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Facebook Falling Off?

Is the honeymoon over for media darling Facebook? Well, yes and no. Hitwise today shows that Facebook’s market share is down, while their average time on site continues in its upward trend. However, Youth Trends‘ February report puts Facebook at the top of students’ list for the seventh straight quarter with 60% of males and 74% of females ranking it as their favorite site.

Hitwise’s Heather Dougherty (not to be confused with her UK coworker, Heather Hopkins) takes a look at Facebook’s popularity in the US, and the results are mixed:

One interesting point to note is that during recent peaks in traffic, the average visit time decreases, evidence that these spikes are being driven by less active users of Facebook.

Yahoo Tries to Get Some Buzz

It’s a day of new releases for Yahoo! As part of Search Marketing Expo West (SMX) in Santa Clara, CA they’ve announced some new initiatives to try to build some buzz for the company.

No doubt it’s been a rough go at Yahoo lately and good news is needed. Other stories coming from Yahoo seem more buzz-worthy, but here’s a preview of one new development from Yahoo.

Yahoo Buzz
Yahoo Buzz is the Yahoo version of Digg and other social voting sites. Not a lot new here except they’ll aggregate stories from 100 publishers. You can promote the buzzed stories to Digg and other sites like Facebook, Reddit and Stumbleupon. Oh, and it has a page rank of 6.

Steve Rubel Attacks SEO’s Use of Social Media – The Pot Calling the Kettle Black?

I like Steve Rubel. He’s a great PR professional and a thought-leader in social media, but he’s way off the mark with his new blog post: “SEO Shenanigans Pose a Clear and Present Danger to Social Media

If you go and read it, you’ll see hypocritical statements like this:

Search engine optimization (SEO) professionals of late seem poised to take over blogs, digg, StumbleUpon and other sites with a range of tactics, some legit, others more questionable with the intent of building Google Juice and nothing more….

…What does get me hot and bothered is when consultants and bloggers propose launching such an initiatives solely for influencing search. SEO, like word of mouth, should be a byproduct outcome, not a primary objective. Any brand that plays in this space should be aiming to create value. Do that and the other stuff will follow.

Things You Can Do With Twitter

I am relatively new to Twitter. I have only been using it for a short while and I find it an excellent tool for stream of consciousness thinking and quick communication to online communities that I interact with on a regular basis.

With that said I also must say that the recent reliability issues have made me question whether or not it is a long term tool I want to continue using, still I believe I will wait a bit longer before making my final judgment.

Kevin Dugan has recently posted what I think are some quality Twitter tips and provided some excellent resources to keep on top of all the newest Twitter applications. Kevin’s post covers the following topics:

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Can Twitter Crack the Teen Market?

I’m not quite sure how a NYT piece on Twitter ended-up in the “Fashion & Style” section, but it’s an interesting read nonetheless.

Michelle Slatalla (or should that be @slatalla) explains her attempts to convince her teenage daughters to use Twitter as a broadcast system for family updates. Unfortunately, despite being “superconnected” her kids feel Twitter is spammy or some kind of surveillance–rather than a tool for knowing where mom is.

Towards the end of the piece we learn that perhaps Twitter’s destined to be the tool of marketers and PR folks–those of us that are obsessed with promoting ourselves. According to Walter J. Carl, an assistant professor of communications studies at Northeastern University:

Facebook Cleans Up Act, Disabled Accounts

Facing pressure from a UK probe and continued coverage from the New York Times, Facebook seems to have realized that people don’t appreciate the website keeping their data after discontinuing their accounts.

To review, it has long been difficult for people to really get off Facebook. Last summer, Steve Mansour attracted attention after (colorfully) documenting the 2504 Steps to Closing Your Facebook Account, or the actual process he had to go through to get his personal information removed from Facebook after he’d already deactivated his account. (Long story short: he was forced to delete every entry he made in a form, every friend he’d added, every note he’d written, etc., etc., individually.)