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69 Year Olds Overrepresented on Social Networks

For Marketing Pilgrim readers who love data – here is a follow-up to Rapleaf’s social media study. The link has a spreadsheet that you can apply formulas to. The study looked at 49.3 million people on social networks and breaks them down by age and gender. This is good to study to look at if you want a general idea where to focus your marketing on a specific social network to a target customer.

The first group post about this talked about how men often have more “friends” on social networks and tend to be on LinkedIn and Flickr. Facebook and MySpace has more women. Men and women on average have 2-25 friends. So if you have more, you’re above average :)

Other Highlights on the Social Media Network Study:

Stop the Press! Is this the First Official Apple Blog?

A blog (a contraction of the term web log) is a website, usually maintained by an individual, with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order.

That’s how Wikipedia defines a blog. Apple doesn’t have an official blog and, according to reports, even goes to great lengths to prevent some employees from blogging about Apple on their personal time.

Furthermore, while Apple employees are granted permission by Apple to create their own personal Web pages and blogs, they are not allowed to comment on anything related to Apple on such pages. Furthermore, they are prohibited from posting in any capacity on any Mac-related Websites or forums, whether they identify themselves as working for Apple or not.

Microsoft Live Search to Integrate with Facebook

Facebook and Microsoft have been linked in the news before—especially after a deal last October where Microsoft purchased a 1.6% stake in Facebook for $240M. This year we’ve seen multiple reports this year that Microsoft might buy the social networking sweetheart.

Microsoft has had a limited search and advertising deal with the social network for almost two years and their deal last fall included contextual ads. But a new deal launching this fall would be a bit different—it would include integrating Microsoft Live search as the site’s search engine, and would include results from the web (including Microsoft’s paid listings) at large.

News of the deal comes from a transcript of a call as part of Analyst Day. Head of the search unit, Satya Nadella, ended his remarks in the call (mistranscriptions corrected):

Google Knol Launches

You know how déjà vu is? I’m feeling that today, since it’s been seven months since Google Knol was announced, and they’re just now getting around to going live. And what we said at the first announcement still looks to be true: “Google Runs Out of Content to Monetize; Wants You to Build More.”

Despite obvious similarities, Google Knol will make no claims of aiming to kill Wikipedia. In case you’ve forgotten, knols are small hills which may or may not be a good place for a gunner’s nest “authoritative articles about specific topics, written by people who know about those subjects.”

It’s easy to create a knol. Here’s my attempt:
creating a knol in google knol

Baristas Unite! Social Networking At Street Level

CoffeeSmall businesses in the US are struggling right now. Any edge or any hope that can be found is a welcome change from the continued onslaught of economic news around rising prices and shrinking wallets. I found one such story this morning over my cup of coffee. Oh and it was kinda cool that it was about coffee. I need that kind of early morning validation that my coffee drinking is still “in vogue”.

Anyway, in the Wall Street Journal this morning (I know, where else does Frank get his news from?) there was a real life example of social networking helping small businesses. Not just hype round social networking being good for small business but an actual story of success. How about that?

Facebook’s Annual Redesign

Sign in on the subdomain and you’re greeted “Welcome to the new Facebook.” And indeed it is. Facebook is unveiling a new redesign, and the long-tested tabbed profile pages aren’t the only changes.

If you don’t feel like signing in yourself, here’s a screenshot and explanation.

the new facebook layout
Very obviously, the layout of the Facebook site is changing. As promised, the left navigation is gone, moved up into the top nav. (The Applications link has a mouse-over drop down menu which includes the photos, groups and other navigation elements that were listed out separately on the sidebar.) The search bar has also moved to the top nav, to the upper right corner. The new full-screen layout will probably cause division among the hardcore Facebook fans (just because everything Facebook does causes some dissent).

Photos of Partying Defendants Lead to Prison Time; Why Perception is Reputation

Most of the online reputation repair clients I work with are remorseful. At some point in their lives they’ve screwed up and now Google won’t let them, or anyone else for that matter, forget the incident. Despite the isolated incident, and many subsequent years of good behavior, their past reputation slip has left a nasty scar on an otherwise clean history.

Then, there are people like Joshua Lipton.

Lipton was charged with drunken driving after crashing into, and seriously injuring, a woman. It should have been the lowest point in the 20-year-old college junior’s life. He should have withdrawn, sought out psychological help, and convinced the judge–and the world–that this was an isolated incident and totally out of character.

Instead, Lipton did this: