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Bringing Down the House (of Lords) on YouTube

If you’ve ever watched C-Span, you might have accidentally caught coverage of the House of Commons–where the UK’s Prime Minister gets many “hear, hears” and “hurrumphs.”

If you’ve ever turned to the channel while the House of Lords is on, you probably immediately fell into a coma–until someone switched the channel to something more interesting like the National Paint Drying Championships.

Well, that “happening and hip” House of Lords feels it’s a little misunderstood. So, in an effort to reach a younger audience and explain its value, the House of Lords has commissioned a series of YouTube videos.

I applaud the initiative, but I still fell asleep halfway through this video…

Facebook Catches MySpace; MySpace to Get Botox

Do you believe in simple coincidences? If you do, then you’ll believe that MySpace’s announced facelift has nothing to do with the fact that Facebook has just caught up to its global audience numbers.

TC has comScore data charting Facebook’s unstoppable worldwide growth and how it has now matched MySpace’s 115 million monthly visitors number (although still behind MySpace’s US audience numbers).

In no response whatsoever, MySpace plans to rollout a major new look on June 18th. The company has announced that its homepage, navigation, profiles, search, and MySpace TV player will all get a new look.

"This is more than a facelift; we’re changing the way people interact with the site and with brands," MySpace said, adding that a major advertiser had signed on to take over the US MySpace homepage on the first day of the relaunch.

Plurk Joins Twitter and Pownce on Train to Sucksville

Over the weekend, I teased Pownce because it too proved to be as unreliable as Twitter. Well, with all the buzz the upstart Plurk is getting, I felt it only fair to share this with you.

While I, and others, continue to moan about Twitter’s reliability. It’s important to know that the grass is not any greener.

Plurking From The Shadow Of Twitter

The folks over at Plurk must have some really good Karma. How else can you explain the incredible luck associated with rolling out your new micro-messaging (I can’t bring myself to call it blogging) platform, at the same time your chief competitor (Twitter), has hit the application scaling wall and is experiencing severe service outages?

Any others getting tired of seeing a bunch of tweety birds lifting a whale? It was cute the first couple of times. Now? Not so much. Next time I see that thing, there’s gonna be a harpoon flying through my display!

Adding insult to injury, when Twitter is up and running (yes, it still happens occasionally), it is being consistently used to pimp broadcast and promote Plurk. The irony is striking.

Widgets RockYou World with $35M in Venture Funding

It seems investors have been reading the National Retail Organization’s suggestion that 55% of e-tailers want to focus more of their marketing dollars on widgets.

After recently banking $50 million on widget maker Slide, VCs are back, this time investing $35 million in rival RockYou.

The $35 million likely brings RockYou’s valuation under fellow widget maker Slide’s, which was $550 million in its last $50 million round from two private equity funds. It’s also less than a reported $50-$70 million on a $400 million valuation that RockYou was supposedly seeking. An insider spun this difference in valuation with Slide as a positive thing, though, telling us it would make RockYou a more digestible acquisition target.

New Apple iPhone Coming; Twitter Expects to Go Down?

Hopefully you rely on Marketing Pilgrim to find the best marketing news for you. If you’re monitoring news feeds yourself, you’ll know the enormous amount of buzz/noise surrounding today’s Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference. Here are three things almost certain to happen at today

  1. Apple will announce a new iPhone.
  2. Apple will announce a new Mac computer.
  3. Twitter will crash.

OK, so maybe we’ll only see 2 out of 3 coming true. Twitter has announced the steps it’s taking to try and handle what will likely be a huge increase in use today–with all the Tweeple talking about Apple.

Over at the company blog, Twitter has revealed three initiatives that should help keep the lights on…

  1. “…utilizing more memcache, employing more read-slave servers, and by fixing some bugs for improved efficiency.”

Twitter May Suck, But Pownce Sucks Just as Much

So, like all Twitter users, I’ve been somewhat frustrated with the amount of downtime. As a back-up plan, I decided to go back to my Pownce account.

Twitter has problems, but it’s not alone. Look what greeted me on my attempt to add new friends to Pownce…