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Why eBay Is Suing craigslist

The public version of eBay’s lawsuit against craigslist was filed this week, with a number of redactions (legal for ‘censored bits’) removed from the official filing, at the request of craigslist (which include the exact number of shares that eBay owns, the exact proportions of shares that others hold, etc.

paidContent offers a good synopsis of eBay’s accusations from the filing and the WSJ (which I will translate into English/a soap opera for those of us who are not financial wizards):

Twitter Traffic Up Again

If you read Marketing Pilgrim, or if you read online marketing blogs, you’ve probably heard of Twitter. It’s the rage at tech conferences and in certain communities. Outside of these circles, almost no one has heard of it. But while it may not have reached critical mass, the growth is pretty impressive.

I’ve noticed that people either haven’t heard of Twitter, have a mad crush on it, or HATE it. I asked a room full of paid search managers if they tweet, and one did. Out of the total number of people I work with (most of us do SEO or PPC) my guess is there are about 5 people on Twitter.

Free Presidential Candidate News Widgets from

TrackurI’m excited to announce that we’re rolling out free Trackur buzz-tracking widgets. The widgets are designed to allow anyone to monitor the discussion surrounding a popular topic, company, or person.

As part of the roll-out we’re starting with widgets that are the most requested: Presidential candidates.

We’ve created Trackur widgets for Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain. Each widget uses Trackur’s powerful reputation monitoring technology to scour the web for mention of each presidential candidate.

If you’re so inclined, you can add these widgets to your blog, Myspace or Facebook profile, Netvibes, Ning, iGoogle and many other social networks–all for free!

P.S. After seeing more than one rally for Ron Paul over the weekend, we’ve even created a widget that tracks the “Ron Paul” buzz. :-)

Risqué Teacher Profiles Raising Questions? Why Parents Should Carry Part of the Responsibility

The Washington Post pokes around a few MySpace and Facebook profiles of young school teachers and shares the apparently disturbing results.

One Montgomery County special education teacher displayed a poster that depicts talking sperm and invokes a slang term for oral sex. One woman who identified herself as a Prince William County kindergarten teacher posted a satiric shampoo commercial with a half-naked man having an orgasm in the shower. A D.C. public schools educator offered this tip on her page: “Teaching in DCPS — Lesson #1: Don’t smoke crack while pregnant.”

Shocking, huh?

I know you’re expecting me to now drone on about the importance of ensuring you have a clean online reputation and some bullet-points on how these teachers can protect their jobs, but I’m not going to.

Social Media Marketing Beginner’s Guide

Do you know who is talking about you in social media?
Free social media monitoring tools.

By Jon Rognerud


What is the hottest social media tool to emerge on the scene this year? It’s ‘Twitter’, and you may get hooked too…

SMX Social MediaI recently came back from a fully packed conference on social media marketing, the Danny Sullivan SMX show in Long Beach, CA, and all-the-rage was Twitter, a micro-blogging platform that many at first (typically) considered a ‘joke’ or maybe just a temporary fad. They (we) were all wrong, but most agreed that using any tool or technique without a reasonable strategy was a missed opportunity.

But, let’s not be too quick – learn how to research & leverage the social media space with planning and execution along the way.

The All-New Yahoo: Yahoo Open Strategy

In a keynote at the Web2.0 conference yesterday, Yahoo CTI Ari Balogh and Chief Architect of Platforms Neal Sample discussed Yahoo Open Strategy or YOS. The rollout of SearchMonkey begun yesterday is just part of Yahoo’s efforts to join in open initiatives.

Yahoo has talking about open initiatives for some time: last September, Business Week foreshadowed the coming of SearchMonkey. In November and again in January they talked about bringing a social network to your Yahoo Mail inbox. A month ago, they signed on to OpenSocial.

While these look like two different efforts in social areas and open areas, Yahoo unites these areas in their open strategy, and brings in three more areas:

  • Platformization
  • Open services
  • Portability

eBay Sues Craigslist for Stock Dilution

I know you’re getting bored with all the other Internet marketing intrigues out there, so here’s a new one: eBay is suing craigslist. Tantalizing, isn’t it?

By way of background, eBay bought more than a quarter of craigslist’s stock (28.4%) back in 2004. According to the suit, this January, unnamed “unilateral actions” by founder Craig Newmark, CEO Jim Buckmaster and/or the craigslist company itself diluted eBay’s shares, diminishing the power that eBay should wield by an alleged 10%.

eBay says that the unnamed actions were unethical and unfair, in addition to being a “breach” of the company’s “fiduciary duties.” citing their good history with craigslist, eBay expressed dismay at the recent developments:

[W]e have acted openly and in good faith as a minority shareholder, so we were surprised by these recent unilateral actions.