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Aloha Social Media Summit is Almost Here; Are You Registered?

How much do you think it would cost to get some one-on-one training with Om Malik? Biz Stone? Peter Shankman? Susan Bratton? I can tell you that, for two days of consulting, my normal rate would be at least five figures–so I suspect the aforementioned gurus would be even more.

Now, how would you like to get access to all of the above, and Charlene Li, Roxanne Darling, and Dave Taylor for just $2500? What if I threw in a $500 discount?

We still have seats remaining for the upcoming Aloha Social Media Summit, to be held in Boulder, CO, October 6-7. The first Aloha Summit (held in Hawaii, hence the name) was a huge success and you can view video testimonials below.

DIY Ad Targeting from MySpace

myspace diy ad targeting programYet another way for a social network to monetize itself—MySpace is launching a do-it-yourself ad targeting program. Currently in beta at, the program is designed to help MySpace advertisers promote their business or their music.

The ad program runs on a CPC basis with a minimum $0.25 bid ($25 campaign minimum). The program enables advertisers to target MySpace users based on gender, age, region, city/state, and interests. Naturally, as there’s nothing new under the sun, this brings to mind Facebook’s own ad targeting program. Indeed, this may not be terribly different, other than the fact that MySpace has more users (yes, still).

According to Social Times, the banner ads can be either 728×90 or 300×250 and MySpace provides several templates if you don’t have one of your own. The interest-based targeting is somewhat limited:

Rumor: eBay Selling StumbleUpon

It’s like when one of those Hollywood couples who you thought would really last breaks up. Okay, no, not really. It’s more like when one of those Hollywood couples who you thought “WHAT? Why? That’s gotta be Photoshopped” breaks up. After 16 months of marriage, eBay is rumored to be looking for buyers for the popular social discovery service StumbleUpon.

The reports come from TechCrunch‘s venerable sources that eBay is in touch with Deutsche Bank to find a buyer. So far, TC’s sources have been right at each step of the way, predicting not only the acquisition in April 2007 well before eBay’s then-CEO Meg Whitman would announce it (she denied it), but the exact date of the $75M acquisition announcement the following month.

New Twitter Design for Its Benefit, Not Ours

Like anyone that uses a social networking tool on a frequent basis, I’ve become accustomed to the way Twitter looks and operates. So, when the company–without warning–changed the design, I had the typical knee-jerk reaction: Nooooooooo!

Just when I knew exactly where everything was and how it worked, Twitter made sweeping changes–apparently without consulting with its users first. I’ve not seen too many Tweets showing delight for the new navigation location.

But, I’m not naive. Despite Twitter doing its best to push these features as huge benefits for its users–perhaps we’ll learn to love them–these changes are not about us. Nope, they’re about Twitter’s ability to grow and remain stable in the process. Here’s the statement to that effect:

Job Hunting Reputation Management: Scary Stats & 3 Tactics You Can Use

Have you checked your social networking profile lately? If you’re planning on applying for a job anytime soon, you should know that a study suggests one in five recruiters use social networks in their hiring process–33% of them have rejected candidates based on what they found!

The survey of more than 31,000 employers revealed the following concerns:

  • Information about alcohol or drug use (41% of managers said this was a top concern)
  • Inappropriate photos or information posted on a candidate’s page (40%)
  • Poor communication skills (29%)
  • Bad-mouthing of former employers or fellow employees (28%)
  • Inaccurate qualifications (27%)
  • Unprofessional screen names (22%)
  • Notes showing links to criminal behavior (21%)
  • Confidential information about past employers (19%)

75% of Facebook Users Reject New Design; Facebook Forces it on them Anyway!

UPDATE: Clearly I suck. As many commenters have pointed out, 75% of Facebook users kept the new version. Still 60% didn’t even want to try the new version, so that still says a lot. Thanks to those who pointed out the error!


Let me ask you something. If you rolled out a new design for your web site and 75% of your site users told you they preferred the original design, would you:

a) Scrap the new design?

b) Ask your users to provide input on a better design?

c) Force the new design on them anyway?

If you’re a savvy business owner, you probably went with either a) or b) or perhaps both. If you happen to be the management at Facebook, you would have chosen c)…apparently:

Save $500! Learn Social Media Marketing from Om Malik, Biz Stone, & More!

There’s still time to secure one of only 25 seats available for the Aloha Social Media Summit. While we’re keeping the Hawaiian theme, this event will be in Boulder, CO, October 6-7.

Marketing Pilgrim readers can save $500 by using the discount coupon "rfoa"

Here’s what we have in store for you:

  • A mastermind workshop with the true gurus of social networking, blogging, new media and entrepreneurial business, hosted by Andy Beal and Dave Taylor.
  • Featured participant/speakers include Om Malik, CEO of GigaOM, Biz Stone, co-founder of and Peter Shankman, founder of Help a Reporter Online, Susan Bratton of Personal Life Media, Charlene Li (co-author of Groundswell) and Roxanne Darling (host, Beachwalks With Rox)