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Twitter expands their image options with multiples and photo tagging

It’s a big day for images. First Bing launches their new image-centric Product Ads and now Twitter is making their world more visual with two new features.

We begin with tagging. You can now tag up to 10 people in a Twitter photo without eating into your 140 character limit. That’s crazy huge and it sounds a little bit like what we were discussing earlier about Twitter becoming more Facebook-like. . . I mean. . user friendly.

Phototagging on TwitterWhen you upload a photo, you’ll get the “who’s in this photo” prompt. Type a name, choose from the suggestions and go. The people you tagged will get notifications just as if you “@” mentioned them. Twitter realizes that this could get annoying if you’re a popular (or extremely unpopular) person, so you can switch your privacy level from “anyone can tag me” to “only people I follow.” If you don’t want to get tagged at all, don’t let people take your picture in the first place.

Companies struggle to keep up as more customers turn to Twitter for answers

This past January, Simply Measured monitored 32 dedicated customer service Twitter accounts. They tallying up the number of incoming and outgoing Tweets, calculated response times and posted their results in a brand new report.

Lucky for you, they gave me some of the numbers so you don’t have to do darn thing right now but keep on reading.

The first thing they found was a  44% increase in customer service handle mentions year-over-year compared to the monthly average during Q1 of 2013. Not good with numbers? Just look at the blue boxes.

Simply Measured Customer Service TweetsClearly, people have learned to turn to Twitter when they’re unhappy. And this is just a small portion of the big picture because Simply Measured only looked at dedicated customer service accounts such as @NikeSupport, @AskAmex, or @AmazonHelp. Just imagine if they’d be able to scoop up all of the customer service questions and complaints they found on Twitter in one month. The number would be ten times bigger. Maybe more.

Attack of the Clones: Facebook expands lookalike marketing options

twins by greyman - rgbstockIf your current customers like using your product then there’s a good chance that people who are like your current customers who would like your product, too. That’s the concept behind Facebook’s lookalike advertising and I have to admit, it’s doing my brain in.

The short story is this: starting this week, Facebook advertisers will have the option of sending their message out to non-customers who share similar characteristics as their current customers.

You’ll find the option in the Power Editor under Ad Tools –> Audiences.

The lookalike audience works with the custom audience tool Facebook launched last year. The new option can match up data such as location, Facebook interests and demographics. If you use Facebook Conversion Pixels, you can create a lookalike audience based on a subset of your current audience that performed a specific behavior.

Is the @ symbol hurting Twitter? The social network tries to do without

the-at-signTwitter may have 230 million monthly active users but new users aren’t signing up as fast as they used to – that’s a fact everyone agrees on. Why the slow down and how to fix it are two points no one can agree on and it’s got to be making Twitter’s head honchos very nervous.

One thing that comes up again and again is that the average person doesn’t understand Twitter. At a glance, it seems like a massive list of unrelated thoughts with a heavy dose of text speak and random symbols. To solve this problem, Twitter is working on becoming more Facebook. . . I mean. . mainstream. That might include removing the ‘@’ option and the hashtag so the site looks less intimating to the uninformed user.

Twitter adds one-touch ad videos to the mobile feed

IMG_0335Hey, Mr. Marketer. Big piece of news that you can use – people love to watch videos. Especially short, funny or exciting videos on their mobile devices. What they don’t like is having to click a bunch of times because clicking is boring.

Twitter’s got you covered. They just began testing a feature that puts the video clip right in the timeline so all the user has to do is click once. I’ve posted an example for you from my iPhone. I don’t follow basketball, but I navigated to the NBA Twitter account and I found a whole bunch of these mini-videos. I clicked, the screen faded to black and then the clip began to play. It was fast and clean and enjoyable. I would have enjoyed it more if it was a hockey clip but it is what it is.

Mintel’s 5 social media trends: which ones could work for you?

mintel socialEarlier today, I posted a chart that showed which online venues people use to help them make purchase decisions. Social media was the second to last option in almost every case. But social media isn’t all bad. It can be an effective means of communicating with your customers, reaching new customers and building customer loyalty – if you can find the keys to making it work.

So, in order to remain fair and balanced, I’m now going to give social media equal time to defend itself via Mintel’s new list of the top five social media trends of this quarter. Let’s see which ones could work for you.

1. Brands with low usage and awareness garner large numbers in online mentions thanks to their cult followings

Pinterest Encourages Shoppers with New Gift Feed

Here are a few facts about Pinterest and eCommerce:

  • 47% of US online shoppers say they bought something as a direct result of a Pinterest recommendation.
  • Buyers who came from Pinterest are 10% more likely to complete the transaction compared to those coming in from any other social media site.
  • The average order value from a Pinterest shopper is around $100. Facebook is closer to $50.

Clearly, shoppers love Pinterest and vice versa and now Pinterest is making it even easier for you to sell and them to buy.

Gifts on Pinterest

This is the new Gifts feed. It shows only Product Pins. These are the pins that have ecommerce details such as price and where to buy. Product Pins also include those tiny logo icons you see just under the photo. The trained eye can now scan a page and pick out all the cool Etsy items at a glance! (And it’s a great branding perk for your business)