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Note to Roy Cooper: Consider Restricting the MySpace Sex Offenders, Not the Kids that Use it

North Carolina’s attorney general Roy Cooper is pushing for tighter restrictions on the use of social networks by children, after MySpace revealed 29,000 registered sex offenders were identified as members.

I’m 100% behind Cooper’s efforts to protect children from online predators, but is his solution the best we have? Here’s what Cooper wants:

Cooper is pushing for a state law that would require children to receive parental permission before creating social networking profiles, and require the Web sites to verify the parents’ identity and age. For example, social networking sites would have to compare information provided by a parent with commercial databases. Sites could also force parents to submit credit cards or printed forms.

Be Careful When Visiting MySpace Mexico

Just a heads-up that if you happen to visit the newly launched MySpace Mexico, your future visits to MySpace may well default to Spanish.

Imagine my surprise to find this waiting for me at


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Want a Higher Presidential Election Turnout? Engage the Voters!

The 2008 presidential election has the potential to claim the largest voter turnout in more than a 100 years, thanks to social media. With a spotlight already shining on the search engine reputation of candidates, and many hopefuls already blogging, we learn than CNN has partnered with YouTube for two upcoming presidential debates.

On July 23 at 7pm ET, CNN will air questions recorded at YouTube –  the first time the general public will have a chance to ask a question in a debate.

While, the questions will be carefully screened, and chosen by CNN’s political team, this is a huge step in creating a radically transparent election. As we draw closer to November 2008, the candidates will realize – especially the underdogs – that social media allows them to reach voters on a more personal level.

Can $20M Investment Help hi5’s Social Network Compete?

hi5 may not be high up on your social networking radar – it barely registers a blip on mine – but that might change with the company receiving $20 million in its first round of venture capital.

According to Om Malik:

Hi5, a San Francisco-based social networking start-up is said to have raised about $20 million in its latest round of funding. The VC firm involved in this round of funding is said to be Mohr Davidow Ventures…The company co-founded by Ramu Yalamanchi, started out as a social-network-plus matrimonial site targeting the Indian diaspora, but later morphed into a social network, and since then has gained popularity in some Latin American countries, Mongolia, Tunisia and Romania.

Facebook Considering an Offline Version?

Facebook has acquired Sequoia Capital-back Parakey and everyone’s speculating what they plan to do with the new company. Om Malik suspects Facebook might be interested in providing an offline version of the social networking site.

While it hasn?t disclosed exactly what Parakey is doing, previously published reports hint that the company was working on technologies that would allow offline access to web applications. It wouldn?t be a surprise if Facebook made an off-line version of its social service.

Meanwhile both Robert Scoble and Jeremiah Owyang are concerned that Facebook is a black hole of data – it all goes in, but doesn’t come out. Is it a surprise?

How Social Networks Can Improve Product Testing

By Roderick Ioerger.

Social Shopping has already become a popular phenomenon with a number of sites out there promoting the experience. But leveraging these communities for product testing still seems to be far behind where it should be. The availability of willing product testers has never been higher and the ability to locate just the right demographics has never been easier thanks to the copious amounts of information that social networks provide about their users.

Have social networks created the nirvana for product test marketing? With the ability to create a social network of almost any demographic and be able to quickly and easily grow or shrink the size of the network to have precisely the desired mix of individuals, have social networks created the ultimate product testing ground?