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MySpace Platform Coming Soon

It looks like they were both right: TechCrunch was right in saying that MySpace was planning a platform to rival Facebook’s; Valleywag was right in saying it won’t premiere this week.

MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe (speaking alongside Rupert Murdoch) announced yesterday that they “are opening our platform in the next couple of months,” according to Reuters.

The article has a few details about the pending platform (all emphasis added):

DeWolfe said he was seeking to create a far more lucrative environment for outside developers on MySpace than currently exists on Facebook, where so far advertising opportunities for independent application developers are limited. . . .

Importantly, the company plans to give developers control over advertising that runs on the Web pages they create to host new services on MySpace. “There is [sic] going to be paid revenue opportunities for all the developers,” DeWolfe said. . . .

Google Ads on Facebook: Via Developers

It’s no secret: Facebook’s platform might be the social networking development of the year. But so far, not very many have successfully built careers on developing third party apps for the site. Google might be doing something to change all that.

Venture Beat reports that:

Google is actively recruiting third-party developers with applications on Facebook to run Adsense ads within applications pages, VentureBeat has learned.

These aren’t just any old Adsense ads, according to our sources — developers have been inserting plain-vanilla Adsense into Facebook applications since the developer platform launched in May. Now, Google is specifically building this network for advertisers who want to be on Facebook, and will let advertisers run their ads across all Facebook apps that sign up for it.

The Generations Network Acquired for $300 Million

Today it was announced that privately owned The Generations Network is being acquired by Spectrum Equity Investors for $300 million. The asking price was $500 million. The Generations Network is the company that runs, and other geneology web sites. It’s based in Provo, Utah.

Their last round of financing valued the company at $100 million. TechCrunch reports that they are making $150 million or so in yearly revenue and that they’ve heard the company is hugely profitable. But there have been chronic cycles of layoffs and morale has seemed low at the company for quite some time. A few months ago the the CFO was laid off and there were offers and speculation that a buyout was coming.

Evian Water Debuts in Second Life

Evian Natural Spring Water’s marketing slogan is “The most important body of water is your own.” They are helping people improve their bodies – in the virtual world Second Life. Avatars just need to head to Evian vending machines and they can get a new skin.

Avatars come with standard bodies but you can buy another version to suit yourself. Evian says the skins they offer will not just be new but they will be more vibrant and have better texture (I’ve never noticed that level of detail but from the picture below the skin does look very smooth.)

When you buy water, there will be a pop-up with the offer. Choose a skin and you’re avatar will be transformed.

Facebook to Step Up AntiPerv Efforts

Three weeks ago, the New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced he was subpoenaing Facebook to learn how the social networking site dealt with users who were reported for sexually soliciting underage users. The notice came after New York conducted an undercover operation posing as teenagers on the site and reporting the illicit advances that adults made on their profiles.

Now, Facebook and the Attorney General have reached an agreement. Or, rather, as they called in at a press conference today, “a great cooperative effort that we hope the whole industry will follow.”

Appearing with the NYAG, Facebook VP and Chief Privacy Officer Chris Kelly, said the site had “slipped a little bit” when it came to safety concerns. However,

Facebook Out to Get LinkedIn, Not Overvalued

Facebook is all over the news today. I know, I know, just another day at the office. Anyway, two of the biggest stories are that Facebook appears to be going after LinkedIn as it enhances its business networking capabilities—and that $10B isn’t too much to pay for the site.

Facebook Gets Business—Now on to Get LinkedIn
Friday, TechCrunch reported that Facebook will be adding enhanced networking capabilities specifically designed to better network for business on the social networking site.

Many professionals using Facebook have complained that Facebook is still too college-mentality-centric, with ‘networking’ mostly used as a euphemism for ‘hookups.’ TechCrunch reports that this may be about to change:

Win the Nobel Prize Get More Friends on MySpace

One way to measure your popularity is to see those social network invitations roll in. You get friend invites on MySpace. Everyone wants to connect with you on Facebook. You can’t keep up with your LinkedIn requests. Suddenly, through these communities, people you admire can be just an email away from being your friend.

You don’t even need to have your own MySpace page to be popular on the site. Today the Noble Prizes were announced and The New York Times reported on Doris Lessing who won a prize in Literature. The 87-year-old (at almost 88, some say she’s one of the oldest on the site) has a MySpace page but she didn’t create it and has in fact never visited. The page is being maintained by a fan and now friend Jan Hanford. Soon after winning the prize last week, Lessing got 100 new friend requests. Hanford calls her to read comments and to give her updates on the page which is full of congratulations from her friends all over the world.