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Want a Company Wiki? Just Add Wetpaint

wetpaint.pngI’ve long told businesses that instead of trying to get the perfect Wikipedia profile, they should simply build their own wiki using Wetpaint. Of course, Wetpaint is designed to allow your business to build a wiki for any practical purpose–not just for a company profile–and with today’s launch of “Just Add Wetpaint,” companies can now get their own fully-customized wiki platform.

The new service is aimed at larger companies–or anyone that can afford the $10k price tag–and includes the following:

  • A full-featured social computing platform. The Wetpaint platform includes complete wiki and discussion forum functionality, tagging, commenting, social profiles, private messaging, newsletters, and one-click widget insertion for images, video, polls, chat, Flash applications, and more.

LinkedIn Reinvents as Business Dashboard

pic-home-310x310.jpgWhile it may appear that LinkedIn has no answer to the recent surge of people moving to Facebook for their business networking, the company has quietly worked behind the scenes to revamp itself.

Announced today, LinkedIn is rolling out a host of new features which the company hopes will convince members to use the network as a business dashboard–with snapshots of key information and events in your business network.

The first new addition is the introduction of company news. Your LinkedIn homepage now shows the five most read news items about your business and you can click through for more items.

Company News feed ranked by relevance and popularity…by your colleagues this past week or in the past 2 weeks thereby providing you a complete history of the hot business topics in your professional world.

PR Leap Introduces Social Media Press Releases

I’m already a fan of using keyword-optimized press releases as part of your online marketing. It’s often a low cost way to get backlinks to your site adn build your search engine presence. Yes, some industries are less effective and they have fallen in importance, but SEO press releases can still be a very cost-effective strategy to getting search engine rankings.

I’ve long recommended PRLeap (and Clickpress) as an SEO press release distribution option for small businesses. It’s ideal for small budgets or for times you don’t need or want a lot of extra features. You just want a link.

Zuckerberg on Beacon: “We’ve Made a Lot of Mistakes”

For the first time in over a year, there’s a serious enough issue with Facebook that CEO Mark Zuckerberg was compelled to write on the company blog (normally handled by lesser underlings developers and directors).

You get ten guesses what the issue was. And if you didn’t guess “Project Beacon,” you’re in big trouble. We’ve been covering this one for a while: announced almost a month ago, within weeks they were facing an FTC complaint threat and outraged users which lead to drastic changes.

And now they’ve done themselves one better: Facebook has apologized. Actually, Mark Zuckerberg did the apologizing, saying:

Facebook Gets Another $60 Million

While still not officially announced there is news that Facebook got another $60 million from Chinese billionaire Li Ka-shing. He is the chairman of Cheung Kong Holdings Limited and Hutchison Whampoa Limited and is 79 years old. He has massive investments in all sorts of companies and has recently invested in more internet companies.

According to sources, Li is not making the investment in Facebook via the companies he controls, but through another investment entity. He also has the right to invest another $60 million in Facebook, meaning he will own .4 percent, and Microsoft’s 1.6%.

He has recently invested in more Internet companies, including a $45 million investment in Joost (the Internet television site founded by the co-founders of Skype). Read about him on Wikipedia and he’s right out of The Millionaire Next Door. You couldn’t tell by the way he dresses or acts that he’s one of the richest men in the world.

Technorati Revamps (Again)

Technorati has seen a lot of changes this year. In May, they launched a total redesign. In August, then-CEO Dave Sifry stepped down without a replacement. In September, they launched a stream-of-consciousness-river-of-news Topics section to highlight posts in each area (for one second apiece), which soon became the new front page for Technorati. And today, as reported by TechCrunch, they have another redesign going live.

Latest Technorati redesign

The new front page is similar to the topics front page in that it features recent stories. However, stories are featured for longer and the featured stories are determined in a Techmeme-esque algorithmic way (kind of ironic after the heat CEO Richard Jalichandra took for paying Techmeme a backhanded compliment in October).

NBC Pulls Videos from iTunes

NBC’s contract with the iTunes store has expired, which means NBC no longer has content on the site. That means Battlestar Galactica, The Office, NBC News, CNBC, NBC Sports, and other popular show are gone. The two have been long fighting over pricing.

NBC has launched a number of new initiatives like NBC Direct where downloads are free. They also have deals with NetFlix and others to distribute their content, often free, rather than the $1.99 charged on iTunes. NBC wanted to experiment with different prices and bundles but iTunes refused.

The problem with NBC Direct Player is that it requires Internet Explorer, a proprietary player, and the latest .Net framework. You can watch the videos 7 days after they are released and they expire 48 hours after you begin watching a movie. You can’t watch them on another computer or on a portable video player like your iPod. A Mac version is planned for next year.