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Forget Google, Now MyBlogLog Adds Friends without Your Consent

Yeah, okay, I’m still mad at Google for adding every single person I’ve ever emailed to my “friends” list. But lately worse things have been happening to me over at MyBlogLog (remember them?).

I know, I know, MBL has long since fallen out of favor with tech & SEM bloggers. I’d forgotten about them, too, other than the occasional “So and so has added you as a contact” e-mails.

Until the end of May, when I got one of these e-mails that stood out. It stood out because there were two emails in the conversation—the first, the usual “Check it! [user name] has made you a contact on MyBlogLog.” The second e-mail, sent one minute later, read “Check it! [user name] has returned the favor and added you to their contact list on MyBlogLog. Click below to visit their profile.”

Where the Rubber Meets the Road: B2B Companies Struggle to Find Their Fit with Blogging

There’s been a lot of discussion recently about how to measure the value of blogging, including in B2B organizations. Forrester Research recently released a study entitled “How to Derive Value from B2B Blogging,” and it contained many valuable insights into the state of B2B blogging and its adoption today.

Some key findings from the report include:

  • While adoption of corporate blogging has been growing over the past few years, the number of new blogs established in 2007 took a nose dive.
  • Corporate bloggers can’t seem to keep the conversation going. The challenge for many B2B marketers seems to be that writing for a blog is often more conversational, while many B2B marketers have been trained to write with a strictly business or technical focus.

Facebook’s Latest Valuation: Less than $5B

If you’ve forgotten, just nine months ago, Microsoft purchased a 1.6% stake in Facebook for $240 million. Doing the math from that, the total value of Facebook last October was $15B.

But apparently this possibly-soon-to-be-recession-(though-technically-still-not,-people!) has really hurt the “social utility.” Rumors are circulating on Silicon Alley Insider and TechCrunch that Facebook’s current value is less than $5B—and as low as $3 or $4 billion.

SAI cites rumors appearing in their comments for weeks that Facebook’s value is plummeting—and, more importantly, a source who was offered a 0.25% stake for $12.5M just two months ago. Once again turning to our trusty, rusty algebra, that gives a more recent total value of $5B.

Barack Obama Will Win The US Presidency – Guaranteed!

November 4th Update: We’ve added a widget so you can track the results as they come in:

The 2008 US Presidential Election truly represents the first time the Internet will push a specific candidate “over the top” and on to the glory of being endlessly criticized by the public, roasted on SNL and all of the other wonderful benefits that come with the office.

So, why am I predicting guaranteeing that Barack Obama will reign supreme (thanks to you no less)? Because you represent one of the record-breaking 46% of Americans that have used the internet, email or cell phone text messaging to get news about the campaigns, share your views and mobilize others. Guess which candidate is the most savvy in online politics? Can you say Barack Obama?

Men More Likely to be on LinkedIn, Flickr

Last month I posted about patterns between men and women and their patterns of making friends on social networking sites. Rapleaf has another study that gives more insights into which sites are popular between the sexes and across age groups.

People on social media sites are usually in the age range of 14 to 24 years old. Rapleaf’s study focused on 49.3 million people in their database who are aged 14-74. They found a total of 120 million profiles on social networking sites and most people average having profiles on 2-3 different sites.

Here are some findings:

  • Women are more likely to be on Myspace and Facebook. Especially the younger crowd, age 14-24 (the 14-24 year old demographic represents 65.5% and 66.25% of total users respectively).

Rumor Mill: Google Acquiring Digg

It seems Digg can’t avoid rumors that it’s up for sale. The social news site has been the subject of acquisition rumors for more than two years now.

According to ValleyWag’s rumor, Google is the latest company sniffing around Digg.

…we hear [Google's Marissa] Mayer is pushing hard for an acquisition of Rose’s Digg, for a price below $200 million…A source familiar with the talks says Google and Digg reached an agreement last month; it’s not clear whether the offer was verbal or a formal termsheet. So why the delay? One possibility: Digg may have been exploring whether it could hire a rock-star CEO and raise more money.

Why would Google want Digg? Well, a couple hundred million is nothing to Google. Even if Digg users were to abandon ship, Google would have its hands on valuable algorithms and data on what makes a news story popular.

Bringing Down the House (of Lords) on YouTube

If you’ve ever watched C-Span, you might have accidentally caught coverage of the House of Commons–where the UK’s Prime Minister gets many “hear, hears” and “hurrumphs.”

If you’ve ever turned to the channel while the House of Lords is on, you probably immediately fell into a coma–until someone switched the channel to something more interesting like the National Paint Drying Championships.

Well, that “happening and hip” House of Lords feels it’s a little misunderstood. So, in an effort to reach a younger audience and explain its value, the House of Lords has commissioned a series of YouTube videos.

I applaud the initiative, but I still fell asleep halfway through this video…