million In The US Contribute to Social Networking.

Netpop Research has released a report that says that around 40 million Americans contribute to social networking sites. 76% of all US broadband users actively contribute to social media sites, and 29% regularly contribute to social networks. (via)

Who are these social networkers?

Netpop tells us that the typical social networker is female (57% vs. 43%), between 18 and 29 years old, employed (55%) or a student (23%), and single (48%). Broadband users who don’t contribute to social networks are usually older, married (57%) men (57%).

People that contribute to social networks will spend on average of about $101 online, while the folks that aren’t a part of social networks spend around $80.

MySpace Vs. Facebook

MySpace Exec: Embrace Fan Networks

Captain CrunchJay Stevens, MySpace‘s vice president of international online marketing, recently said that corporations should embrace fan sites on networks like MySpace and Facebook versus seek legal action against them. His comments come during a panel at MediaPost’s Email Insider Summit.

Sitting with Stevens on the panel was Karla Venell, the manager of database and email marketing at General Mills. Vernal says, “most of the (fan sites are) probably good for us.”

When speaking about the folks that create brand centric fan pages Stevens says, “The best thing to do is empower those individuals as much as possible and engage with them.” He then goes further to say, “They like the attention and notoriety that comes with being a brand ambassador.”

Technorati Switches On its New Engage Ad Network

by Rene LeMerle

 alt=After years of speculation and an acquisition back in October, Technorati have switched on the beta version of their new ad network – Technorati Engage.

The beta launch of the ad network has occurred with little fanfare. It hasn’t even earned a mention on the Technorati blog as yet, which suggests they’re not 100% ready to open up the floodgates.

After acquiring AdEngage back in October to help power the new network, they immediately announced the launch of a private alpha of Technorati Engage. The rapid execution suggested Technorati was keen to keep momentum moving and its no real surprise to see the beta live so soon.

Richard Jalichandra had this to say back in October regarding the ad network:

Tips From Karl Havard For Brand Engagement Via Social Media

By Joe Hall

Karl Havard from Propellernet just wrote a really great article called “Top ten tips for brand engagement via social media“. You can really tell that Karl has a very polished understanding of social media. I think it would be smart for everyone to go read Karl’s article. However, I am going to highlight a few of my favorite parts.

Before Karl got to his list of tips he laid out 5 common themes from his research. One stuck with me.

Less innovative and early adoptive brands see getting involved with social media as “high risk” to the business. I would argue that the risk of not getting involved is much higher.

Facebook Hit by Koobface Virus

Rumors swirled around the Twitterverse yesterday that Facebook had been hacked. McAfee Avert Labs Blog says that while Facebook has not been hacked, it does have a virus spreading across its millions of users.

The virus is a variant of the social networking virus Koobface. The virus is spread by sending fake messages around Facebook accounts. The message looks like this (photo credits to McAfee):

If a user ends up following that link, they are taken to a site with a flash video player. The virus then alerts the user that their Flash software is out of date. The virus than prompts the user to download the latest version, and if the user accepts, it downloads the virus onto their computer. Finally, the user receives an error message once the virus is installed saying there was a problem installing their Flash update.